Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A question.....

So I was out at Chapters last night, looking around, and I found myself, as I so usually do, in the self-help section.

Not because I buy self help books, but because I buy books about abuse, addiction, mental health, and self injurious behaviors for work. *These are the books I consider "Light reading" and take on my vacations. LOL!!!*

Im flipping through an interesting book about teens who cut themselves, and ways to help them, deciding whether or not to buy it, and there's a loud crash to my left. I look over but since its another tall book shelf, I cant see anything....except all of the Post Secret books which are almost directly in my line of vision.

I put down the book that Im reading about cutting, and pick up a post secret book. I have so often read about people leaving secrets in the books that for one second, I consider the possibility of there being a secret in the book i'm holding, or any of the books on the shelves.

I flip through my book, and in between the pages, there's a secret written in blue pencil crayon. Thing is, they also attached their email address....and I recognized it. I know the person who has left their secret in the book. And infact, she is a friend of mine on facebook.

And I cant help but feel that its almost an invasion of privacy, to know the person who left a secret for a stranger to find....but it presents me an opportunity to discuss an event that is coming up in her life, that we all know about.

I put that book down, and picked up another. And then another and then another, until I had gone through all of the books there. I found three secrets in total. Email addresses attached, phone numbers attached....

So I ask you...do you ever look through the post secret books to see whats been left behind...solely for the person who finds it?


Anonymous said...

I'm a very judgemental person. If I found a secret in there from someone I know, and judging by the secrets that show up on PostSecret, I would probably lose all respect for that person and never talk to them again.

And my sister works with teens who cut themselves and stuff like that. I'm afraid to look at her bookshelf. I was much happier not knowing there are people like that walking the streets.

blepharisma said...

I didn't know that people left secrets in books for people to find!

Miss Ash said...

I've never looked, I bought one book years ago and that's the last time I looked at those books at all.