Friday, May 14, 2010


Im back from a much needed week in Vancouver/Seattle with my loveliest of lovelies...H, and his delightful partner, and equally gracious host, P.

I had no voice, from the day that I got to Vancouver (Friday) until the day before I left to come back to Ontario (Wednesday). Nice way to spend a vacation trying to catch up.....I FB'ed my dilemma 4 days in a row, to which I got a number of "LUCKY H & P" comments. Assholes.

It got me to thinking about how much I communicate - Verbally that is - and how im really at a loss when i cant. I mean sure, i text (As i typed those 5 words, i got 3 texts), and provide every other daily FB updates, email, etc....but I REALLY talk a lot....and when i mean a lot...its a lot. And not only do i talk a lot...i can talk pretty fast sometimes - especially when im revved about something.

I like talking, not only to hear my own voice, but because I think im fairly interesting, and all of my friends are fascinating - so there's never really a lull in conversation. Ive known Miss A for 32 years.....we've never really run out of things to talk about (although, let me just say this. For the past few months, a lot of our conversations have revolved around SOMETHING associated with facebook...and what nerds we are.) This topic disgusts, and amuses me at the same time - which reminds me Ash, i need you to sign in later to do a C.S. LOL!!!!

I think that I prefer one to one face to face interaction..and im a big phone person - and a super multitasker. I met someone a while ago....and when we introduced ourselves he looked at me and said "Well now what? I require engaging conversation"...and from that point ive always had to start my conversations with some CRAZY story that happened to me.

Like for example - I fly into vancouver - the lady on the plane beside me sees that im reading a book about the last hangings in Canada, and asks me how it is. I explain what I do for a living, and she makes the connection, since I work with people in conflict with the law. Turns out shes a foster mom, and the conversation turns, inevitably to children's aid, and foster care.

After the plane, I get onto the sky train, and im looking at a hang nail that i have. I have nails, just not especially long ones, but long enough to paint. And the lady sitting beside me taps me on the leg and says "You know...I used to bite my nails like that too" which i put all five fingers out, and show her my nails and say "Ummm...i dont actually bite them" and she looks at me, horrified, and gets off at the next stop.

And then i go out for dinner with H & P, and we're walking back to their house, and a man jumps in front of us, throws his arms open and screams "I LOVE YOU GUYS" which i walk past his arms and keep going without even looking twice.

What do you guys think is appropriate in terms of conversation? Do you feel the need to jump in and put in your two cents when you see someone reading a book that youve read, or wearing a shirt of a band that you love, or is debating renting a movie that you hated? I do that all the time...but I never stopped to consider that the other person, might not self-centered of me....because usually when that happens, and someone interjects their opinion, i can honestly say that I only care 50% of the time.


wigsf said...

I ignore people in public reading books because, I think, if those people wanted to have conversations with strangers, they wouldn't be reading books.

In regards to random conversations with complete strangers on modes of mass transportation, I've got a story.
Years ago, me and two friends were on the subway in Toronto. There was an argument between me and one friend. Okay, not so much an argument, more like she was an overly-sensitive person who got offended by the tiniest and least significant comments and me, well, I'm an asshole. It was inevitable for the two of us to clash horns leading to her sulking and crying in the corner and me wondering what the hell just happened.
After she ran into the corner of the subway car, the other friend followed her to try and console (sp?) her leaving me by myself.
While by myself, some random guy approached me and started a conversation.
"Are you an actor?"
I sat there perplexed.
"Are you an actor or a drama student or something?"
"Was that argument real or was that rehearsed?"
"I have no idea what you're talking about, pal."
"I'm a drama student and I was watching you and your friends, studying your mannerisms and such. You're very animated. Are you rehearsing something or was that just a real argument?"
"Sorry pal, that was just a real discussion between a couple of real people. No acting here. I'm just a forklift driver, no acting experience here."
So, we got to talking. He was interested in studying how I interact with people. A week or so later he gave me call because he wanted to watch me interact with my friends. I was busy that night and he never called again.

Christielli said...

That sucks that you were sick for your vacation!

As for talking to strangers, I'm very reserved, and usually don't talk to someone when the urge strikes me (like when I see them reading a book I like or whatever). However, I don't mind when strangers interject, provided that they aren't creepy. Even though sometimes ppl don't look like they care, I think that prolly a lot of the time you might make someone happy if you keep them from renting a bad movie etc, so just keep being yourself.

Princess Pessimism said...

WIGSF - That is a brilliant story that should have deserved its own post i think.

Christielli - I agree with the movie bit. If i think that movies suck, i'll say so if someone's about to make a terrible mistake, but if its a movie i really want to see, I usually still get it anyway - And then i end up agreeing with the opinioned stranger that i didnt listen to.

yrautca said...

hmmm....I am amazed at the energy level of those who talk. I cant talk much at all. If I have to talk longer than 45 mins to an hour, I will have a hectic time of it. But good on you.

Glad you enjoyed the vacation.

rawbean said...

I can't believe you didn't call....sniff.