Sunday, June 06, 2010

Changing my style....

im bored of this stupid backgroud - and lists on the side....everyone else's blogs are so fancy. Mine is dark and moody.

I dont know how to change ANYTHING on this site - my ex put it all together for me when i started writing it....5 years ago.

And since then, the ONLY thing that ive changed, is the background, but I copied and pasted the blog roll, just becuase I had no idea where it went, or anything like that.

I want a fancy background.....I want a fancy blogroll that says what your guys' posts are and how long ago you updated them. I want a change. Whos going to help me? LOL

Ive been having wacky dreams lately....last night, I dreamed that I wasnt allergic to dyes anymore, and ran right out and got a tattoo - of a big footprint that went diagonally across my left bicep. LD was with me - and when she asked why I got that tattoo (in my dream), I said "i dont know, i didnt really think it through - i should have gotten A Clockwork Orange symbol instead" (Long time readers know that this is my favorite movie...)

Oh well. At least I can get tattoos in my dreams....Now - onward with the tech support.


wigsf said...

found this while googling "awesome background"
awesome background

Princess Pessimism said...

WIGSF - ok agreed. Awesome...How do i change it now??

Christielli said...

Good luck w the blog makeover! Thanks for the advice on the virus. I tried some advice on bleeping computer, but now my computer will only boot in safe mode so I can't download stuff onto it. Grrr. Anyway, I was gonna get a new computer anyway, so I'm gonna do that first then work on fixing the old one.

Miss Ash said...

I just googled blog templates and voila I found mine. Of course I have no idea how I actually got it to work....I must have googled how to LOL!

-jason- said...

do you just want to change the background or do you want to change everything up? i had a blog on blogger a long time ago, i know they have a section that allows you to choose different templates without having to edit the code yourself. if you really want add some things not on blogger though, you'll have to do some simple editing of the code. i guess it depends on what you want to do. you might want to start out with checking out the different templates to see if you like any of them.

Princess Pessimism said...

Christielli - sorry! That really sucks! Good luck.

Miss A - I never thought about googling it. LOL!!! Good advice.

Jason - I want a complete overhaul. Ive looked at all of the templates, they suck. I need a complete change. And the code, to me, looks like a foreign i'll accept any suggestions you have

wigsf said...

I really should know how but sadly, I cannot remember. It's been years since my college days and I have barely given my education a second thought since graduation. I've probably got a book somewhere that would describe how to do it and I know there are websites out there.
Have you tried googling "how to change my blogger background"

berly02 said...

I confused with change. Mine is the same as well.

-jason- said...

I think some of the above suggestions made by readers are pretty good to dip your toes in.

Complete overhauls can be pretty intense if you stick with blogger and choose not to use their templates and want to really change around the look. You'll need to know a little bit about html/xhtml and css as that is what blogger uses. It's actually pretty logical, and I've found this site to be one of the best to use to learn from and as a reference when I forget things:

If I remember correctly, the different templates blogger uses do not have standard names for the page characteristics, but you should be able to figure out what you're editing by the name. I believe blogger places all the styles of the page inline (vs. externally). You can read about the difference if you're confused. It'd probably be a good idea to just glance at both the html and css tutorial on that site. You don't necessarily have to go and memorize what each characteristic does, but just get a general feel for how things are defined. You can always go back and search through them if you're looking for a specific way to display something. Once you're comfortable with opening and closing tags in html, and what properties you can define in css you should be ready to go.

You might want to first copy and past the current code into a new Windows Notepad file as a backup before you do any editing, since at the very least you know the current code works and displays a page.

To start off with something easy, you'll want to read through the code and find where there is a reference to the body background-color variable (you can use the ctrl-f key to find instances of "background-color" if you'd like if you're using windows, or command-f on mac). You might try changing the value to something else as a test (from black to red maybe). Using css, basically each one of these variables has some value assigned to it that will allow the browser to display a certain color, font, size, position, etc.

As for your lists on the side, you'll have to be comfortable with opening and closing html tags to be able to edit them. It's pretty easy. Check this section of the tutorial out.

Anyways, that's a little bit of a start. I know this probably is not the most coherent comment in the world, and it probably makes more sense after glancing through those tutorials. The benefits of being able to navigate your way around html/css is that no matter what blogging software you use, everything kind of revolves around those standards so if you decide to move onto another platform you can still use what you've picked up.

Well good luck. Any further questions, I can try and find an answer for you.