Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blogger Confessional© Cheers. To Evil.

As we are approaching the spooky season *and my birthday*, there is an increase in spooktacualr events going on...however, finding people to join in on the fun is proving to be difficult.

North Korea Has launched a Nuclear Weapon undergroud. They said it was just a test missile...but you know what? I still feel sick over it.

**Because Miss Ash it is, in all of its Evil glory. Halloween Dress Up Jesus (I am immediately reminded of when I posted this at Easter, and there was the Darth Vader outfit, and the Sexy Suburbanite said "I remember when Darth Vader died for our sins." Anytime I think of religion, or its brought up in debate, I think of Darth Vader dying for our sins, and I laugh out right now. :)

This week I:
- Worked. I LOVE my job....and I LOVE how much they're paying me.

- Watched the entire first season of Queer as Folk. Again. What a great show. And, yes, I still cry everytime I watch the last episode from that season. So sad...and not like happy rip your heart out kill your puppy sad. If its any indication how rare I watch tv, i'll give you an example. The last time I loved a show this much, was Melrose Place...LOL. So when I like something like this, I love it. Its a really good show.

- Me and LD took my 4 and 5 year old neices and her 5 and 9 year old nephews to the movies last night. It reminded me of why I dont have children, and never want them. They werent bad, or anything, but its more a matter of selfishness. Ive realized that its not that I hate children, but im much too greedy. I want all my money for me. Kids are fucking expensive.

- Was emailed a website where they have Christian pumpkin stencils. Christian pumpkin stencils. Christian....Halloween....someone help me out with this one.

- Am DYING to go see the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre. No one will go with me. Jennifer had this to say about going :

I want to go see the texas chainsaw masacre tonight
have fun with that
you dont wanna go....COME ON.
i get scared by horror in a bad way
Jennifer..its just the magic of hollywood
its make up.
make up is scary?
you're afraid of make up?
fraidy cat
im posting this on my blog

We, as a group, have a rule when it comes to movies. If you want to see something that I dont, you have to pay for me to go, and same goes for me. If I want someone to go see this with me, i'll most likely have to take them, but it will be totally worth it.....

- Ive decided to skip my birthday this year. My entire family is going to florida, and now Ash Jenni and D are going to Togo. N just booked his ticket to Austraila. H is in Tokyo, Heather is working, T is working, and has some prewedding function for someone I dont know *and pisser becuase his b-day is the day before mine...and he's busy!!!* B&K wont come down if tim's not here. That leaves LD. Shes the only one here who's not working, and available for the entire weekend. It's a lot of responsibility to put an entire b-day weekend on one person. BUT we're planning something fun...

Happy canada....


Miss Ash said...

Does the Jesus Dress-up site have halloween garments for Him to wear yet? I haven't looked at that site in ages....

What movie did you take the kidlets to see?

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Yeah, kids. I like them when they belong to someone else =)

Princess Pessimism said...

Ash - OHHH GOD, you missed a fucking night here at the Pessimism Inc© family homestead. My sarcasm was at its finest....although, they refrained from the racist comments this year....or, are starting to learn not to make them around me. We went to see open season...there are a lot of previews about movies with penguins...

Sexy - I couldnt agree more.

Amichai said...

To be honest, I don't understand anything about Halloween. But then again, I've never celebrated it. I was under the impression as a youth that it was a Christian holiday, and now as I've matured (well, gotten older anyway) I hear it's more of a pagan thing. But then why is there a special Holloween mass (or is there no special Holloween mass and I've just made that up?).

Whatever the case maybe I'm thoroughly confused.

Though arguably I find the Jesus pumpkin way scarier than the regular Jack O' Lantern.

(also that site with the cut outs is Mormon I think, which regular christians - ie those who aren't mormon - don't consider christain.)

Princess Pessimism said...

Amichai - LOL!! I have never heard of a special halloween mass, and if there is, its news to me. I would run home and get my camera if I ever saw a jesus pumpkin in real life.

Jennifer said...

November 1st and 2nd are All Saints and All Souls days which are Christian holidays, the belief was that the night before was when all the dead folks were walking around. Or some BS like that.
As for the pagan aspects of it, it's also a Pagan holiday, called Samhain, here's the wickipedia link:
There is a longstanding history in Christianity of putting their holidays on the same day as the older holidays of other religions. This makes a lot of sense, because if you convert people and they still want to celebrate the old holidays, then they can, they just put a Christian twist on the whole thing, adding holy water, or going to mass on the day, or whatever.

Hernesto G said...

SAVIOR OF MEN is my favorite pumking design!!!

Natalia said...

Nukes...enough to make you wonder how long we have left.

Being paid well to do what you love doing is the best fucking combo I know.

Whatever happened to QAF. I don't have showtime anymore. But since I see the cast members in other stuff I am thinking it's over for good.

Skipping a birthday might be what I do next year instead of turning thirty.


yrautca said...

Happy birthday. As for the nukes, Canada is a peaceful country so you guys are ok. and you guys are so far from N Korea anyway. Just relax, drink some tea, and watch Seinfeld re-runs.

For the record, I am scared of watching any of these movies, and I am a guy (last I checked). This girl wanted to watch all kinds of such movies with me and I liked her but I said no.

Trib said...

While you were watching Queer as Folk, I was watching Trailer Park Boys. A little cultural exchange, if you will.

Big Ben said...

I think a lot of people don't want to have kids in there 20's are a bit swayed in there 30's then wish they did later in life. Just think when you die and you have no family to leave anything too, that would be sad.

Princess Pessimism said...

Jennifer - I know a bit about Samhain...but only becuase ive seen Halloween so many times. LOL

Hernesto - Ya arent they great?

Natalia - I know, I spent the entire day glued to CNN. QAF is over. It was over almost 2 years ago.

Yrautca - Thanks, but its not for a month. I know we are far from N. Korea...but I live close to the states, which is what makes me so nervous.

Trib - Did you go see the TPB movie?

Ben - Actually that is what I think of...but I dont want my own. The world is too populated already. I'll adopt.

Jennifer said...

Trib, if you were watching the 'American' QAF, it was filmed in and around my neighbourhood in Toronto. No exchange there. Although, I guess there are other criteria by which you could determine where you think a show is from.

Phil said...

Princess- Your birthday is near Halloween? Hmmm...why am I not surprised?

Princess Pessimism said...

Jennifer - I know, I love how most people dont realize that it was all filmed in toronto. The best shots are when they are on streets where you can see the huge Shoppers Drugmart sign on younge in the background.

Phil - I was supposed to be born on halloween...but i was 5 days late I suppose.

Scott said...

Hope that your Thanksgiving was great and that you get to check out your movie.


Princess Pessimism said...

Scott - Thanks...but all my friends are chickens. LOL...kidding.

rawbean said...

Oh that Jesus dress up doll is GOLD.

I like your conversation with Jennifer. You're so evil!!

angel, jr. said...

I am with Jennifer--horror movies scare me. Although I can be coaxed into watching them. And it has never failed, I always end up watching them.