Thursday, December 01, 2005

Are All Men Liars????

I've recently become single of all guys in my life for the first time in 10 years. *as you may already be well aware*, and as i've had a month *I cant believe it's already been a month* to look over my past 10 years of being involved, I've come to a general conclusion about the men in my life. Every single one of them have been horrendous liars.

I dont know if it's me, and I attract these guys, or what? I may be a mean mean bitch sometimes, but at least i'll have the guts to tell you the truth. Yes, even once, I thought I was separated from someone, and had sex with another....When I found out that we were indeed still together, I told him the truth, I didnt want to hide that from him. But he accepted it, and we moved on.

In ONE relationship, this guy lied so many times, that I started to think that I was crazy. Examples you say??? I thought you'd never ask.

This one guy, who shall remain nameless, but still reads this blog, will recognize his lies, so when the story STARTS to sound like something you did to me, stop reading now, it's only going to get worse....I digress.

This one guy, tells me one night that his father has been in a horrendous car accident, and has been rushed to emerg, and admitted. I know that he doesnt get along especially well with his father, as he has wished for his death many times, so this sudden surge of heart felt emotion was suspicious, but i didnt question it. 2 days later, I called, and his father happened to be at this guys house, and my b-friend wasnt home. So I started a conversation with his father, and said "I heard you were in a car accident and injured. How are you feeling? Are you okay???"

His Fathers response..."I was in a car accident???" I said "Uhh...that's what "boyfriend" told me, and he also said that you were in the hospital". Boyfriend's father says "LOL. No, thank you for your concern, but i'm clearly fine. And let me tell you that you are involved with someone who doesnt always know what it means to tell the truth."

Same guy...another time....says that he is deathly ill, and that his mother is picking him up to take him to her place to get him some medication and driving him back home. I ask "Why wouldnt she just drop it off to you???" He proceeds to scream at me, and tell me that I'm screwing his words up. I let it go. 2 days later, he tells me not to call for the remainder of the week as his mother has just gotten home from Las Vegas, and since he hasnt seen her in a while, wants to spend some time with her. I say..."When did she get home?" He says "I dont know, but she just called me and told me that she was home". I say "If she just got home from Las Vegas, how did she pick you up the other night to get medication?". Again, he proceeds to scream at me, and tell me that I pay too close attention...tells me to shut up and not ask about it again. All the while, being flustered, and tripping over his own words.

This same guy ALSO gave me his email password to prove that he wasnt cheating on me, and told me to check it anytime if I ever had doubts. At which I proceeded to find extremely intimate emails from him to another girl, and responses from this girl, all signed "Love...Your and their name". And of course, i've caught him in SO many lies....that ive actually lost count. I could sit here and tell you hours of lies that he's told me. But I wont, he's probably really pissed that I said this much....Bue he SWORE he wasnt cheating on me....LOL!

Another example you ask??? Okay. One more....New Guy.

This guy was cheating on me SO bad...but I had no clue. I always picked him up, and we'd go out, we only dated for a short time, so I wasnt that devastated. When we broke up, I called him that day and a girl answered his cell phone and said "Stop calling my boyfriend please". Finally after 2 calls of her hanging up on me, I got her to talk to me. At which point we both found out that we were BOTH his girlfriend for the same period of time. And She was staying with him, AND pregnant with his child. And not only was there us two, but he was ALSO cheating on me and this other girl with yet ANOTHER girl.

Then there was the guy who I caught IN BED with his ex-girlfriend..etcetera...etcetera...etcetra.

I like to give my boyfriends a lot of freedom. Go out with your friends, I dont care. I wont ask who you were out with, or what you did, because what you do in your spare time is your business. HOWEVER.....either tell me the truth about things that you DO tell me, or learn to lie better....because no matter how many times i've caught guys in a lie, it makes me think about all the times I didnt, and they got away with it.


Princess Pessimism said...

Allow me to say that Linny's Bad Date #2 was the inspiration for this post.

Marcus said...

You are a saint, PP.

If I was in your shoes I'd probably be in San Quentin after impaling one [or all]of the lying little toerags with a pool cue.

If they don't even have the common couresy to cook up a decent lie-- I mean, honestly, the car crash thing?
What was his name? Forrest Gump?

Natalia said...


I am all for independence and for freedom and all that. My only question is why you stayed after the same lie. If I catch them in a lie, I can't trust them again... maybe ever. What made you stay?


Princess Pessimism said...

Natalia - I really believe that people are inherently good, and I truely believe in happy endings. I put my foot down about lying, and when they say they wont lie anymore, I trust them, and believe that THATS the never turns out to be, and when I get too fed up, because i keep trusting them, and they keep screwing me over, i'm gone...i've got limits on how much faith I put in the goodness of people. I'm starting to think that it's time I lowered that standard.

Marcus - Well....the thing about the crash is that his father confronted him about it, and when he talked to me, he said that he was doing something for me, as a surprise, and when he was unreachable, the car crash is the excuse he came up with to hide the surprise......I let THAT lie go as well. LOL

Lindsey said...

What a prick!!!! Your boyfriends definetly beat out mine. I am in a state of shock that you ever had to deal with such morons.

And if Exboyfriend #1 is indeed reading're an asshole!

Trib said...

Pretty much. I am a prime example. I tell ridiculous lies all the time. The only difference is that I don't expect people to believe them...

Px said...

i resent that remark
i've always thought i was quite a good liar
besides i've never lied to you

berly02 said...

Holy crap!
How do people even come up with such detailed lies?
And why is he so stupid as to not cover his tracks if he is gonna lie?
And why do people cheat?
Has the world gone mad????

Natalia said...

I wish I could be a human lie detector :)


Princess Pessimism said...

Linny - It might take him a bit, but Ex #1 will most definitely read this....Especially the comment section. He's desperate to know what people think about him

Trib - There's a difference between rediculous lies, and lies that you tell to cover your traks.

PX - Well....okay you've never lied to me, but i'll bet youve lied to someone......Its okay, I dont hold it against you...i'm just interested in knowing WHY.

Berly - I ask myself that question daily. I believe the world HAS gone mad. And let me assure you, there are SO many more lies.....LOL. I could tell you so many more that are SO much more detailed. But you wouldnt even believe the detail he went to to tell me a good lie, and when I asked him about it, he freaked again.....

Princess Pessimism said...

Natalia - Usually, I am, Consequence of paying too close attention all the time....but sometimes, they slip by me.

Katie said...

yes all men are liars....i can't count how many times chris has tried to lie to me about dumb little things...he does not try any more cause i always know it...he is a very bad liar...

Princess Pessimism said...

Katie - see that's the thing. Ex-boyfriend #1 who lied about the car accident, THINKS he is a good liar, and continues to do so. But, he says that since he has ADD, he cant keep track of his words. And because I pay attention to him, he gets really angry when I catch him.

I think he's more mad that he's stupid enough to make up those lies and get caught

Sexy Suburbanite said...

WOW! This is terrible! Lies and cheating -- How did you end up with so many bad guys? I've never had anyone cheat on me, but after me and my ex-boyfriend broke up we decided to stay "friends with benefits" (bad idea people!) and he hid the fact that he was sleeping with a bunch of other girls too and I kind of freaked when I found out and then he broke it off with me because he decided he was in love with his best friend Bill -- but I blame myself for that mess. Anyway, I digress. After all this I can't blame you for not trusting guys anymore. Heck, Hubby has never given me any reason not to trust him and I still read his e-mail from time to time.

Anyway, sorry to hear about all that crap. I'm sure they don't all lie.

Px said...

the only times i lie is when either i don't want to get into too much trouble or when i don't want to hurt someones feelings. sometimes lies can protect people from the truth and these lies are acceptable as long as the person doesn't find out

Princess Pessimism said...

S.Subs - If I KNEW how I ended up with so many bad guys, I would avoid doing the things I do to attract them. All I know is that I deserve better, and the funny thing about Ex #1, is that he blamed me for our relationship failing. He said I Was to analytical....Can you BLAME ME? If you were in a relationship where you questoined everything that came out of your partner's mouth, wouldnt you be analytical too??? *Of course, common sense says "Get out of a relationship where you are suspicious of your partner" but again, I trust that people are good, and things will turn out for the best.

PX - So...again, you lie to cover your ass. No matter WHAT your reasoning still hurts. Think of a lie that you told someone to protect yourself, would you be mad if they lied to you about the same thing and you caught them in it? Thats why I dont lie. I think of how I would feel if someone lied to me....Well. I KNOW how I feel when people lie to me. Maybe I should just start lying to even it out a bit.

Katie said...

chris is the same way...

i'm with you on telling little lie to not hurt someones feelings and sometimes lies can protect from the truth. i have dont that many of times so someone i care about will not get hurt...and so i wont get in to trouble..i always tell them the truth in the end...i can not tell a lie and keep it to myself..i start to feel like shit..;o)

blepharisma said...


Sounds like you and I need to trade. You can have half of my mistrustful nature, and I can have half of your trust in people.

Then we'll both be good and not get ourselves into trouble.

Miss Ash said...

Hmm i had no idea you even had a boyfriend recently.

And as for your "If I KNEW how I ended up with so many bad guys, I would avoid doing the things I do to attract them"
That makes me laugh, you already know you thrive on drama so that's probably why :)

Princess Pessimism said...

Miss Ash - "boyfriend" is a very generic term for know that. LOL.

And I dont know WHY I attract those types of people....I'd like to NOT attract them....they bring the drama. It's not me, I swear.

Anonymous said...

I hate it when my boi lies 2 me... It's jus I got deep eyes n jus see it right away. But besides dat, I'd ratha have my boi communicatin w/ me cuz when he lies, I can 4give him... It's not that bigga deal. But w/o communication there's no point in da relationship.

Princess Pessimism said...

Quz Boss - EXXXactly. LOL

Sylvana said...

They are all liars. You can't trust a liar when they say that they won't lie anymore - they are LIARS! Listen very carefully to the Henry Rollins song. I think it says it all.

These people were treating you very disrespectfully. You don't deserve it. You shouldn't put yourself through that. Kick these jerks to the curb and look for guys that are more worthy of your attention.

Jennifer said...

I'm with Ash, the only common denominator in all of your failed relationships is you. I'm not saying that to be harsh, it applies to everyone. If you start noticing a pattern in your relationships, then it can't be the guys, they are all different people, so it must be something about you and how you choose partners.

Princess Pessimism said...

Jennifer, i'll be sending you an email in regards to your comment.

Hernesto G said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hernesto G said...

Oh, I once told a girl that I had to go on an important skiing expedition to study the geology of Greenland. She thought I was brave, and then I told her I couldn't dance with her because I had my leg injured in a test flight in which my plane went into a spin and I had to eject and hurt my leg. She thought I was brave. Then I told another girl that I was hunting Ussurii Tigers in the Amur River region between Mongolia and Siberia. She thought I was brave. Do you see what I am talking about??? I HATE MY CUBICLE!!!!

Princess Pessimism said...

Hernesto - Well, at least she though you were brave...even if she was a few clowns short of a circus. LOL

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