Saturday, August 28, 2010

PP has it out with Revenue Canada

We unified our taxes here in the good old province of Ontario (and maybe nationally..i have no idea, i dont really keep up with the other provinces or territories). We used to pay 2 taxes, but now we have the HST (harmonized sales tax) which is a whopping 13%.

The government issued HST transition credits to people living here who made under 80K/year, which is me. Its $100 3 times. I know it isnt much, but it pays for my plane ticket to Florida in November.

Anyway - I didnt get it. So my accountant encourages me to call and find out why. The following is an abridged, but 100% accurate conversation of the conversation I have with Revenue Canada.

RC: How can i help you?
PP: I didnt get the transionary credit - can you tell me why?
RC: You are not a resident of Canada
PP: ....Pardon?
RC: You are considered an immigrant to this country by RevCan.
RC: Going back to 2004, you left the country for an extended period of time, and never notified us that you were back
PP: But - I split taxes for both countries in the year that I was gone, and have paid taxes every year in this country since I came back. And checked "Ontario" on the page where it asks you to state what province you live in - AND have received all tax credits over the past 6 years. What does my address say sir?
RC: Mam - if you dont stop screaming at me - I will end this call

*at this point, it is valid to say that I was not screaming, and did not have attitude - my mom can verify this - this guy was just a total douche*

PP: im actually not screaming - what does my mailing address say sir? Where does it say that I live?
RC: doesnt matter - you could live out of the country and be using a mailing address for Canada
PP: Are you accusing me of committing Fraud?
RC: Stop screaming at me (Again, not screaming)
PP: can you please start recording the conversation, to prove that I am not screaming?
RC: No, I cannot do that - It is illegal to record calls at Revenue Canada
PP: but i'm asking you to
RC: it is illegal
PP: A friend of mine is a lawyer there - i'll be sure to follow up on that

PP: So - im an immigrant to Canada - How was I supposed to know that I was supposed to tell you that I was living in canada - isnt my tax return enough? I go shopping every month in the states, does that mean that I have to notify RC of my return to the country everytime I go shopping and come back. Like, how was I supposed to know to call you guys, especially since i've been submitting tax returns yearly - and all of my employers are in Ontario, and my return SAYS that I live in Ontario
RC: Mam - stop screaming at me - you are not considered a resident of the country.
PP: Im not screaming - im asking. If you want me to scream, I will. But I digress - is this accurate, am I an immigrant to Canada everytime I go shopping in the states?
RC: This is the last time im telling you to stop screaming at me - or I will end this call

PP: Do you have a name, and employee number?
RC: Yes I do
PP: Can I have it?
RC: gives me his name and employee number - Why do you want those things?
PP: To file an official complaint against you of course
RC: *his voice gets frantic at this point* - Why would you do that? Why would you file a complaint against me? Because im telling you the truth
PP: No - because I asked questions, you didnt answer them, or tell me how to fix this, all you did was accuse me of Fraud and screaming. Is your uspervisor there?
RC: we dont have supervisors
PP: you dont have a boss? Who do you answer to in the day?
RC: I dont know - Why are you going to file a complaint against me
PP: Because quite frankly, you're an asshole.

Thats when i slammed the phone down...although, i probably wont file one.


Christielli said...

Argh. That sounds soooooooooo frustrating!!! You deserve your bribery cheque.

And seriously, as if he didn't even suggest a way to fix the situation. That's really all that was needed instead of arguing with you.

What a fucktard. Argh. Hope that you are able to bust through the red tape and get your bribery cheques!

wigsf said...

First of all, if the guy wasn't a complete knob, he'd have a real job and not some ass-kiss waste of MY FUCKING MONEY job with the gubment.

Second of all, you have what's called "Italian voice." You don't sound like your screaming when talking to Italians, but when talking to everybody else (most gubment employees are visible minorities or token whites), you can sound as though you are yelling/screaming/angered.

berly02 said...

Totally file the complaint!! He passed judgment on your character. I say file! file! file!

Missy Aggravation said...

I'm not sure why you say you're not going to file a complaint. I say lodge a complaint! It might not amount to anything, but it would make you feel better and indicate to this shmuck that you are a woman of your word even if you are an immigrant.

yrautca said...

But why were you screaming?

Ok ok that was a joke. Sounds like you talked to a douchehole.

rawbean said...

You guys get a cheque?? We have HST here too (12%) and we didn't get cheques.

I should call Revenue Canada.....see what's up!

Miss Ash said...

So what happened on Friday? Did it all get rectified?