Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Driving

I came to my parents this weekend to go to the drive in with LD. (I invited Ash...but no reply yet. her poor ankle. :o) I also came here to pay some bills that come to my parents house that I have to pay in person. Its a shitty system - but im such a transient gypsy, that im usually never in an address for more than a year. No point in changing all of my mail until I settle.

Heres one thing I dont understand about drivers - WHY do you drive in the fast lane, if you're not passing anyone? Its such a simple concept - pass, and get over. Simple. I drive fast. I wont lie - Of all the times i ever have driven in the past 16 years since getting my license (EEK!!!), Im SHOCKED that I havent gotten more speeding tickets. IN FACT - the only speeding ticket i've ever gotten in my entire life, was just last year - for going 45km/h in a 40 zone. Seriously. The ticket was $27.50.

Of all the times that ive driven - and the people who know me who read this blog can attest that I am indeed an "Exciting" driver - im counting my blessings that i've only ever been pulled over once, and 5km over, isnt even speeding. But I digress....

I left my apartment this morning, and drove down to my parents - at 8am-ish. Traffic. No joke. So of course it takes me almost 2 hours to get here, but as im driving, and hitting pockets of traffic, I finally get to the end of each jam, to find 2 or 3 cars driving relatively the same speed across all lanes. 80km/h. Sigh. So after passing all of these idiots finally, I cant help but think (as i listen to the Cult - which also increases my average driving speed), that these three people were the reason that I was just stuck in traffic for 35 minutes.

This post also reminds me of a great story I used as my facebook status a couple of months ago - it reads something like this( I cant find it): I raced you all the way to Niagara, but I saw the cop first - I cant even imagine how expensive your ticket was going as fast as you were.

Pass - get over - repeat.


rawbean said...

Haha oh boy do I hate those slow drivers in the fast lane, and coming up behind them seems to leave them unfazed. Like look in your rear view mirror for crying out loud!

berly02 said...

I stay in the fast lane.
But then again, I'm passing everyone and no one is behind me.
So that's ok, right?

Missy Aggravation said...

I have a lead foot as well. I like to chalk this up to me rebelling from driving so slow in funeral processions, but whatever.

I luckily have only been pulled over twice in my (gasp! 18 years) driving career. The most recent one was doing 40 km over the limit, but he was nice and bumped it down to a ticket of $57.00 so I can't imagine it was too bad.

However, the point of my response is this. True story. When I was first licensed at the ripe age of 18 years. I was in my dad's Delta 88 cruising down the parkway doing 100 in a 50 (clearly I don't learn) and I got pulled over. Threaten to have my license taken away as I was a new driver and all and so he asked me, "Young lady, what is your hurry?" To which I innocently replied, "No hurry, the Cult was on my radio and I didn't realize how fast I was going." He laughed said it was probably the most honest answer he's had and only banned me from the Niagara Parks that night. No ticket at all.

True story.

wigsf said...

Remember, you don't need to a brain surgeon to get a driver's license, but I sometimes think you should.

Miss Ash said...

Ugh! I hate ridiculous awful people who should not be allowed to drive! Rules people there are rules!!!

Christielli said...

Bad drivers are the worst. I tend to encounter them a lot as a pedestrian, where I want to scream "Hey! You could have run me over!" when they try to turn into me when I'm crossing at a crosswalk on a green light.

Apox on bad drivers!

Princess Pessimism said...

Rawbean - I KNOW! I know people who will drive in the fast lane even if no one is around for miles. It doesnt make any sense....

Berly - if you are passing, it is fine. LOL

Missy - Its the cult I think. they're a bad influence on driving - OR a very good influence. Maybe we should make the Cult mandatory driving music for all the people who dont drive fast enough to get out of the way.

Princess Pessimism said...

WIGSF - Agreed.

Miss A - unfortunately, people seem to forget them until they serve their purpose.

Christielli - OMG, Tell me about it! the drivers here are very unforgiving when it comes to podestrians in this city!!