Thursday, September 16, 2010

The summer of the ex continues - The story of DICK.

After I posted about how all of my exes are contacting me, it hasnt stopped. It has actually continued. Another one has (J)...but funny enough, another dude that I hung out with just this year (R), has come out of the wood works, and ran into someone i know yesterday.

I get home from work last night at 2am. There is a frantic message from a friend on my answering machine, who knows that I am working, but call her as soon as I get home, I wont believe what happened. She doesnt care what time it is. So I call and she launches right into how she ran into DICK at San Remos, and blah blah blah...he wouldnt shut up about me.

It was a really confusing relationship - we were GREAT friends, had everything in, movies, job, likes, dislikes...we were just really good friends. I just wasnt attracted to him. I genuinely liked him as a person because we had so much in common, but it just didnt work out. Here is his account of why.

He told her: We usually went for drinks

Truth? We never went for drinks. Because we both worked shift - we usually ended up walking up and down the beach between 1am and 2am chatting and spending time together before he would get back in his car and go home.

He told her: She had feelings for me that I did not return

Truth? On one of our walks, I told him that I was not attracted to him in that way, but that I really liked hanging out with him.

He told her: PP crossed too many boundaries

Truth? He asked me to move in with him, and said that he thought we were going to get married. Hence the "Im not attracted to you in that way" conversation.

He told her: "I called and called, but she never returned my phone calls, so i gave up. I wasnt going to force her to talk to me"

LOL!!! TRUTH??? After this beach conversation, he stopped calling me, even though he wanted to be friends. I called and texted him over a 2 week period - he never responded once. It sucked going from talking and hanging out everyday for 2 months, to absolutely no contact. And you know...i never actually heard from him again...until now.

What a delusional asshole. Why do guys twist and distort the truth to make themselves look better?? You know, I almost want to call him - but since my "never keep any phone numbers or email addresses" rule is always in effect, I cant...and good riddance.


wigsf said...

Face it PP, you're like a drug. You make guys go crazy to do stupid things.

Or maybe you're a just bitch who screws guys over left and right then tells lies about them to all of your friends just to get sympathy from them.

Or more likely than anything else, normal guys are asleep at 1am. You gotta start looking for guys in daylight hours.

berly02 said...

Sounds like a crazy to me. Stay as far away as possible. Including text/phone.
And good luck. :)

Miss Ash said...

Men are stupid, they can't help it!

yrautca said...

Maybe he is just tired?

Christielli said...

Weird. He doesn't even notice his lies don't make sense. If you had been into him, you think you would have answered/returned his calls? Lying and illogical!