Monday, October 11, 2010

Thanksgiving wrap up.

Wow have I been slacking. Its Thanksgiving in Canada, for all of our American readers!!

I got my sex offender this past week - and the last 10 or so days have been preparing myself (work wise, and emotionally) for her arrival. Let me just say that I knew this past week was going to be stressful, but never in a million years could i have ever anticipated HOW stressful it was going to be. At one point, I actually had to leave the building becuase my heart was beating so hard, and my blood pressure was so high from stress, that if I didnt leave at that exact moment, i would have quit. This has resulted in me spending countless hours walking up and down the beach, and registering myself in a kickboxing class that starts tomorrow. What better way to eliminate stress than to punch shit?

MORE es-whatever's called!!! 2 in fact - and i feel like we've crossed the dozen mark for ex-whatever's calling me this year out of the blue. of these 2 was the dude from a couple of weeks ago. Im not questioning it anymore. They're calling. Ive had the same email and phone number for years (email since the premiere date of Futurama - yes my memory is that good. We went to a club that same night that it was on, and the email address was born that day)...and phone for 10 years. So. What can i expect. I either change those things, or live with it. Its easier to ignore them than change things around.

And what would the PP family household be without a few thanksgiving crises??? As you may well know - my grandpa passed away July 3. He was HUGE on family dinners and always drove to NH, or MA to get lobsters for any ocassion. It would have been his 80th bday on the 5th - which is also my neice Chloe's Bday. My gran wanted to have something just for him (on the 3rd which was also the 3 month of his death - so sort of like a vigil dinner I suppose).....Anyway, what did we have? Lobster.

We're not an especially clumsy family (except me - im a massive klutz)....but my one neice broke the pedal off my grans elipitical machine, my other neice was swinging her chair back and forth and my fingers were over the edge of the counter - she slammed her chair into my finger. I jumped back and my hand hit the bread basket, which went flying everywhere. The crumbs on the lobster thermadore lit on fire, and burnt to a crisp, and one of my gran's bowls "Fell" off the counter and shattered into a million peices - while we were eating i might add.

Last night - my mom was making turkey - and shes sick and cant smell at all - but said that the turkey was going bad from the inside out, and ran out 3 hours before everyone came over and bought a new turkey. Then my gran was taking a pie out of the oven, and she said it was knocked out of her hands and smashed all over the floor - causing her to make a new one.

Its all total coincidence - but we all laughed and said that grandpa's pissed we're having dinners without him.


wigsf said...

If anybody reading this is curious, that email address PP refers to is:

berly02 said...

I would say your grandpa is defiantly trying to get in on the family dinner action.

Christielli said...

I can't believe you have had a dozen exes contact you! That's insanity.

I'm glad that your family can remember your grandpa during dinners and stuff.

Princess Pessimism said...

WIGSF - LOL @ headmuseum.

Berly - we thought so too

Christi - I KNOW!!! its been one akward and uncomfortable phone call after another....i need to change my number. lol

yrautca said...

Whoaaa that was a pretty rolloer coaster post...from sex offender to Turkey dinner...never a dull moment in your life.

Miss Ash said...

Yrautca, there's never a dull moment at dinner with her family LOL!

Princess Pessimism said...

yarautca - if you only knew how true that Ash pointed out. LOL