Sunday, November 26, 2006

Black Friday Insanity

I can honestly say that ive never gotten up at 5:30 in the morning to go shopping, but I did....and it was worth every minute. Well, at first we said "this sucks..." but then LD found her jacket...and it all turned around after that point. :o)

Me and LD decided to go to the states for Black Friday, the Boxing Day for America. Can you believe they dont have boxing day!!!...but I di...Hm. Okay

Boxing Day: December 26th. Gigantic sales, lots of people shopping.
Black Friday: Friday after Yanksgiving, gigantic sales, kicks off holiday shopping hours, lots of people shopping.

If you live close enough to any international border (Canada and Yanks), I suggest you make it to the resepective country's shopping extravaganza.

Anyway....we crossed the border at about 6:30, and started our day....Ya ya...we did lots of, we werent jostled by anyone, but there are 2 things I must discuss (becuase I totally have to ask).

What, is WITH these jackets? Seriously. We saw 2 people wearing them...they're big bright orange home depot jackets....there's just no words to explain them. Really. Someone help me out with this. Is it the newest cult's required uniform??

I have NOT been to Kmart in about 20 years, but it was in the shopping vicinity, and Kmart was one of our victims. We park and LD points out some bumper sticker that says "lovin' the lord" or something like that.....Of course, she's wearing her devil t-shirt that says "God's busy, how can I help you"....Annnnnd of course I've just bought my "One Way ticket to hell: No returns, no regrets" t-shirt.

We go inside, first thing LD picks up? Right. The pocket Bible....pocket bible? Seriously? I wish I had a picture to show you guys of how big this thing was....but there's no way it would fit in anyone's pocket. Suitcase, yes. Pocket, no.....and then of course onto the movie/cd section where we saw "Bible songs for Kids". Thats when we left, but im totally positive if I had looked I would have found my Jesus clock there for sale.

Regardless, Black Friday was a lot of fun. Getting up at 5:30, no problem. I acutally jumped out of bed 10 minutes before my alarm went off I was so excited.....but, after shopping all day, and then having to go to work from 2:30-11:30....not so fun. I didnt even have time to sit and look at the things that I bought. Ya, I do that. Especially after a successful shopping day.


Big Ben said...

I love to bask in the glory of some steals after a day at the U.S. outlet malls!

Scott said...

First of all... u are hard core to wake up a 6:30 to go shopping.

Next... I think that the Home Depot jackets are probably NASCAR themed products. Scary...


Amichai said...

I only buy electronics on Black Friday (or entertainment stuff like dvd's and video games). I actually waited for a little over an hour on line at Circut city, and because the line was so long, I missed the cut off for the 6 hour sale (started at five in the am, I got on line to make my purchase at 10:45, didn't get to the register until around noon) I wasn't allowed to get the sale price - bastards - so I didn't buy anything there.

And this doubly sucked because I woke up at 4 in the am to get to work on time (we opened starbucks an hour early in anticipation for a black friday rush - we got a totla of three customers in the first early hour, totally not worth it).

Miss Ash said...

Good Lord...haha!!!

I get up frightfully early for boxing day as we feel the need to drive into the big city to make our purchases. We are always gone by noon though.

Steven Novak said...

Alright...after the recent MMA conversation I was all psyched about this newfound best-friendship idea...then you went and typed the words "balck friday was fun."

Why'd you have to go an ruin it? ;)


yrautca said...

Dude PP, I had a different image of you dude.

I thought you always went against the norm and was a rebel chick. But after reading about your shopping spree, and your top 5 songs choice, dude, I suspect you are a girl after all, dude.


Lindsey said...

i walked away for two seconds and some bitch stole my buggy. She took my stuff out and threw it on a shelf. I walked up, took her stuff out, handed it to her and put my stuff back in and went.


tokyo tintin said...


You know my shopping tales of woe. Is it worth the drive to U.S. of A big shopping outlet mall?