Thursday, January 04, 2007

Im here.

Talk about crazy busy weeks.

I cant believe the last time I blogged was december 27th!!!

but you know how christmas goes....

and now here I am...4 days into the year, and ive been at school since the 2nd.

We go everyday. Up at 6:30, out the door by 7:10. To school for class until 4:30.

and then not to mention that this course is only 5 days (we finish saturday...ewww)....and I have 5 huge assignments. One of which I should be finishing right now, but stopped just to say hi....To you. My lovely faithfuls.

Starting monday, I have another week long course, but we finish friday, instead of saturday. I took two weeks off work...i have no social life....I called Miss Ash, and LD, to see what they were doing satuday night. Its my only night that I can stay out past 11, before turning into a pumpkin. Sunday is the only day that I can sleep past 6:30...and I want a night off.

after working my ass off these past 5 days, and then having to start all over again monday...I think I deserve one night to drink.....and drink I shall. :o)

So if you dont hear from me again until the 12th, dont take it personally, dont be one else will hear from me until then either.


yrautca said...

Ouch. That sounds like a hectic schedule. But you know you are kicking ass on all fronts. Soon you will be a sexy social worker in a federal jail or teaching young adults French history.

Px said...

that doesn't sound like any fun at all :(

chin up though, it's only a short course right, sould be longer :)

Lindsey said...

We all love you. Things are crazy right now for everyone I think.

Big Ben said...

Good luck, may the force be with you.

Natalia said...

Yaay I am glad you are back. But totally understand the craziness of it all. My life is about to get hectic all over again. It's all know where to find us.


berly02 said...

You deserve lots of drinks!
School on saturdays? No good.

Steven Novak said...

It's too late...I'm already taking it personally. ;)

Good luck kiddo.