Friday, October 17, 2008

...i mean it. Im back...for real.

Ive been posting again for approximately 10 days....and its gotten me nowhere. unfortunately, people probably dont read my blog anymore.

I "Next blogged" myself through an hour of the day today, and found that only 3 of all of the blogs that I saw, were in English.

Im not racist, and have no opposition to people from other cultures having blogs...but if i'm trying to build up a new fan base, instead of just reclaiming my regular readers, I would like to be able to READ their blog as well. And unfortunately, besides, some Italian, and some basic pretty much screwed when it comes to reading other languages.

...although..there was that whole esperanto ordeal...but lets not get into that.

So, i'll continue to post and revisit my own list of blogs that I used to read in the hopes that they recognize that my commitment is official.

Im here people..for real. In my own little corner of the universe tyring to reestablish myself on blogger

(Note - instead of blogger, I wrote globber - a typo, but hilariously funnier than the official name of blogger)


rawbean said...

Awhh my first comment didn't go through. But I was just saying that I'm glad to have you back!

Phil said...

I don't believe you're really back yet. Sometimes you say you're back and then you disappear again.

Natalia said...

I read off and on.

Miss Ash said...

Some of the old folk have stopped blogging too so they are not around to read.