Friday, October 03, 2008

PP is gonna make it afterall!!! *Insert Laverne and Shirley theme song here*

OMG!!! Its been SEVEN MONTHS since I posted!!!

I was out for lunch with Miss Ash, who threatened to delete me from her blog roll, and since that is more unspeakable than being deleted off facebook, I decided to take some action and get my ass in gear! I am.

The past 7 months for me have been all work and ZERO play. Literally. I mean like working 8-10 days in a row. I never went anywhere, I never did anything exciting...I had the dullest existence in the past 7 months that you should all be thanking me for not having posted. I spared you the boredom of having to read "I worked 7 days in a row again...nothing to report".

BUT my dears, I have taken the most significant step *besides doing my masters, and degrees and shit like that* date. In my 30 years of life.

I moved to Toronto.

Im hoping that this will be the beginning of a wonderful list of new adventures for me.

I took posession of my place on the 13th, and have been back and forth a few times, But seeing as I worked almost everyday since the 13th, I OFFICIALLY moved here on the 1st.

On the month before moving to Toronto, I applied for 100 jobs. literally. Maybe more. I stopped counting. I got a few call backs. Had an interview yesterday, and one today *that Miss Ash helped me prepare for over sushi! MMMMMMMM*

I went to my interview yesterday, and then to a very exciting mall which was across the street. the interview was 3 hours, DREADFUL! But after I left, they called my references right on the spot, and called me within 2 hours to offer me the job. They dont fuck around here...not like in Niagara where you wait a month to hear anything.

So ive accepted the new position, which is working with Autisic kids. But in the mean time, im shopping at the fancy mall, and happen to stop into Williams Sonoma. The manager comes to me and says

WS"Oh, are you dominique?" *I am not her. Not currently anyway. LOL*
Me: No
WS: Oh you look like you're here for an interview.
Me: Actually, I just had one
WS: Are you looking for a job?
Me: I just moved here yesterday
WS: We're hiring....

And then proceeds to offer me a job. *Part time during the holidays....and its not like I need the cash, but ive NEVER had a job that I didnt have to think about. I've only EVER had a job in social services. I never worked a regular job as a mom owned her company.

So im thinking about it...and anyone who's ever been there, knows how expensive it is. The discount will come in HUGE this year if I decide to take it. But I have my most exciting interview at 1 today. Im leaving in about 45 minutes and should be getting ready, in terms of preparation. Which I feel ready...but reviewing never hurts.

So this is it. My triumphant Return to blogging...which I promise. Will be better than Britneys return to singing.

***UPDATE: My interview went great, and they called me 20 minutes after I left to book my second interview! This city is GREAT for social work...i should have moved here years ago


Dawn said...

OMG, Congrats on the job offer or should I say "offers"!! That's so exciting for you. Welcome back to your blog life after so long away.

Princess Pessimism said...

TY TY...i just have to put the word out there that im back baby!!!

AND EVEN MORE EXCITING NEWS TO COME!!! I'll email you. Lets do dinner monday! Im im town...working of course. But it doesnt look like it will be much longer! LOL

Miss Ash said...

Yay for good interviews!! Fingers crossed for #2!

Phil said...

LOL, I'll have to stop into Williams & Sonoma when I'm there and buy something from you!

Princess Pessimism said...

MA - Ya...totally...cause I cant even imagine what they would ask me on a second interview.

Phil - Dont expect my discount!!!

angel, jr. said...

Hi, I am glad you are back!!

rawbean said...

Yay! You're back!