Saturday, February 10, 2007

A night of nights

Have you ever had one of those "a-ha" moments...And NO...not the band, or the crazy video drawn in comics...*for those of you who would comment on the band instead of the point..there are a few of you I can think of off the top of my head*

But a moment, when everything becomes so clear, and you know what you what you want to do, or how you want to change your life in the next little while?

I had one of those last night. I was at the bar, having a great time, just hanging out with my friend Karolina....and it hit me. I want something different, something better for myself....and it had nothing to do with the company I was in, or the place I was in....but something inside.

An renewed sense of self improvement so to speak....something that lays dormant inside of you, until you go somewhere, or see something that reawakens a drive inside of you, long since forgotten.

Its funny how feelings like that get pushed aside so easily....becuase with a renewed sense of improvement, comes a rejuvinated sense of empowerment, and confidence to get things done, and change what you want to change.

I forgot how good that feels.


Sexy Suburbanite said...

I know exactly what you mean. I have a really tough time makes decisions but sometimes everything just seems so clear and there's not a question in your mind about anything. I love that feeling. It's rare though.

Miss Ash said...

It's always good to get that sense of self back and to hop onto the path once again.

Natalia said...

Oh I totally have those moments. A lot. Maybe it's because I think too much. But it feels good when things are clear.


Princess Pessimism said...

Sexy - I find it becoming MORE rare as I get older...because I get settled into my ways. But i'll never pass up a chance to change myself.

Ash - YAY...YOURE HOME!!! I just have to work on maintaining this know how lazy I am.

Nat - See thats the thing, I wasnt even thinking about just hit me...

Big Ben said...

You want to become a stripper?

Seriously good for you - go get your dream!

Natalia said...

Yeah but I think that my eureka moments come in lag time after I have been thinking. And then *plaff* they just hit me out of nowhere.


Lindsey said...

So what's the plan PP? You already do more good than a lot of people I know. :o) Except for me of course..... :o)

Princess Pessimism said...

Bes - Yes Ben, i'm going to become a stripper. LOL!

Nat - See, im different, if I think about it constantly, I know its something I should do, but im just probably too lazy to do it

Linny - Less Nice, more Evil

Amichai said...

The major problem with my A'ha moments is the fact that they fall by the wayside a few moments later. I never quite have the follow through to always make the changes that seem so clear the day before.

berly02 said...

I love getting those feelings.
Here's to hoping you do everything you want with your epiphany.

Steven Novak said...

Are you sure you aren't talking about that old comic book video?

Cause I used to love that thing. ;)


Princess Pessimism said...

Amichai - thats my problem too...sigh.

Berly - THANKS!!! *fingers crossed*

Steve - NO...LOL!! Although, I love that one too. You were actually who I was thinking of when I wrote that someone would say the comic video.

Big Ben said...

I hope i get the blogger discount.