Monday, May 17, 2010

Ridiculous BEYOND all that is rational

Impossibly...I have lost my voice...AGAIN. So much for my 12 hour day at work. I couldnt even call in sick this morning.

Come in to work, and tell them in person that I am sick, and couldnt even call in on my own behalf - Check

Email supervisor and BEG her to rescheudle appointments for next week - Check

Find out that im working alone, all day, while the person on swing shift is on vacation - Check

Recognize that I can't do ANYTHING that is required of me for this shift, as I have a million phone calls to return, and cant even talk to the PO's about anything that I need to talk about - Check

Text all of my relief staff on their cell phones trying to cover my shift - Check

Keep your fingers crossed - if I cant talk to ANYONE today, and no one covers my shift, its going to be an utter nightmare in here.


rawbean said...

Oh no! I hope everything worked out okay!

Miss Ash said...

Ha! Yay for all of your friends, no phone calls!!! I joke I joke! Get better!

Daniel said...


Though seriously, maybe the universe is telling you to listen more?

Or maybe it's just germs infesting your larynx.. :P

Life's mysteries, eh? Like what do random people eat for tea when it's stupid late in the evening?

Princess Pessimism said...

Rawbean - It did. Im home for the next 2 days. And i got your comment on my lst post. Im sorry i didnt call!!! No voice on vacation sucks when you want to hang out with people :)

Miss A - I showed my sister that body butter she wants, and now shes pouting cause i wont give her one. any word on the 24 wknd?

Daniel!!! - maybe the universe IS telling me to listen more....youre smart.

Christielli said...

I hope that you take advantage of your two days at home and relax and get well!