Sunday, February 19, 2006

Blogger Confessional©....Part Deux

It hasnt been a very eventful week, however I managed to do enough to come up with a list long enough to even surprise me.....

This Week I...

- Drew a lovely landscape picture on a desk at the library instead of studying. Then I went back a few days later, some kind soul wrote "Awesome Picture" beside my drawing...i'm Critically Acclaimed!

- Got into an argument with a friend of mine becuase some random guy found her on Yahoo messneger. She had no clue who he was, and when I was printing something out, he kept messaging her, like really dirty sexual things....but she was enjoying the conversation. *Go figure*, So I go to say "Hang on" to him, she FREAKS out, tells me not to touch her fucking computer, and slaps my hands away from the kyboard. I know that I have told this story to a couple of people, and it isnt as detailed..but that's the jist of it.

- Played Detective for a friend of mine whos trying to find the lost love of his life. He has one link to her, and when he called this link to find out where this girl was, she told him that they were friends anymore, and to fuck off. So he asked me to call *cause we somehow reverted back to grade 7* ...but I did. And I said that I was a friend of this girls from back home, does she know where to find her. She said she had no phone number, but an address, which she happily gave to me. I wasnt sure if I should give it to this guy, becuase i dont know if it's borderline stalking. So i've still got it *and it turns out she lives about one block from him*.....but he hasnt called me since then, and I havent called him either. Is it creepy if I give him the address??? I think so. What do you think?

- Made plans to marry Slopmaster, in Vegas...this May.

- Was stalked at the library by someone who liked me last semester. He text messaged me, saying he saw me walk into the library, but by the time he packed up all his shit to sit with me, He didnt see where I went. Then he sent me 10 text messages while he searched the library for me...*all messages sounded like "I'm on the second floor west now"..."third floor east", "Are you in the basement???" I never replied to one message. I snuck out of the library and went home instead. He creeps me out.

- Set my oven on fire...again.

- Confirmed my new degree...although I have to pay the grad fees. But I fought it as hard as I could.

- Met someone who said that homosexuality was wrong, becuase she is very religious So when I saw her smoking in the corner of the garage at my friends place, hiding it from her husband after assuring him that she doesnt smoke anymore, and trying to seduce my friends brother...NOT to mention that she was was playing football with her kids, touching the skin of a dead pig, which is an abomination in the eyes of the lord according to the Old part of the bible....I pointed out that for someone who's so religious, she's very ignorant to the rules of her religion. And I told her that i'd meet her in Hell...with all of my gay friends. She went home about 5 minutes after that.

- Continued to hate the person that I wrote about in my last confessional. ALTHOUGH, this week, I hate him that much more, as he makes my skin crawl, and makes me want to drill screws into my hand, becuase the thought of that is more plesant than this person.

- Hung out with a bunch of Italians, and made fun of the way mangia cakes* try to pronounce Italian words, until we cried....And it all Started with "Torino"...LOL!

*If you do NOT know what a mangia cake is....Chances are one. LOL


Miss Ash said...

My sister is a Mangia Cake LOL. I would not give out the address, it is creepy. If she wanted to stay in touch with this guy then she would have. Otherwise you can write her a letter saying he wanted to get in touch with her and ask if it's ok to give it out. It's not like it's an's her home.

Princess Pessimism said...

Ash - I dont even know this girl...but I was thinking the same thing. I think i'm just going to tell him I didnt get her number. Which is the truth, I wont mention her address at all as an option.

Lindsey said...

On the contrary I think you had a pretty interesting week.

If you think this guy is acting pretty creepy about the chic then I would lie and tell him they wouldn't give you the info either. He'll survive.

Princess Pessimism said...

Linny - Ohh...Hunnie...Thanks. As long as I entertained ONE person, then it's all worth it.

I agree...i'm not going to give him the information.

Trib said...

Hell of a week! As far as the address goes, I don't think it'd be cool to just show up at her place, but for the purposes of writing a letter I think it'd be okay. When I got back in touch with somebody I thought I still had feelings for it just reminded me of what a bitch she could be and instantly cured me. I don't really know what to say about your friend cybering with the random guy, but people do weird things when it comes to sex. I try to just stay out of the way. Seems like a fun week, though.

Princess Pessimism said...

Trib - You try to stay out of the way when your friends randomly start talking to strangers about sex on the internet?? I think thats a good policy. =)

Trib said...

Yes, especially if the start typing with one hand.

Px said...

get him to write a letter to her and you post it, that way he doesn't get the address but he does get to get in touch with her

this week i:
-turned down the advances of a married friend of mine who told me i could've been as naughty as i wanted
-received some naughty text messages from people i shouldn't encourage
-received some pictures from them too
-turned down the advances of a younger sister of an ex
-walked out when a friend was trying to give me advice
-started looking for a new job, as far away from where i am now as possible, thought has even gone into working abroad
-called in sick at teh end of the week, even though i felt fine, but i'd been sick during the week

Natalia said...

I love it when one can call out people who claim to be religious when they are all holier than thou and then they turn around and do all sorts of messed up shit.


rawbean said...

Yes my favorite story is definitely you calling out the religious girl.

Awhile back I wrote a post about those Johavah's Witness that come to your door and how the next time they come I want to tell them I'm looking forward to my spot in hell.


Phil said...

Loved the part about the hyper-religious woman. LOL!

berly02 said...

You life is very full.

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I'm with PX, I'd ask him to write her a letter with his contact info in it, and mail it for him, if she wants to get in touch with him she'll call him otherwise he doesn't get her address.
On the other hand, if you let on that you have the address he might start tormenting you, which will give you a pretty good idea whether he's a stalker.

And I am a mangia cake, despite the fact that I know what it is. And I'm glad of it too, I love that Italian home cookin'.

Jennifer said...

In fact you could call me ass-face as long as you pass the pasta.

Trib said...

Oh, don't get me started on Jehovah's Witnesses and blood transfusions.

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Well, if you made the phone call for your friend I think you should also give him the address you got from said phone call.

Miss Ash said...

Yeah but SS, PP lied to this girl and said that she and the other girl were friends who had lost touch. Not the truth that some guy who was in love with her lost touch and now wants to find her. I've worked with some stalkers, i would not give out the address, PP should get in touch with the girl herself.

Princess Pessimism said...

PX - The thing about this guy with the address...he is ALSO someone that I should not encourage.

Natalia - Me too. I totally beleive that if you are to have convictions, and be firmly planted in your opinions, you should be well informed about the totality of the thing you have such strong opinions on.

Rawbean - OHHH...will you be there too?

Phil - Ya..I had a bit of fun with her.

Berly - You think? Most of that happened in just 2 days. I couldnt remember the rest.

Jenny - You're a mangia cake. LOL!

And about the everyone who's asked. YES, I made the call, and YES, I got the address, and YES, I said that I was a friend of hers...HOWEVER I have lost the address. It was written on a peice of study notes, that when I rewrote, I threw away without even thinking. So, even if he did want this girls address, Ive thrown it away, by accident.

slopmaster said...

So many fans, and I'm the lucky one :blushing:

Jennifer said...

Well, since you lost the addess, the problem is solved, yay! I love how things work themselves out.

Amichai said...

...a friend of mine who's trying to find the lost love of his life.

I have a hard time putting much stock in someone who can boil their romantic interests down to sound like a horrid premise (or log line) for a Romantic-comedy.

It's one of those, sure it's cute in a movie, but in real life it's kinda creepy.

I too try to avoid any real personal (as in not in cyberspace) connection with those I meet online. Especially anyone who charges head first into some sort of er... well the one handed typing bit really covers it.

Am a bit curious as to how you set your oven on fire, or why that was a bad thing. As I understand it, the oven is supposed to have a flame in order to cook things. Wouldn't it be worse if you couldn't get your oven on fire?

I have no idea what a Mangia Cake is, but I have a feeling it's not something I want to be...

angel, jr. said...

She freaked because you "IM'd" the guy for her? Was it cause she was excited to hear from him or jealous that someone else was IMing him.