Sunday, August 22, 2010

So much for year of the Tiger - More like Year of the Ex!

I dont know whats happened this year to me - or if this is a common thing with all people - but I have had a substantial number of ex's (Ex everythings, boyfriends etc....) call me up to see how im doing, and to try to rekindle - or not, just legitimately call to see how im doing - whatever we had before. From March of this year, until just this past Friday - my phone has been a hotbed of ex texts and calls - the curse of having the same cell phone number for almost 10 years I suppose.

I know that this doesnt seem like much - but i'm prepared to follow up with some examples. Every story is true - and I have indeed blogged about all of these "men" (and I use the term loosely) before.

E - We went on 2 dates, 2 years ago. I'm out for lunch with Miss A, and start getting these random texts to which I reply "Who is this" (All of them go that way, i never save phone numbers)...and he tells me, and asks me to readd him on msn - cause i never save email addresses either. I add him, and am reminded of how hot he is, and we've been hanging out since March. He annoyed me 2 years ago - but we're both older now, and its great this time. We've had some good times.

M - We became friends a month before me and someone else broke up last year. I knew that M was moving to San Fran in September - so when me and the other dude broke up in July, me and M hung out for 2 months, until he left. We both knew it would be very short term. A WEEK after E texts me out of the blue, I get a call from M, hes moving back to town he wants to hang out and see where things go - we catch up, but nothing comes of it. Although, I get random texts asking if he can come over - i never answer them.

M - We had a few dates, but were better friends. I was much more attracted to who i pictured when i talked to him on the phone, than i was when we were together. It didnt work, but he ended up moving to Montreal I guess. Earlier this year, I get a text "Who's this" is my reply, and he proceeds to tell me - and that he is in town for a wedding the next day, can we please go for dinner - he really misses me, etc etc etc. I never did, but still....

M - my ex...from when i was 25. Finds me on FB and says that he misses me - and that he feels like he's been a terrible friend - im a great fantastic etc person and he wants to reconnect. He calls (cause I have the same number still)...we breifly catch up. Neither one of us ever calls the other again, although I have gotten some FB messages about how i havent called again...

S - A Cop...from last year. We met through work...we go on a date, we go on a second date. At this point, he tells me that he's married and just looking for something on the side. I get up and leave. I get a text message last week "Who's this" is my reply...its S. He's wondering if i've reconsidered. I never responded.

G - A guy I had something with 9 years ago. NINE YEARS AGO....he got married, we sort of kept in touch. He's busy, im busy - we havent talked in 2 years. I deleted him off of everything. FRIDAY, he finds me on msn. I guess I deleted him, but didnt block him. He's divorced now. His first question is - When can i come visit.

G - another cop....who i suspected was married but could never prove....calls me out of the blue after a few months, and asks me to hang out again.

My question to all of these people was - "Why do you still have my phone number"...which I think is a fair, and legitimate question. Seriously. This isnt like, last week we talked, and got into a fight, and want to reconnect. This is YEARS of not talking, and people still having my phone number. Every time I asked that question, I always got the same response, that ran something along the lines of "Just incase I wondered about you". I never save phone numbers or email addresses - once you're gone out of my life, you're gone. If I hold onto your contact info - i'll probably use it. So i get rid of it.

I dont WANT to change my phone number, as i've had it for so long, and everyone has it - but seriously. There are some exes that i definitely dont want to hear from. Does this happen to anyone else?


wigsf said...

If you're going to have so many ex boyfriends, eventually you are going to run into them. There's only so many guys in this world.

berly02 said...

What I want to know is this, is "E" still in and the rest of the alphabet out?
Cause it seems like you saying "and its great this time" is a whole other story that I really want to hear. :)

Had a few exes try to reconnect. Then the word that I was married spread somehow and now nothing.

wigsf said...

I've noticed something. You reply to all text messages with "Who is this?" Like that one time I texted you.

Christielli said...

Wow. That is an insane number of ppl trying to contact you in a short period of time. I guess when it rains, it pours.

I don't think you should change your number because it might be more hassle than it's worth. And clearly you are capable of ignoring them or not falling into traps.

Jennifer said...

I kind of like to know that the exes haven't forgotten about me because I'm just thaaat memorable.... but then again, I've never dated anyone who was so awful I never ever wanted to hear from them again.

Miss Ash said...

I got a phone call 4 years later once....that was kinda odd.