Thursday, December 07, 2006

Blogger Confessional© Just because

It has been SO long since I have done one of these, I thought that i'd get one in just for good measure. Ive been so busy with school, that I havent had time to breathe, nevermind write utterly fascinating posts, but now that things have settled, its all good.

If you are new to Blogger Confessional©, please go back to the first one. All copywrite information is posted. LOL!

This week I:

- finished first semester....OH MY done first semester of my Masters, and let me tell you, I talked to my professors TWICE about dropping out. It was more work then I have ever experienced. I have 2 undergraduate degrees, and one semester of my Masters was more work than both of them put together. But its done....

- found out that I made the Dean's List. I stayed up late, worked my ass off, almost dropped out two times...and it was all worth it. I got stragit A's this semester.

- Came to the conclusion that Ive got a substance abuse problem. Admitting it is the first step you know. Im addicted to h'orderves. Its sad, but true. I'd rather eat them, than anything else in the day. Walking by, without buying them is so hard when im grocery shopping. It takes all my will power. The word Moderation doesnt exist for me here. They're just so cute...all little, and yummy. I'd rather eat like 20 of them, and skip dinner all together.

- Have been playing Wii ALL week!!! Its getting ridiculous. Thank god all my homework is done, and the semester is finished because if I had played while I was still in semester work mode, I would have failed for sure. For those of you who are curious, Zelda, is Ridiculously hard. (And NO, im not one of those gamer nerds, video games are fun....those I can play in moderation. **Mike if you're reading, its hooked to the tv in the fam. If you want to get it, thats cool, but you have to grab a game for it at BB. Be cautious of the garage door. LOL

- went to a job fair for when im done my degree. There were a couple of international booths set up, and I talked to 2 ladies who hire for Dubai and England. They said they were looking to improve international work relations, and because I want to work with conduct kids, in correctional facilities, both said they can 95-100% guarantee me any job I want. Both asked for my resume. I didnt have them to give, but I think that they're worried I might change my mind. I wont. And I assured them that when I am done school, I am only looking to teach overseas. I emailed them both already....they have emailed back and said its almost 100% i'll have any job I want in either country for September. Now...All i need to do is research. Who's got information about London, and looking for personal experience, cost of living, everything. My email address is linked on the side bar.

AND because its christmas, I'm here to offer a little sacrilicious fun, yet again. I've got a one way ticket to hell. No return...No regrets. Phil's my moving buddy. Just click and drag:
The fast track to hell


Miss Ash said...

Woo Hoo Dubai!! I can ask Moe anything you would like re the cost of living etc.

As for that Jesus DressUp ... Oh man, i have not looked at it since Halloween when they had Marilyn Manson outfits to put on him.

Amichai said...

I don't know from London, or Dubai. Isn't Dubai that arab country where the prince/king is insanely rich and marry's american actress's & models (polygamy, not that I'm judging, just asking)?

Also, do you think Zelda would be as hard if one bought it for game cube instead of the wii? Is the hardness the game itself, or the fact that you are actually doing the sword fighting and such with the wiimote (cheesiest name for a controler, ever!)

Also be careful, people have broken their telivisions with the wiimotes. Don't believe me, check this out.

Princess Pessimism said...

Ash - I knew youd vote for Dubai. And yes, ask him everything. I need to know. Ive got to make a solid decision here based on fact and research, not just where id like to go. Its the most effort ive put into anything about moving.

Amichai - .....All i know about Dubai, is that they have the most expensive hotel in the world, and the country itself is fairly rich. And as for Zelda, the system isnt hard to work, the game itself is hard. Ive never been a zelda fan, so I have no clue what im doing when I play it.

yrautca said...

Heyyy, congrats on good job at school and making the Dean's list.

I do have to say that Wii thing is lame. Its weak. I see the commericals on TV and people waving their hands in the air with the Wii controller - its so weak. I can never see myself doing that.

I think its not very easy to survive in a different country.

Princess Pessimism said...

Oh...and that article?? Ya. Hilarious.

Princess Pessimism said...

Y- its fun...dont take yourself so seriously.

Px said...

come and work in england, but be prepared for shitty weather!
i'd work in dubai though given the choice

i've got confessionals this week:
i got laid for the first time since the break-up and i don't feel guilty about it at all;
i also spent something like £60 on books for myself, i feel more guilty about that;
i just spent £650 on new wheels for my car...

Natalia said...

Congrats on being done and on the Dean List. Postgrad is hard work. I think most people don't really think about it much when someone says they have an MA. But they don't just hand those out. Well, at least not in real universities. That's why it pisses me off so much when people can just buy degrees. SUCKAGE.

And what kinds of h'orderves are we on about?

And dude...if you move to England I am gonna have extra reasons to want to move.


Steven Novak said...

Deans list, huh?

Look at you...all impressive and shit. ;)



Scott said...

Very cool to teach overseas. Those damn hordoevres, so so good.


Big Ben said...

Dubai or London would both be cool, congrats on straight A's.

Maybe you will marry a rich arabian prince in Dubai and fly me over for a visit.

Lindsey said...

You made Dean's List?! That is so awesome. Good for you!!!!!!!!

All that cursing and searching for articles finally paid off!!

Phil said...

Princess- LOL at the cut-out dress up thing. Sacrilege is always fun! As for your hors douvres addiction, I'll see you at the 12 step meeting.

Phil said...

Princess- By the way, it's getting near the holidays, how about a profile pic change to something more festive? How about Cindy Lou Who?

Princess Pessimism said...

PX - Well, I would appreciate ANY impot you can give me about London, which is where I would be living. They generally dont have many conduct facilites out of the major cities they said. But they said London most definitely....but who cares, they're paying the bills. LOL

Natalia - Any kind of H'ds. Just not ones with meat. I like the lobster and crab ones. I have pricey taste. LOL! You could move to London. What would you do with your place???

Steve - Ya ya....No comments on the dress up jesus?? Im actually quite shocked by that. :)

Scott - Thanks!!! Im excited.

Ben - OHHH I totally would. Infact, since you are the first person to ask, i'd rename a wing of the palace after you, and dub them your official living quarters.

Linny - YAAA...but you helped...And for that, one of those A's is partially yours! LOL

Phil - Cindy Lou Who....just because you asked. :)

Natalia said...

Rent it out. :)


Px said...

london is a city, covered in smoke and smog and shit like that, there are fears that there will be terrorist activity there again soon (but then there always is) it's more expensive than most of the rest of the country too
it's a grey city, good for visiting and that, but staying there wouldn't float my boat.
chat to autumn though, she's working there now so she can probably give you a better feel for it than i can.

rawbean said...

I thought of you at Safeway tonight when I walked by the frozen food section.

So why are you coming to Vancouver?

Trib said...

Congratulations! Now to conquer the world...

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Oh! I have been wanting to go to Dubai. But, I'm guessing the cost of living is outrageous. It is the richest place in the world you know. Also, I think London would be easier to adapt to so I would pick that.