Friday, January 27, 2012

Ill fated adventures at the asian market: Part 2

So last night, I decided to go to my favorite place for Assorted Guts - T&T, the Asian grocery store, that I have certainly blogged about before.

It was just Chinese New Year on the 23rd, and so i figured i'd go hit up some of the after sales - i like red, and its the year of the dragon - which my Chinese client ASSURED me that it would also be a prosperous year for the snake (me).

Instead of buying fun and festive, I bought food. My favorite spicy noodles, sushi, and thai shrimp crackers for my neices who love them. But - when you have those, you need the delish peanut sauce to go with them. Having a hard time finding it, I stopped the nearest person who worked there and the conversation is as follows:

Me: Do you have peanut sauce
He:(in the thickest accent possible) Peanisauce...
Me: yea, peaNUT (with the emphasis on NUT because you never know what other cultures might find delicious - no pun intended)
He: Ohhhh Penis - here.

he walks, I follow. He stops, I stop.

He: Penisauce....Frozen?
Me: yes, PeaNUT - its frozen?

He turns towards the soy sauce scans the shelves and looks at me

Me: PeaNUT - like peanut butter?
He: Yes. Penis. I never hear before.

And he proceeds to walk me to the aisle with all of the sauces, and says "Penis. I never hear before. bye bye now"



Wigsf said...

I need someone who can handle my peenuss!

Yeah. MadTV did that skit in the first season

Princess Pessimism said...

LOL...that wasnt a skit. It really happened last night.

Christielli said...

Haha, funny story. :)

Miss Ash said...

Oh that's funny! I love that place!!