Monday, November 28, 2005

Resolutions we can all live by.

Every year, around this time, I start to get flustered with my life. Overwhelmed, in need of change. As I am sure that everyone does at one point in the year. I'm feeling a bit.....not stale, but comfortable I suppose.

Its when I feel like this, that I throw caution to the wind, and buy a new car, or pick up and move to another country.....or some other reckless, nonsensical thing I can think of that makes my life a bit more exciting, until I start to get bored again.

Someone told me that I most likely had ADD. And maybe I do. I do get bored easily, and like to change my life around every once in a while. But I dont get distracted easliy, and can concentrate for long periods of time on one thing. So maybe not. I can diagnose it in other people, but not in myself. Besides, I never even heard of ADD until the invention of Ritalin. So that in itself sparks a bit of controversy. But I digress.

The end of the year is coming, and its funny. I was at Miss Ash's last night, and do you know what we talked about??? New Years Eve Plans. Ugh. I HATE trying to make plans for NYE. And frankly, I feel like i've lived a million of them.....they dont seem so special anymore. I was going to go to Winnipeg, but that sort of fell through. I'm really disappointed about it, I was looking forward to going....and I was even willing to brave the cold.....but it sort of isnt going to happen anymore. So I need to make new plans.

What's everyone thinking of doing this year, I need some suggestions.

And then of course, the ever dreaded New Years Resolution. EVERY YEAR, I have one resolution, that I stick by, until I forget about it...but when I remember it, it empowers me, and makes me feel good. What is this infamous yearly resolution you ask? Well, it's simple really. Ever year my resolution is "Fuck it". And NOT in a dirty whorish porn sense, but in an emotional, and psychological debilitating way. If I cant do anything about it, fuck it. Move on. And for those of you who think that's a stupid resolution, try it for one week. If it's out of your control, if you cant change it, if you want it but cant have it, if you give up because someone doesnt care enough and you're at the end of your rope, if someone pisses you off.....for whatever works. Trust me. It gives you some small control of your life. *It's funny, becuase every year, my highest occurrences of dates, and meeting new men, comes in the first 3-4 months of the year.....when this resolution is in full effect. And NO...i dont tell them my resolution, because it might come across the wrong way.

So for this up and coming year, I resolve to do the following:

1. "Fuck it"....and oldie but a goodie.
2. But a new speed bag *HEY...i can put that on my x-mas list*
3. Drink more/party more (this immediatly makes me think of tequila for some reason...Ahhh Jose....where have you been all my life)
4. Work harder to get the fuck out of school and find something to do with my life
5. Become an expert in driving standard.
6. Spoil myself
7. Take no shit from anyone

If everyone made resolution lists of things they actually wanted....they'd be much happier. NO ONE who resolves to go to the gym everyday is ever going to follow it. Forcing yourself to the gym, or to quit smoking, is the fastest way to increase weight and cigarettes smoked.

Resolutions??? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?


Sexy Suburbanite said...

Speed bag? Please fill me in...

Well, I never make New Years resolutions. I sort of think that New Years is a dumb holiday. I mean, you're celebrating one little tick on your clock. It's sort of arbitrary. But, that said, I do get restless and whatnot so I totally hear what you're saying.

If you want to take a vacation to sunny Florida you can join me at this New Years Eve Toga Party I am going to!

Princess Pessimism said...

S.Subs - I went to the world's biggest toga party this year in the summer. It was a lot of fun.

Uh...a speed bag....boxing training equiptment....I used to box YEARS ago. It keeps your arms in shape

Marcus said...

I make resolutions, and fior the last 3 years, I've even kept them.

Mind you, this year's "Lose more weight" has kinda slipped in the last 2 months. I've had a bit of a "Fuck It" period, food-wise.

But, hi ho, I get to start with a clean slate in a few weeks time.

The nice thing about keeping them is the overwhelming sense of smugness when you hear about other people giving up on themselves.

Hernesto G said...

ADD is fking bullshit -- humans naturally love stimuli. Watch a dog sometime: he'll be sniffing around somebody's crotch, then in a swift movement be trying to bite your hand, unexpectedly lick himself, cock his head aside and look at you like you're the crazy one, then curl up under a table and pass out. Since humans are descended from dogs (intelligent design what?) we tend to enjoy change. Those humans who are content with a static life are actually aliens and should be avoided.


Lindsey said...

I agree w/ your list 100% Am sadly working on my own...

Px said...

if you put the speed bag on your xmas list and get it, it stops being a resolution because you got it before new years...

Princess Pessimism said...

Marcus - Wow! You may be the only person I have ever heard of that has kept resolutions. And Yes, Smugness is always nice. Will power is always a wonderful feeling.

Hernesto - I have a mild tendancy to agree with you about ADD. I have worked with 6 year olds that have been diagnosed as ADHD. But I dont understand why. 6 year olds run around and bounce off the furniture and have loads of energy and a short attention span. HOWEVER, there is some merit to ADD. If you really cant focus on anything as an adult, and pills help you concentrate on immediate tasks, then they might be beneficial, I wouldnt know. I dont take pills. But it'd be interesting to know whether or not they work. *Even if they are a placebo, could you imagine if they're placebo??? Oh my god. Conspiracy theory!!!*

Princess Pessimism said...

Linny - I am looking forward to hearing about yours on an upcoming post. I'm sure they'll entertain, and delight as usual.

PX - I never said USING it was my resolution. I said GETTING it is. LOL.
But of course, i'd need the ceiling mount to go with it to use it at all. So I have to find it, it's at my parents somewhere.

Princess Pessimism said...

Jenny has requested that I give credit where credit is due...."Fuck it" was her resolution, and I thought it was a good idea. *although I SWEAR i heard it somewhere else, she says no*

"Fuck it" is NOT an Unhinged Princess Original. It is compliments of Jenny.

berly02 said...

I wish I could borrow you "Fuck It" resoulution.
But alas . . .

My resolution is to take more mini vacations.
I think they make things fun.
Oh! And to buy a house.

Hernesto G said...

Berly, I think when she says "Fuck it" then it refers to males and fuck refers to the verb of doing, I am actually thinking PP wants more sex in her life... Hey I am not a psychologist, just psycho or is it psychic never mind... like that! I said my peace!

Phil said...

How about eating an apple a day Princess? I hear they give you more energy than coffee?

Natalia said...

At one point I made a resolution not to make resolutions but I broke that one as well... We all start thinking around this time. It is the season for pondering the futer and mulling over the past and present. I think I will keep my resolutions short term this time lol


Princess Pessimism said...

berly - Mini Vacations are good. I like 4 day weekends way better than a week off at a time

Hernesto - LOL. No, I dont mean the know what I meant, dont be a loser.

Phil - Ha Ha're very funny you know.

Natalia - Last year I was going to resolve to make no more resolutions, but that didnt work out to well either. At least "fuck it" I somewhat stick to.

yrautca said...

you made me post while studying, bad PP, bad!

What i said in response to what you said was in good humor. You should know my now my humor is crooked. i didnt say anything bad to you and dont think you said anything bad to me either. on here you cant see the expressions of face or the tone of voice.

i am madly deeply in love with you and have hired a hitman to take hernesto out for good. so there. i said it.

Princess Pessimism said...

Yrautca - I'm surprised at you....As if I didnt konw that. LOL!

Hernesto G said...

hahahah I am so disappointed that you cannot see faces here, cuz PP you would melt when you saw me -- mmmm effing hot and beautiful... so Yrautca, jokes on you...

Princess Pessimism said...

Hernesto - Well there is actually a way for you to prove yourself. Post your picture, let us all see how
"effing hot" you are.