Monday, December 20, 2010

You know what...?

...this blog is REALLY grumpy. I bitch a lot about work, and guys (mostly)...and after reading every post that Ive written this year - I cant believe that you are all still reading - i would have stopped months ago (GREEEAAAT...another post about PP's men...or another post about work....blah)

so adding on to my list of resolutions I recognize that I need to take much more time away from work, and guys. I need to implement other things (than kickboxing) into my life and be a more well rounded person. Guys and work are fine...but thats 90% of what I blog about. Someone should have yelled at me months ago.


Anonymous said...

Since you've been blogging regularly, I've noticed my life get better. I'm less grumpy, less pissed-off, generally a happy-go-lucky guy.

I'm not sure what exactly I can attribute that to, but it might have something to do with reading your misery and being able to say "At least I'm not PP." You know, it could be that. Could be other things that aren't dependent on you, but it could be comparing my life to your's.

Miss Ash said...


Christielli said...

I don't find this blog overly negative at all. In fact, some of your posts about your goals have given me ideas of how to improve my own life.

And, you do blog about Harry Potter stuff too, which can never be negative!

Also, don't worry about your blogging audience; we all use our blogs to vent about stuff and don't mind when others do the same. At least I don't.

rawbean said...

Not negative just aggressive. A lot of "WTF??"

But that's what makes you you!

yrautca said...

Initially I read the (mostly) as (monthly). Made more sense:

I bitch a lot about work, and guys (monthly)...