Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sliced to ribbons and a Shot to boot!

I wrote my exam yesterday, and think I did really well on it.

On to todays exam. I spent the entire day yesterday after my exam, studying for the exam that I have today. I went to bed at 2, and my alarm went off at 8, but I couldnt get out of bed until 10. I was SO exhausted....all this studying and not eating is finally catching up with me.

I jump in the shower to wake myself up, and it works. I get ready, and as i'm hanging my towel up to dry, my arm catches the corner of the thermostat in the bathroom *yes there's a thermostat in the bathroom*, and the disgusting dirty corner of this thing rips so many layers of my skin off, that the skin that was on my arm, is now in a bunch on the corner of the thermostat. My body's reaction time to real injury takes about 30 seconds to kick in to realize that it's supposed to be bleeding somewhere. That's when the blood starts gushing out of my arm.

I HATE my own blood, and immediately am aware that I have NO bandaids, and nothing to clean this thing with. So I call health services, and tell them what happened, and ask them if I can come over there to just get some antiseptic something or other and a bandaid.

I get over there, and the nurse looks at it, and wipes the blood away, and laughs and says, Ohh...Ya. You got yourself good. And becuase the cut is so deep, decides to have the doctor come look at it. They decide on one of those bandaids that sinch the area together, and becuase I couldnt tell them when my last tetnus shot was, one of those too....just for good measure.

So that's been my day so far. I have an exam, I bumped into my prof on my way out of the student center, and she was asking me if i'm ready for her exam today....then asked why I was looking so pale. I explained the story, and she offered to march me back up to health services and get a note to get out of her exam...as i'm feeling a little "woozy", and my stomach is not feeling great. I assured her it was totally psychosomatic, but if I pass out during her exam...she'd know why.

Wish me luck guys....after todays exam, I still have one to go!

3:23 PM. Exam set to start in 7 mintes, except that your Lovely Princess is not there. What happened you ask? Well. As I continue to feel more worse than I ever could have possibly imagined, and feelings of unsettled stomach still persisting, I go to the library to read over my notes. Except when I get there, I sit down, I start gagging, and barely made it to the bathroom, where I proceeded to puke, what felt like my entire digestinal tract, out. Migraine has taken over, and I had tears streaming down my face, I went back to the doctor's office, and got a note....a perscription for Advil 600, and a pack of graval.

Rewrite's in January....Ugh.


yrautca said...

PP, that’s why its prolly a good idea to take showers more often. Mae a habbit of showring at least once a week if not more frequently.

As for the incident in the shower, I had one today too (actually I have one everyday) but it was not painful at all. I will spare you the details. This does show that you are now ready to get married, settle down with a guy (or girl), have kids and be a stay-at-home mom. This would never have happened if you had a husband/wife looking after you. If that hernesto does not propose soon, I will have to do it myself ;)

Good luck on exam.

Princess Pessimism said...

Yrautca - OHHH Showering MORE than once a week. Okay...Ya, that does sound like a good idea.

Although, I do feel that this would have happened regardless. I'm fairly accident prone. But, If I had someone to take care of me *Men, not women..but thanks for asking* I would have never had to get up for my exam, because I'd not be in school...as i'd be living the high life laying in bed being a stay at home mum.

So yes...i agree...someone better propose soon.

berly02 said...

Poor thing!!
That sucks. Hope you feel better later.
At least you have more time to study for tomorrow yes?

Lindsey said...

Oh no!!! PP...I'm so sorry! You really had a shitty day. I had a migraine last night, maybe you were having a sympathetic migraine.

On the good side...more time to study.

Marcus said...


Look at the bright side, it could have been worse.

Just imagine the fun you would have had if the ol' gag reflex had kicked in about 5 minutes *after* the exam started.

Be thankful for small mercies ;)

I'll send you a box of plasters for xmas..

Phil said...

Wow! That is a bad day! Hope you feel better and I hope you ace your exam when you finally get to take it. You're just like me. I never think to have band-aids because I never expect I'll be bleeding, until I do.

Px said...

a pack of gravel?

sorry you're feeling rough though, that's never good, trust me i know

i had a similar incident when i was 18 during one of my school exams where i was sat at the front on a hot day when i was ill and passed out...not cool

take more care of yourself

Princess Pessimism said...

Berly - Yes...although I was feeling pretty shitty the rest of the night, so I only studied a little bit.

Linny - Arent they the WORST? I loathe people that dont get them..they have no idea how bad they can be.

Marcus - I would have died laughing...I know someone that was writing a midterm, and he was so hung over that he couldnt concentrate. He said that he was there about 10 minutes, said "fuck it" proceeded to hand in his empty midterm, and them puked all over the floor infront of the entire class. LOL

Phil - Thanks buddy. I dont bleed very often, so I never think to have them either.

PX - Gravol (I dont know how to spell it)...it's an anti puke pill. LOL...I need to just learn to pay better attention to what i'm doing, and not be so clutzy.

Px said...

ahhh...the penny drops now...i did think prescribing you gravel was a little excessive

Princess Pessimism said...

LOL!!! Oops my bad on the typo. There were no stones involved...I havent eaten those since I was a kid.

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Oh no! That is a sad story. You sound as clumsy as me! So, no make-up exam until January? I hope that doesn't spoil your Christmas. Are you feeling any better now? I have been known to throw up when I'm depriving my body of proper food an rest. Try to take it easy as much as possible!

Princess Pessimism said...

S.Subs - You sound like my mom! LOL!!!

It shouldnt ruin my christmas, i'm going into the exam with 102.2 %...so i'm not all that worried.

I slept a lot last night, and got rested...Thanks for caring. Awww....Mum.

Natalia said...

Sending you good vibes...electronically :)


Princess Pessimism said...

Natalia - Thanks girl...They were needed!

yrautca said...

PP, I was looking at the wedding packages in Vegas. Do you have a preference between fat elvis and thin elvis? Also, if you agree to return your wedding gown, we could save some money and have a limo service to our hotel with the savings. Your call. i am renting a tux.

Total estimate $75. this does not include booze and casino money.

Katie said...

sorry your day is not going so well.

get well soon and good luck on your test when you are ready to take them.

Kt Mae

Princess Pessimism said...

Yrautca - Thin or fat Elvis...whatever. Although if we're going to vegas, I'm wearing white vinyl. You make the arrangements, tell me where to meet you. LOL

crallspace said...

Best of luck!!!

Damn, where you been princess? I haven't heard from you in AGES!

Phil said...

Princess- You are cordially invited to my blog for a Christmas party.

Trib said...

Crappy. My roommate also couldn't take her final. She was having an allergic reaction so they gave her a shot of benadryl and her airways closed up. Whoops!