Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Im lost in a[n] (Asian) Supermarket

I thought that title would be a funny Clash reference...but I digress.
I LOVE the Asian Grocery Store....its so wacky, and full of stuff that baffles, yet amazes me - AND it also has my super yummy Thai Green Curry Paste, and cheap coconut milk. And so, with my computer fully fixed.....lets get on with the show (as promised.)

Durian - possibly one of the most bizarre, yet healthy, fruits around. Important points to know about this fruit:
1. Its Creamy - like custard. So if you're a texture person like I am, consider yourself warned.

2. It smells - REALLY bad infact, that it is banned on public transit in Singapore, Thailand, and im sure other countries as well (I only know those 2 becuase my sources provided me pictures with a durian inside of a big red circle with an X over top of it.)

3. If you can get past the smell (which is similar to sweaty feet and rotton eggs), it is quite delicious.

Exotic popsicles
I think these were Mung bean, red bean and tofu, green bean and tofu, and peanut flavor.

Dessert Sticks:
I tried to zoom in on the price tag, so that you could get the full effect...but I PROMISE you that the flavor is Cream Corn Soup.
Self Explanatory.


wigsf said...

Sometimes exact translations sound weird. For example, my doctor (who is Chinese) told me that in China, ear wax is called ear shit.
After seeing what he removed from my ear, I think shit is the most appropriate term for that substance.

berly02 said...

The Durian sounds interesting.
But I'm not totally sure I can get past a sweaty feet smell.

blepharisma said...

I love market photos!!

I haven't had Durian raw before, but I've had Durian cake. The funny thing is that I thought it tasted nice and custardy and mild, but others in my group thought it was stinky and gross. Very strange.

I've had red bean ice cream pops before, and black sesame ice cream (soooo good!).

Christielli said...

I don't know if I could handle the smell of that fruit.

Those red bean ice pops look yummy. I love red bean ice cream.

Princess Pessimism said...

WIGSF - Thats SO true. I know someone that used to do ear candelling, and it looked GROSS.

Berly - Durian is really stinky, but yummy. Plug your nose and try it.

Bleph - I love market photos too!!! T&T has a GREAT chewy durian candy thats yummy and NOT stinky.

Christielli - I love red bean ice cream too.

-jason- said...

I might be in the minority of asians as I don't enjoy going to asian supermarkets. Many are full of odors that are too pungent for me. I also can't bring myself to eat durian (fresh or processed), however there are those in my family that love that stuff.

I do like the bakeries though. The pineapple bun might be my favorite thing.

Good to know you got your computer all sorted out.

Princess Pessimism said...

Jason - I DID. Thank you for all of your suggestions. They were VERY Helpful - You should make yourself available for 24 hour tech support incase 90210 ever gives me any more hassles. LOL

Durian is awesome - minus the smell and texture. Im a big fan of it in candy form.

rawbean said...

Hilarious post! Assorted Guts....that's classic.

It always smells weird in there, but I too love all the goodies. Especially the frozen dumplings that you can just toss in a steamer for dinner and you're good to go!

Princess Pessimism said...

Rawbean - I KNOW. I love those buns too....

yrautca said...

But you digress. I didnt know the all 'cultury' side of PP.

Princess Pessimism said...

Yrautca - you love the digress....LOL!

Miss Ash said...

Eek I LOVE that store!!! K and I were talking about Durian the other day, I'm dying to try some and can't quite understand how it can smell so bad but taste good? I don't get it....

I'm a fan of the redbean ice cream!