Saturday, January 07, 2012

Sigh. Im dumber than i thought..... LSAT marks came in on Thursday.

So much for law school.

The test is ranked and scored between 120 -180 points. You have to get 160 to be competative in applying to law schools.

I got 140. Not a great score, but not the worst score either. And as you all know, I didnt want to really be a lawyer, I just wanted an option. I kind of felt like this was it. Turns out i was wrong. But Im happier not applying to law school. I'd rather save 100K then spend it on something i wasnt sure I wanted anyway.

But what REALLY upset me was not only did I not do well on the test. I got in the LOWEST 10th percentile of all test takers. 90% of the people who wrote that test did better than I did....Stupid bell curve.

its a universal test - and 50 million people could have written it on Dec. 3. 100 million could have written it. I dont know. Every test center in Ontario was full except Windsor, and Thunder Bay, which is why i went to buffalo.

Oh well - my personal policy is to be miserable, and feel sorry for myself about things like this for 48 hours tops. And that 48 hours is over.

Moving on to bigger and better (and less expensive) things.


Christielli said...

Aw, I'm sorry to hear that your results weren't what you wanted. But at least you won't make a costly decision to do something you didn't really want (i.e. law school).

I think your 48 hours policy is a good one. Hope you have a great weekend with this nice weather!

Wigsf3 said...

Look at it this way. You can get piss drunk for a lot less than 100k and forget all about that thing. In fact, you've got some friends who'll foot the tab at the bar. Won't cost you a penny.

jason said...

i always suck the first time i take a standardized test for admission to some sort of school.

i think you're right in looking @ the bright side in not having to shell out for something you weren't sure you wanted to do anyways. on to better things.

happy new year!

Miss Ash said...

At least you tried!

Phil said...

Hey, your 48 hours is up. Get back to blogging!