Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Violated...Absolutely Violated.

I stepped on a snake. *shiver...and shiver again*

So, im a bloody procrastinator. I'll admit it. Its really an artform you know. Ive known about an essay that I have due tomorrow morning, for about a week, but I had 5 other assignments to do, and this one took last priority. However, once school was cancelled yesterday and today, I spent all day at the local university doing research.

Today, I had my neices, and didnt have time to do anything, so I resolved to myself that I would quit talking to Jennifer, and get my ass to the library to do some work.

I grab all my stuff, and head out the door. It has been raining all day, and our front door is inside of a little archway. *minus the arch*....well, I didnt look as I stepped out the door, I mean, what could Possibly be waiting there for me on the concrete.....except there was a snake, all coiled up, to get dry I can only assume.

Im a bit of a feet shuffler...not my entire foot, just my heels. So of course, when I stepped on this thing, i dragged my heel across the groud, and noticed immediately that it was a different consistency than solid concrete that I was stepping on, and looked down, only to see this poor snake being rolled across the front step under my heel.

Im not afraid of snakes, and never have been (but im afraid of worms), and im sure the snake wasnt that big, but my brains estimation of what it actually looked like is exaggerated im sure. But I assure you, I must have looked like an idiot dancing around my front yard, trying to shake the creepy feeling of knowing you have just stepped on something that wasnt supposed to be stepped on.

Poor thing. It slithered away while I was grossed out on the front yard, and I only caught a quick glimpse of it, but it was albino for sure.....


Big Ben said...

I'm sure you probably screamed and cried.

yrautca said...

Ya, that snake needs social services intervention. Poor dude will surely bite itself ;)

Miss Ash said...

It probably slithered away somewhere to go and die in peace. Poor Snake!!

Jennifer said...

Now I'm crying, that's hilarious. I can just imagine you dancing around alone on your front yard. Too funny.

If it makes you feel any better, I've heard a large part of the snake's body is muscle instead of bone, so crush type injuries tend to damage them less. If it slithered away after you stepped on it, then it's probably in your yard somewhere healing.

I totally know what you're talking about with the icky feeling though. I once cupped a mouse in the dark with my hand. It was on my desk in residence, probably hunting for crumbs, and my alarm went off in the morning. The alarm was on my desk and the cord was the mouse's connection to the floor, so when my alarm went off, I immediately stuck my hand out to slap the snooze button but instead got a handful of mouse. I also did a dance in my room to get the icky off, then I washed it about a hundred times that day. In fact, I think I'll go wash my hand a few hundred more times now that I remember that.

Steven Novak said...

So you loved "The Devils Rejects" but can't stand to step on a snake?

Sigh.... ;)


Princess Pessimism said...

Ben - I didnt cry, but I totally freaked out...

Y - LOL!...find me a snake therapist, then find me the snake, and we'll get to it.

Ash - I know :(

Jennifer - I did the dance for LD last night on our way out for drinks. I did a less freaky version of what I Was actually doing..but it was still funny. It slithered into the jungle thats beside the porch. Where was that mouse? college and spadina I imagine.

Steve - Oh shut up...LOL! Devils rejects was tv gross. This was real life gross. its' totally different you know. :)

Amichai said...

I accidently killed a snake once when mowing my lawn. I felt so bad for the snake. there it was just minding it's own business under a bush when all of a sudden a big blade comes and chops it all up. I felt so bad. In fact I still feel a little guilty.

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Wait, are you feeling sad for a snake? Ick! No way man!

Lindsey said...

First spiders and now a snake?!


rawbean said...

how odd! What was a snake doing on your steps. I have never seen a snake in the city!

Natalia said...

Awww poor thing! The snake, that is. They just don't have the luck of being able to look up while they are slithering. And we tend not to look down much. Bad combo...for sure :( I hope it was OK. They are fairly resilient. I used to have a pet snake. She was lovely. I miss her.


Princess Pessimism said...

Amichai - Well..at least I didnt butcher it. LOL!!

Sexy - Well ya. its a living creature. I didnt mean to hurt it. :(

Linny - I know...i attract creepy things. Including men. :)

Rawbean - We live in the city, but on the water, so we have a slope down the back that has trees and those types of things. Snakes are common in my yard, just never on the front steps.

Nat - What was your snakes name??

Natalia said...


Her name is Malaysia. She is a corn snake. My ex has her. I bought it for him for his birthday when we lived together in NYC. Now she lives in San Diego.


Princess Pessimism said...

That is a beautiful name for a snake.