Monday, May 29, 2006

Blogger Confessional© So Busy..

So much happened this week, that i'm just going to jump right in.

This week I:

- Heard Mr. Big on the radio...and it wasnt one of those stupid cheesy stations either....and I TOTALLY sang along.

- Saw a spider crawling on my pants, wiped it off, and then i squished it

- Was in the midst of packing, and had shit thrown all over my apartment, and my landlord knocked on my door, and said that she was going to show my apartment right then, no notice. I was SO embarassed that she had people with apartment was a bloody disaster.

- Went home, drank a LOT partied all night, every night, slept VERY little, and hung out with my friends.

- Took my neices to their first bar. LOL!!!! Well, its a bar/restaurant, with an AWESOME patio. So i'm sitting there, with them *they're 3 and 5* they were having milk and a deep fried mars bar. I had a martini, and as people walked by, and were watching us, I thought "This must look like absolute trash"...and then I laughed to myself. So I took the kids in to the bar to pay, and the bartender leaned over the bar, and looked at them, and said "You guys are 19 right??" They giggled..and so did I.

- Of course, went to the Cult, and bought my new purse.

- Went to the reception, and had the greatest night ever. I laughed until I cried at my one friend dancing. Miss Ash and Jennifer made video of it....we died laughing. We all of course, drank an obscene amount....but it was SO worth it, and one of the best nights of the year so far. I also brought my new purse, and dumped something all over it. LOL!!! I wasnt sure if it was wine, or water, or I licked was tea. if it was wine, I would have CRIED!!! But Miss Ash took a picture of my purse, with tea all over it....i guess you had to be there

- had dinner with my family last night. My mom buys these chicken on a stick things, they're good, Italian, breaded chicken on wooden skewers and then baked...mmm. Anyway, she makes them for me, becuse I eat chicken, except when I take a small bite of it...It tastes funny, and with the ball of mystery meat in my cheek, I say "this isnt chicken"....then then preceed to tell me how crazy I am, and that it is....the sticker said so. With the ball still in my cheek, I say "the dont make mistakes???" They insist and insist that it's chicken, so I take another small bite, and the meat is dark, not white, like it usually is. I give it to my mom, and ask her to try it....I sit there with this second small bit in my cheek, and my brother in law is smiling watching me, and I say "im not chewing anymore until she tells me what it is" takes a bite and says "Oh...ya...that's veal" To which i'm immediately upset, and spit the bite thats in my mouth, into my brother in law laughs and says "I cant wait to read your blog about this...I knew it wasnt chicken"....sneaky bastard...that's okay. Paybacks a bitch.

- drove home today, it was 95 degrees outside, and my arm was on the window track the entire drive home, well, at 95 D, and my arm not moving for 3 hours, it got so burnt, that its for REAL, the color of red grapes.....its starting to burn...thank god for aloe.

So that was that. I drank a lot, partied a lot, and was occupied every minute that I was home this was totally worth it, one of the best weekends so far this year. And in ending on a good note, This is the picture of my new purse...without the spill marks. LOL


Px said...

this week i:
-got my scrotum pierced
-put down a deposit to rent a house...very nice one too
that's about it

Phil said...

Did you say Mr. Big?!!? How 80's of you. Very cool that you were psyched about them though.

Scott said...

Sounds like some good times. I have a friend that ended up at the Cult show and he loved it.

I have done that drive to Windsor with the arm on the window track and got the burn too. Love how one arm is red and the other is normal.



Princess Pessimism said...

Pete - You got your Scrotum pierced???? WHY?

Phil - I would hardly say that I Was psyched about it. I was drying my hair, and turned off the hair dryer, and heard it and was like "Are you fucking kidding me!!!" So then I turned it up loud, and sang along and contunied to dry my actually, maybe I was psyched about it after all.

Scott - It was good times. I thought you were going to go to the Cult...what happened??

Miss Ash said...

I'll have to send the pics and the videos soon, when i get back home I will. Tim said he had the shakes for a day. I told him it sounded like he was crying when I called him, he must have drank A LOT!

Princess Pessimism said...

Miss Ash - I talked to him the day after...he didnt know why his calves hurt so much....i told him what happened, and we had a good laugh over it. As soon as you get those videos, and pictures, ya, totally please send them over.

berly02 said...

love it! (the purse)

And veal is naste. Sorry it was in your mouth at all.

Princess Pessimism said...

Berly - Thanks!!! And you're right about the veal, I was grossed out.

Lindsey said...

You were listening to Mr. Big? LOL. Didn't they sing that song, "I'm the one who wants to be with you...Deep inside I know you feel it too"

Princess Pessimism said...

Linny - Ya, thats the one...remember them?? LOL I think I havent heard that song in about 5 years.

rawbean said...

princess p this was one of your funniest blogs I think. I feel like we really got a feel for your lighter side. The meat description was awesome and the burnt arm...


yrautca said...

It never ceases to amaze me how you pack into a week what I experience in a year ;)

Jennifer said...

I confirm that the drinking was obscene - not Vegas obscene - but still quite excessive, but lucky for me it wasn't anything that some painkillers couldn't fix.
PX, I want to see a scrotum pic on the next HNT

Princess Pessimism said...

Rawbean - You're compliments all around...LOVE that. Thanks. The meat, was bad...It was upsetting. And my arm isnt so bad today...not as red....more brown, now I just have to even out a little...

Yrautca - Get out more often LOL!!!

Jennifer - True about the Vegas drinking...this past weekend, I did NOT get drunk by 11am. LOL!!! Although, I DEFINITELY drank more this weekend, than I did in Vegas.