Thursday, September 30, 2010

PP's week in review.

What a crazy week (and by week, i mean Monday to Wednesday night!)

I went to my first baseball game last night! That was not really a fan of team sports, but my friend is moving back to Australia in January, and she's trying to cram every bit of the Tdot into her last couple of months.

So i took the day off, and headed to meet her for dinner at Oliver and Bonacini's Canteen, which was delish. - And at this point, might I add that I ALSO took the street car for the first time by myself - I have only taken it 2 other times with LD and Miss A....but i navigated the queen street car (LOL) from one end to the other, and survived. Next I shall tackle buses...but i digress.

I went to a baseball game. Jays and Yankees. It ended up being "Thank you Cito Gaston" night. I guess he was retiring. So there was a lengthy ceremony before the game started, and they handed out these Cito Gaston memorial things to everyone at the game. My Aussie friend things is great since we got e-tickets instead of stubs, which she would have saved....I told her i'll probably sell mine on Ebay.

Other than that, ARod (who i didnt know other than from dating celebrities) apparently a baseball player! And he played last night. Everyone started booing when he walked on the field, and i was like "Who's that??? And why does everyone hate him?" My Aussie explained in depth about his scandalous ways, and by the end of the night, i was booing right along with everyone else.

It was a fun, and freezing night. I had a great time - and wasnt even annoyed by any of the annoying people! Which i might add is a real first for me. We ended up winning 8-3, and I gave my left over pizza to a person on the street after the game.

Quick note - When its late at night, and there are lots of drunk and annoying people on the street car, pull out your book on profiling serial rapists and killers. AND make notes in the margin. I one will sit beside you no matter how full the street car is.


wigsf said...

"Jeff Gordon's a race car driver?"

Christielli said...

I'm so glad you had a great time at the Jays game! I'm sad to see Cito go since he is a bit of my childhood. Who can't love the guy who lead the Jays to two World Series?

It also makes me smile how at the end you wrote "we" won. You so got into the game!

And good job on taking the street car on your own!

Miss Ash said...

Oh wow it's been like a hundred years since I went to one of those games, sounds like you had fun!

rawbean said...

Haha thats awesome about the book - I should get one of those!

Did you get it from work?

Lindsey said...

I LOVE baseball! Heading to the Braves game tonight.

berly02 said...

I only love baseball when its cold outside. Otherwise I'm sweating and can think of nothing but how I'm sweating.