Saturday, January 01, 2011

2010 - you are but a faded memory of what was.

2010 took a lot of people from me that i did not want to go....and brought me back a lot of people that I never wanted again.

I really started to rationalize, and review my life (as everyone does this time of year) and realized that I needed sort of a summary of my Resolutions.

I resolve to take life less seriously, and spoil myself to something once a month. Be it an expensive purse, long weekend road trip, day at the spa...etc. I think that this is a good way of having more time for myself, and dedicating more time to the pursuit of "all things PP". I need to refamiliarize myself with things that I like, and find out what I dont like anymore - see how my tastes have changed.

And...if anything - this year in men has taught me that my tastes have definitely changed - for the better I think. I was wrong about this past week at work being bliss. My ex came into town, and I could not believe how negatively it affected my sleep, my functionability, my daily stress levels - of course, getting 39 text messages in one night asking me to go fetch him to hook up in my car didnt help. He said that if I couldnt have a mature meeting and a night of casual sex, than something was wrong with me, and to go fuck myself.

We havent seen each other in 2 years. I have indeed blogged about this man (and I use that term loosely) before. He is under a VERY misguided impression of what happened 2 years ago when we split...and thinks that we could actually have something casual - when in text message saying he was in the city, took every step that id made from him in 2 years, and affected me so negatively...

So this week, I drank...a lot. And after days of avoiding my house, phone and cell phone - out of sheer dread - i decided that it was time to make a change.

My friends (toronto, and niagara) came through in true fashion - were there to support me, and kept me VERY busy at night time so that I wouldnt be tempted to see him. I do love the drama - but I think this year, may be dedicated to living drama free - because everyone said "I know youre going to see him, but just be careful - you know how this is going to end" and to everyone's surprise, I avoided him like the plague.

My cousin's status on Facebook was to: remember that how you spend your New Years is how your next year will be....Which made me miserable - because I was planning on being by myself after work with a pizza, being miserable - but instead, I made some very fast plans, and went to a Wii pizza party at my sisters, hung out with my neices, and then out with great friends at night; followed up with great friends, poutine and pancakes today. Lots of laughter ( a few tears), and over all, a decent night.

If what my cousin wrote is true - then my next year shall be filled with amazing friends, family, good times, laughter, good food, and taking control of my emotions instead of letting them control me.

NOW - ive got 12 months of spoiling ahead of me....Whats for January....Bring on the Year of PP. :)


Christielli said...

One splurge a month is an awesome resolution! I think that I do that anyway... ;) BTW the spa I go to is the Elmwood Spa north of the Eaton Centre. It is very luxurious. I get massages covered by work so it's kind of free! Well, except for the fact I always go for lunch (delicious 3 course for $28... you get to eat in your bathrobe), and the lounge in the water therapies area. You must try it! It's great!

Wow, your ex sounds like a gigantic douchebag with the "why can't you be mature and have causual sex?" line. I hate that he ruined your week! Grrrr!!! I hope that your 2011 is completely free of him.

Last year, I actually did nothing for new year's, so you'd think that my 2010 would have been spent alone and it wasn't, so your cousin's status is false. However, I think it's great that you hung out with family instead! Well done!

Happy new year, and I hope 2011 is the best yet for you!

jason said...

Mmmmm, poutine.

I hope your 2011 will rock at least a pair of socks off (if not more).

berly02 said...

I'll be waiting anxiously to hear about every wonderful thing that happens this year.

yrautca said...

HAppy New Year PP. I am sure you will have a terrific year full of new boys and new stories. Wishing you the best!

Miss Ash said...

Well it doesn't sound like you avoided him like the plague if you talked to him......whomever he is....

I love that you don't talk to me about these men cause I think that drama and anxiousness and the whirlwind that they bring is a big waste of time. I'd rather have peace in my life! You already know what I would say anyway...change your number :)

chair rentals said...

Happy new year, keep rollin!