Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reason #1286739579 im single.

**B.I.L warning....I wouldnt go much further than this....

Ive decided to drop out of the 5 date challenge. 1. because im not a dater, and 2. because I am SO sick of guys....that i think I want to forget they even exist, at least for a while.

Allow me to set the scene. I come to my computer after countless hours of being where ever, and an old fling of mine from Windsor leaves me a message telling me to go to a city near Windsor for the weekend....approximately 3 or so hours from here.....This is the conversation that follows.

Pessimism Inc © says:

Were you in Sarnia this weekend?

flemdog4 says:

no i wanted you to meet my buddy, show him a good time

Pessimism Inc © says:


Pessimism Inc © says:

You wanted me to go to sarnia, and meet a total stranger, to fuck him??

flemdog4 says:

sure it was his b-day

Pessimism Inc © says:

You guys actually discussed me going down there

flemdog4 says:

but you werent around

Pessimism Inc © says:

Are you MENTAL

Pessimism Inc © says:

like for real, are you?

flemdog4 says:

hahaahah he waspumped

Pessimism Inc © says:

Are you for real, like fucking mental??

flemdog4 says:

relax killer

Pessimism Inc © says:

what would even posess you to DO something like that?

Pessimism Inc © says:

did you seriously think that Id be up for that?

flemdog4 says:

sure why not

Pessimism Inc © says:

but is that what you really think i'm like?

flemdog4 says:


flemdog4 says:

but i thought id give it a shot for him

Pessimism Inc © says:

you're ridiculous.

flemdog4 says:


Pessimism Inc © says:

thats not really funny.... You're a fucking loser...you realize that dont you?? Like a real loser...

flemdog4 says:

who cares

Pessimism Inc © says:
you realize that you're the reason im single.... guys like you

Pessimism Inc © says:
i dont know how to talk to you, so im going

flemdog4 says:

so is this the end of us then

Pessimism Inc © says:

uhh.....it was the end a LONG time ago

Pessimism Inc © says:

where have you been?

flemdog4 says:


flemdog4 says:

allthe time

Pessimism Inc © says:


Well....If there is any question as to why i refuse to go out with anyone, I think that THIS is a good understanding as to why....I know that all guys arent like this....but im finding it harder and harder not to meet up with them....sigh.


yrautca said...

Sarnia sounds like some city from a children’s book.

I refuse to chat to anyone called flemdog4 anyway. Is his friend hot? If you think so, go for it.

yrautca said...

please note that the guy said, 'show him a good time'. He never brought up sex until you did.

PP, just admit it, you lurrrveeeee boys.

Miss Ash said...

Boo to this dropping out. As for always meeting up with guys like this, i suggest filtering them out beforehand. You have a tendancy to continue talking to assholes when you already know what they are like.

As for dropping out because you're not a dater, neither are LD or I, we're doing it to get out and meet people, have some fun, try something new. I agree that all guys are not like that one, Look at A, he made Jennifer a shoe rack from scratch and took her to another country for lunch.

Princess Pessimism said...

Yrautca - ....I am aware that I brought up sex first....but I know this guy. Thats what he's like. I dont know what his friend is like...ive never met him.

Ash - LOL!!! Ask LD, I was very upset about this conversation, I called her, and complained....You're more of socialite than I am though. I didnt know that this guy was an asshole until it was too late, and I have not spoken to him in months...i dont even know what would have posessed him to do this. From now on, first question I ask any guy is "Are you an asshole??" LOL!!

Lindsey said...

I still can't believe that prick. Why can't we actually be approached by a NICE guy for once?

Princess Pessimism said...

Linny - I guess we have to go to travel more...no nice boys seem to be here, or there.

Trib said...

That was in poor taste. Hate to hear you dropping out of the challenge though. I was looking forward to tales of adventure.

Princess Pessimism said...

Trib - I never would have made it in time....I can still post as I go though. Just for you.

rawbean said...

that four month thing was WAY too much pressure...in fact posting it on the internet is way too much pressure.

that guy's a creepazoid.

and yes I am moving to Vancouver in two weeks. and I did post about it. I thought you read every word ;)

Big Ben said...

I was Sarnia a couple weeks back. I didn't have sex with any guys for their birthday and I'm glad you didn't either. Maybe if the guy was in Woodstock or Brantford.

slopmaster said...

yea, good point yrautca. Girls always extrapolate information that isn't there. The guy was trying to hook you up. If an ex called me and asked me to show her friend a good time, I totally would. Then I would tell her all about it. I would even make stuff up.

Jennifer said...

There are lots of nice guys out there, I suspect that you may not be looking in the right places, or, if you find someone who is potentially nice you may not be sending them the right signals about how you want to be treated.
Dating is lame, but even if on the inside you'd way rather just hook up with them and have some fun periodically, if you want to get the respect, have to go through the stupidity of dating.

Natalia said...

Men can indeed fucking suck...even the ones you love.


Princess Pessimism said...

Rawbean - Posting it on the net is funny. Where are you moving to in BC?? I do read every word, but you know how sometimes, your eyes glaze and you're reading, but you're just not taking it in? I figure thats what happened...not that your blog isnt captivating...i must have been tired when I read it :)

Ben - Ya, that makes 2 of us!

Slop - Okay. I know this guy, and that IS his idea of a good time. And the fact that he wanted me to drive 3 and a half hours at 10pm to show him a good time....when I got there, he would have been finished at the bars, and they all would have been closed. So what am I extrapolating? However, you are entitled to your opinion. I just know this guy, and I know his intentions.

Jenni - I know. It just seems like such a long process....like I think back to some of the guys in my life, the good ones, and it was a LOT of work...i just dont have that time to dedicate to someone right now...

Natalia - Oh god. Tell me about it...

Phil said...

Princess- You know all guys aren't like that. Don't blame all men because your ex- is an a-hole. The fact that you dated that guy says something about how you choose guys. Maybe it's just that Canadian guys are like that. What happened to the cute guy in your class? If you give up guys you'll never get him.

Scott said...

Wow... flemdog eh? Well I guess that is the first clue. Is he actually from Windsor... because lets face it, that could explain a few things.

Alas, we are all not terrible animals. Best of luck to you!


Princess Pessimism said...

Phil - The fact that he was an asshole, wasnt apparent when we first started hanging out. It became apparent through out the course of our quasi-relationship. And as soon as I figured that out, he was gone. So I might pick stupid guys, but have the common sense to leave when I should (i do now anyway...that one took a while to develop)

Scott - Ya...hes from windsor...Actually, he lives out in the county, which you are right, DOES explain a lot. LOL!!

Amichai said...

Why is it that all instant messanger converstions make us sound like we are all twelve years old (I include myself in this)?

Everbody sucks, male or female. Unfortunately it's just something we all have to deal with.

Sexy Suburbanite said...

OMG -- That is EVERY guy I met in college. Sigh... I never seem to meet jerks like that anymore. I was even getting my hopes up that this type of guy was becomming more rare. I'm sorry to hear (and sorry for you) that this is not the case.