Sunday, December 11, 2005

No Shirt, No Shoes, No Dice.

I dont care what anyone has to say about 80's movies, I love Fast Times at Ridgemont High. And it's probably my most favorite 80's movie of all time.

This is one of those movies, I can watch everyday...and instead of studying last night, I watched this movie instead while I was writing out notes and stuff. This is really one of those movies that I could totally watch everyday, and never get bored of it. I used to know this guy, and no matter when you called him, he was watching Goonies...and he'd let you go. I never knew how someone could watch a movie everyday like that....until I saw this one....not to mention that it has one of the best soundtracks i've ever heard.

What's your favorite 80's movie?


Phil said...

Hi Princess- My favorite 80's movie might be Ferris Bueller's Day Off, but you can't beat Pretty in Pink for a great soundtrack.

berly02 said...

Breakfast Club.
Hands down, the best. I could watch it everyday and not get bored.

Px said...

love it and the second one
(there are rumours of a third one made in 99, but i'm yet to see and decent and convincing proof)

Natalia said...

OMG...such a hard question. I think St. Elmo's Fire or Sixteen Candles or Breakfast Club.


Sexy Suburbanite said...

So many choices, can't decide, too difficult. I recently discovered Better Off Dead. It's not my fave, but I did enjoy. Some movies stand the test of time and others don't, but when watching an 80s movie you just have to take into account that it is full-on cheese.

Princess Pessimism said...

Isnt it funny how almost everyone picks John Hughes movies for favorite 80's movie? Although, its to be expected, since he mostly dominated films in that decade.

Although I agree with Ghostbusters, and Better off dead. Those two exchange students who sound like Howard Cosell make me die laughing.

Lindsey said...

Would you believe that I never saw this movie...ever.

Ok...favorite 80's movies...hmmm.
Mine aren't going to be considered cool dammit...but here goes.

Flight of the Navigator, Jumping Jack Flash...and I always laugh when I see, "Howard the Duck." It's just so rediculous...I can't count it as a favorite..but it's funny.

Miss Ash said...

Oh lord, where to begin. Sixteen Candles for sure, Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Stand by Me .. and i know PP you love Say Anything. Was Puberty Blues an 80's movie or 70's?

Px said...

howard the duck was cool

Princess Pessimism said...

Linny - GO GO GO....go get yourself to the nearest video place, and go get it. You wont regret it...that's my 100% unhinged Princess guarantee!

And I LOVE Flight of the Navigator. It has a special place for me. I remember watching it with my very best friend, the one who died under questionable circumstances. He liked that movie, and Transylvania 6-5000!

Princess Pessimism said...

MISS ASH!!! I totally forgot about Puberty Blues! I wonder if you can buy that movie on DVD anywhere. Its a must have for my collection. I think it was either late 70's early 80's, it's hard to tell...but it's SUCH a great movie. Ohhh...that guy in the leopard print speedo underwear still makes me laugh.

And yes, I love Say Anything....but I love everything with John Cusack!

cristal said...

My personal favorite is a tie between Revenge Of The Nerds and Better Off Dead and Spaceballs! All funny as hell still to this day! Spaceballs and Better Off Dead has one liners in it that we quote all the time

Hernesto G said...

hahahhaha my favorite line is when spicoli and football player's brother crash the trans-am.

"My brother is going to kill us. He's gonna kill you and then he's gonna kill me, he's gonna kill us...
My brother is gonna shit..."

"Make up your mind. Is he gonna shit, or is he gonna kill us?"

"First he's gonna shit then he's gonna kill us!"

Princess Pessimism said...

Cristal - You're Totally right about Space Balls!!!

Hernesto - Yes, and then Spicoli says that he can fix the car, as his dad is a T.V. repairman, and has a great set of tools. LOL

StealthBadger said...


Buffy the Vampire Slayer was made in 1992... but it was SO 80's...
"C'mon, let me in!"
"You're floating!!"
"I'm hungry!!"

"Now, I'm a god!"
"Now, you're a coat rack."

"Kill him. A lot."

*ahem* 80's movies. Right.


Better Off Dead, of course.

"He keeps putting his testicles on me!"

"That's a damn shame, throwing away a perfectly good white boy like that."

"Oh my god! This is pure snow!! Do you have any idea of the street value of this mountain??"

etc. etc.

I will also confess to a fondness for Back to the Future, but I will spare you quotes from it. :D

yrautca said...


About Last Night
Say Anything
The Sure Thing
Better off dead
Risky Business
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Fast Times at Ridgemont High

and many more I cant think of now. 80s was it. Nothing ever happened that was worth happening after the 80s.

yrautca said...

How did I forget my favoritest bestest movie of all all all times. Back to the Future baby! Only sci-fi I ever truly loved.

Santa letters said...
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Hernesto G said...

yo santa letters, if u ever post here again i am going to take one your elves and stick him up your ass

StealthBadger said...

Poor elf... -_-

yrautca said...

hernesto said:
yo santa letters, if u ever post here again i am going to take one your elves and stick him up your ass

hahahahaha funny cuz i was gonna say the exact same thing to hernesto.

Princess Pessimism said...

Stealth Badger - Yes quotes are always welcome here! LOL. Love Better off Dead!

Yrautca - I'm happy you're back safe from your trip...globetrotter
Is Back to the Future Sci-Fi???

Hernesto - LOL!!! protective!!!

Yrautca again - Ahh. Leave him alone....LOL

Cheezy said...

Teen Wolf 2...