Tuesday, February 28, 2006

90's Rewind (Literally)

So I got a VCR. I decided that since I have class on Tuesdays until 10pm, I dont want to miss the Amazing Race *as it's the only reality show that I watch religiously*, So I am stealing the VCR from my grandparents, whove had a VCR for the past 4 years, and have used it one time.

I'm bringing all my favorite VHS movies back to Windsor with me, and i'm going through all my old tapes to see if I can find one that I can tape the amazing race every week.

I put a tape in the vcr, and I push play. Its a bunch of music videos from about 16 years ago....Nirvana, Metallica, Blind Melon....those sorts of bands. I fast foward *that sounds so wierd to say now that DVDs have chapters*, It's Unsolved Mysteries. Surprise surprise, I used to love that show....I remember it being on, and it was the one hour of the week that I Was unreachable. I didnt want to talk to anyone on the phone, and if someone was there watching it with me, there was absolutely no talking. And I used to watch it with all the lights off, so the ghosty ones and the Aliens ones were extra creepy.

And as i'm sitting on the floor, watching unsolved mysteries, the tape goes fuzzy, and comes back onto the screen with a new show....a show that I forgot existed....a show I also used to watch religiously.....a show that I loved.

The New Kids On The Block Cartoon.

I completely forgot that this show even existed....and as I sat on the floor, watching the animated version of NKOTB, I burst into a fit of giggles, becuase I CANT believe how bad this show is....in 1990, I was 13 years old, and looking back, I realize that I liked what other 13 year olds liked, but oh god...what a loser I was. I used to get up every saturday morning, with my bowl of Count Chocula, and not only watch every episode of this cartoon, but I taped them as well....

And then as I was watching this, I was reminded of that old Wrestling cartoon....Does anyone remember that? The WWF cartoon (when it was WWF)? I used to like that cartoon too.

I know that I have already blogged about Uber old cartoons, but they're so much fun to remember....Willow the Wisp...Barba Pappa....Dr. Snuggles....I wish they would release those on DVD.


Heather said...

I want to see the Fables of the Green Forest on DVD. That would make my life complete.

Princess Pessimism said...

YES YES YES...i would love that show on DVD

Miss Ash said...

Oh me too Heather :)

P.s PP, is whove a word LOL

Trib said...

Now I wish I would have taped more stuff. I still can't work a VCR, though. Furthermore I didn't even know there was a New Kids on the Block cartoon. Color me lame.

Princess Pessimism said...

Miss Ash - I DOUBT It...but neither is Agreeal...and that one is my favorite!

Trib - NKOTB cartoon was awesome. However, now, I find it rather stupid, and dated. LOL

Lindsey said...

Hello...I totally used to watch the NKOTB cartoon.!!!!

Princess Pessimism said...

Linny - I know you did...you were one of those too...I saw that picture of your bedroom with all your Big Bop pictures of them wallpapering your room. Mine looked the same way. LOL!

Jennifer said...

Miss Ash and PP,
Who've is a word, it's a contraction of 'who' and 'have.'
PP, I'm so glad your story ended nicely, I kept thinking that you were going to say that you found a grandma/grandpa sex tape, *shudder!*
I had no idea that any of those cartoons existed, if the NKOTB cartoon ever comes out as a DVD, perhaps we can all chip in and buy if for you for your birthday.

Natalia said...

I just got rid of my VCR when I moved. I gace it some thought but decided against it. I also got rid of all my VHS stuff except stuff I shot myself in my film classes.

You should get a Digital Recorder from the cable co. Then you can set it all up neatly and never mess with VCRs :)


Princess Pessimism said...

Jenny - I know whove is a word...it's ms. Ashley that doenst know the english language...I knwo whove is a word, if you havent noticed, i generally never bother with contractions....But I admit..agreeal is all mine.

And..RE: NKOTB cartoon....please, save your money...You're going to absolutely love what I'm giving you for your birthday, And I have Ms. Ash's present as well...I didnt give it to her this weekend, i should have, but i didnt even think to give it to her.

Natalia - I dont have cable...i only watch about 2 hours of tv per week....theres no point...although jenny has that DVR, and I love it.

blepharisma said...

I watched the WWF cartoon, but not NKOTB.

I loooved Willo the Wisp.

blepharisma said...

... and Dr. Snuggles.

I believe they released Willo the Wisp in the UK, unfortunately only Region 2.

Princess Pessimism said...

Bleph - They Did release Willow in the UK on DVD...that's so exciting.

rawbean said...

Whenever I talk about Count Chocula cereal to others they are like "You actually ATE that?" Um yea? What were you guys eating - lame-ass fruit loops? Kudos to you for going for the good stuff.

I hated NKOTB as a child. They were 'uncool'.

Weird that you bring up cartoons though because a friend and I were just (within the last hour) trying to remember all the names of the different smurfs!

angel, jr. said...

New Kids on the Block? Really? I tried dressing like them once. I couldn't pull it off.

Big Ben said...

I used to walk the Wresting Cartoon, I even had the sticker book.

slopmaster said...

Count chocula? You're such a racist.

Px said...

i remember the nkotb cartoon, and the wwf one as well...and shockingly i remember an MC Hammer cartoon too
they were all dodgy!

berly02 said...

Holy Crap! I totally forgot about the NKOTB cartoon.

Princess Pessimism said...

Rawbean - I still eat Count Chocula...Grantid, not every week...I might buy a box once every 2 years or something like that...but it's that yummy sugar kick i'm looking for. NKOTB were great...when I was 13. Actually within the last 2 years, I made a NKOTB "Greatest Hits" Cd...Me and my friends got a good giggle over it.

Angel - If you have pictures of yourself trying to dress like NKOTB, I would LOVE to see that.

Big Ben - I had the WWF Music tape, AND the WWF board game *which I just recently found in my basement*

Sloppy - Why does that make me a racist?

PX - MC Hammer Cartoon???

Berly - Me to, until I saw it again.