Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Its Summer!!!

thanks for all your "well wishing" on my last post - things are looking worse than the last time i posted - which explains the MIA.

I went to a wedding shower on sunday - for my cousin Big Al....the one with the dog in her wedding - did I blog about that??? Lets see shall we? I did not. although i could have sworn i had.... Prepare yourselves ladies and gents...this one's going to blow you away.

my cousin is getting hitched in August. Im not the biggest fan of her fiance - weve had "words" before - and gotten face to face in anger...blocked each other off FB (the horror!!!)....literally havent spoken more than 2 words to each other since Christmas 2009.

But they're engaged - im happy for my cousin - but as the date draws nearer, the plans are being finalized - and when I heard about the wedding my first thought was "ok, ive got 8 months to get out of going to this thing"....

Turns out they're getting married on a Friday. Im scheduled to work - my manager is off, and one of my coworkers is off - so PP cant make it, until about 8pm...im time for dinner, but I get to miss the churchy bits.

But the best part of this ceremony - is the decision that they've made about who's leading their wedding party. - Their 5 pound Pomapoo...Muffin Top. sigh

Muffin's leading the wedding, and is the flower girl/bridal party. There is a real maid of honor, but the dog is the main attraction....AND not only this...my cousin called the biggest news paper in Toronto, told them about it - and they published an article about her, and her dog.

Who else's family is crazy???


wigsf said...

Oh yeah, everybody's got a crazy family. Maybe not redneck crazy like your kin, but still crazy in their own way.

Princess Pessimism said...

WIGSF - thats the thing - not redneck at all. This wedding is going to be SO posh...very upscale and expensive. Which confirms that the dog is even MORE out of place.

wigsf said...

I don't care how posh the wedding is, once something walks down the aisle on four legs, it's redneck.
Might as well have the I dos replaced with git-r-done!

wigsf said...

Here's an mp3 I made of that Tesla Love Song with a bit of Crazy on You in the intro.
Frank Hannon's Love Song solo jam

Christielli said...

Hope that you are still hanging in there.

Your cousin and the dog as the main attraction made me laugh. Too funny!

Miss Ash said...

I love Muffin Top....she's soooo cute :)