Monday, May 22, 2006

Blogger Confessional© Canadian Long Weekend Edition

This has been an ODD week....a lot of bizarre things happened, that I cant quite figure out what to think of them....

This week:

- One of my clients at "Supervised Access" hit on me after I finished his intake...thats always awkward, but at least I could fall back on the "we are not allowed to date clients, but thank you i'm flattered" response....Such a treat

- A man walked by me when I was at the college before class, and told me that I looked delightful, and smelled even better

- I got the results back from my blood test, which turned out awesome, now I just have to get that MMR shot tomorrow...that's the 4th needle since January.

- I got a phone call from some guy who insisted that he knew me, the conversation went something like this

Me: Hello?
Random Stranger: Hey *** hows it going?
Me:...Uhhh....good?? Whos this?
Random Stranger: You've forgotten me already? I'm insulted
Me: Uhh....who is this? *laughing*
Random Stranger: you really dont know who this is? *getting obviously annoyed*
Me: NO CLUE. *odd, becuase he knew my name, but I really had no clue who he was*
Random Stranger: Did you get my message I left earlier on your machine?
Me: Oh..that was you??
Random Stranger: really dont know who I am?
Me: Nope.
Random Stranger: WHATEVER!!!! And then he hung up on me.

- I went to my Italian class, and I CANT believe how horrendous mangia cake pronunciation is...i know I know, they're learning, but it still makes me giggle.

- Went to see the Da Vinci Code...and ate a box of Smarties ...I figured that since it has been an exceptionally long time since I had eaten chocolate, that I would be okay....turns out I was wrong. My throat sorta closed up, and I couldnt breathe properly. The person I went with wanted to take me to emerg, but I took some benadryl, and insisted that I would be fine. I coughed through the entire movie, and barely slept becuase I couldnt breathe right...I Love chocolate...but its not worth it anymore. My throat hurt for 2 days...

- I watched fireworks from my balcony....

- Talked to an ex, and although we are quasi friends and I am over him, he had a date...I have to be honest, it sotra bothered me...

- Ran into This guy. You wanna talk about awkward??? That was awkward.

- Went to a petting zoo with this guy and his daughter, and a mutual friend. As you all know, I hate nature....and animlas, as cute as they are...are a lot cuter, in designated animal areas. We stepped out into the open area where the people, and animals roam freely together, and when a goat came running at me, i'll admit it...i ran behind the guy....and then, when we were leaning over the fence looking at the animals in their designated area, the cutest fuzziest animal ran over to the fence...and I said "Ohhh look at you. You're're going to make a pretty sweater". I might not like nature, but I know sweaters...

Have a good week....


Miss Ash said...

Did you talk to the awkward moment guy?

Phenix said...

Did I mention The Cult are performing?
LOL! See you after Nelly?

Phil said...

Princess, here are my comments on your week:
1. You shouldn't say "We can't date clients, because as soon as he's not a client he'll be back to start stalking you.

2. I'm not a doctor, but based on my limited medical knowledge, if you're allergic to chocolate don't eat it. And way to ruin a movie for everyone else by coughing all the way through it.

3. Petting zoos aren't as fun as heavy petting zoos.

Scott said...

Love the random post. I too am curious how awkward guy talk went.


Princess Pessimism said...

Ash - Ya...we sorta talked to eachother, it went something like this "Oh...uhhh....hi. *Silence* Ya...okay....ummmm....bye"

Phenix - Yes you did....BOO to you for having to go to Europe...again.

Phil - So nice of you to comment...and comment...and comment... *LOL!!!* But I digress...

1. He's just signed up for supervised access, and is court ordered to be there for the next year. Im moving in June, i'm not too woried.

2. I wasnt like caughing up a lung, like some wrethced old a quiet cougher...but my throat did hurt. Thanks for the diagnoses Dr. Phil. *HAHA Get it?*

3. Agreed.

Scott - Are you new to my confessionals??? They're posted weekly about the random things that happen previous to the post. And yes, the awkard meeting was indeed that. See comment to Ash.

berly02 said...

How was the movie? A renter?

You should be careful about the chocolate allergy. It could get a worse reaction someday.

Princess Pessimism said...

Berly - If you read the book, it wont come close to doing it justice....if I knew how much they were going to change, then I would have definitely rented it instead.

angel, jr. said...

Can't believe you didn't know who the guy who called you was. After all, he was rude enough not to give you his name.
I bet he was some sort of stalker.

Lindsey said...

LOL. Angora Sweater! Poor thing.

Yeah...I've been there with the whole ex having a date thing and for some just never seems ok. I don't know why.

Lindsey said...

By the way...I posted my review of "The Da Vinci Code" early for you!

Natalia said...

Wow that is indeed all very hectic. If the stranger wanted to talk to you, he would have got over the whole you not remembering bit. A bit of a prima donna.

It is always a bit weird with exes, even if you don't want them back at all.


rawbean said...

Haha...great post. I swear I checked your blog yesterday, how did I miss this post?

Was the guy who hit on you goodlooking?

Jennifer said...

Hey, I haven't been here in a while, I just went down all the posts and commented on them. Oh yeah.

Princess Pessimism said...

Angel - Wouldnt surprise me...ive had one of those before...NOT fun. I had to call the cops freaked me out.

Linny - I know...i dont know what it is...i guess its becuase I cant imagine him with anyone other than me...not that I havent been out there doing my own thing...Thanks for posting your review.

Natalia - A prima Donna...Agreed...fully. Best thing? I called him back, after he hung up on me and of course he didnt answer his phone, but I got his machine, and his name was Jamie...Which didnt clear up anything.

Rawbean - Uhh...he was a sort of distinguished looking older man....that Richard Gere type...but looked nothing like Richard Gere. Which doesnt really answer your question....But that's the best I can do. LOL

Jenni - thank you for commenting.

Hernesto G said...

oh man your week is getting better and better... cause here I am... hey, you got to let that ex go, you know.. better for you that way... cause I care... also, that chocolate, not only it makes the throat swell it makes your thighs and butt and stomach swell up too... so got to be careful with that... and about your patient, sometimes it's okay to date them, i date my clients all the time, makes it fun and defends company name.

Px said...

i have a query for dr trib if he's about...
hand foot and mouth disease, is there anything i can get to relieve the symptoms/distress caused by HFMD?

and PP know not to have it...even though you want don't have it! tempting as it constantly is, just DON'T do it (the anti-nike slogan)
and why don't you like the petting zoo...i love the zoo, although i don't agree with trapping animals in tiny enclosures and therefore prefer large parks to small zoos

Px said...

oh eayh and for once i can't think of anything that i can confess to this weird!

Jennifer said...

PX, did you get the foot and mouth disease at a petting zoo by any chance?
That's not a very common disease at all in North America, although I have a friend in the UK whose child was the only one in the family to get it and was miserable.

Jennifer said...

I checked the Centers for Disease Control Website, and the answer is that the only thing that will make you feel better is treating the symptoms, ie over the counter type things for rash or headache or whatever. I'd go and ask the pharmacist to make some recommendations.
Here's the link: