Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I hate my lack of technology

So....me and Miss A and LD went to the Tim Burton Exhibit here in Toronto. IF you are a fan of Tim Burton - you must see this exhibit....its a non option to anyone who loves his work. It was great, exciting, fabulous etc...but this post isnt really about that. Its about my shitty phone.

So im standing outside of the exhibit waiting for Miss A and LD, who got lost on the streetcar....I had just hung up the phone with her, establishing their ETA, and who walks by but Kevin Smith. I was speechless, and made some high pitched gutteral squealy girl noises I imagine....

He slowed and made the general "Hi, yea, hows it going" chit chat....and All i could say was something that resembled "BAHHHHHHHHHHHHH".....and he looked at me and said "No camera huh? Well nice to meet you"...and kept going.

Aside from the fact that my cell phone has gotten me in a lot of trouble this year, it has ALSO not provided me the options that I need - clearly. First order of business in January, new phone - WITH camera.


Christielli said...

I will be going to that exhibit in the new year! I am a huge Tim Burton fan!

Kevin Smith, not so much, but celeb sightings are always fun!

Anonymous said...

You recognize Kevin Smith but have never heard of Don Cherry.

jason said...

I think my comment may have been eaten.

Was the Tim Burton exhibit crowded? It was packed when I went to the MoMA show in New York, and that was a couple weeks before it was going to close. What was your favorite part of it? I really liked the Edward Scissorhands model.

I think if you were to walk by Don Cherry once, you'd probably recognize him for the rest of your life. He's the grandfather looking white-haired guy in a ridiculously loud suit (look for something neon pink or similar) and big mouth.

Princess Pessimism said...

Jason - I loved the sandworm, and afterlife newspaper from Beetlejuice. But in reality, I loved it all - I LOVED the figures from nghtmare before christmas, and corpse bride.

it was DEAD when we went. we may have well been in that area by ourselves. there were times when i didnt see another person for 10 minutes. Glorious!

Miss Ash said...

Get a new phone and a new phone number ;)

yrautca said...

Who is Kevin Smith?

Happy Holidays

berly02 said...

Yeah for a new phone!
Boo for the reason you realized you needed one. :)