Thursday, March 30, 2006

Portable City and Peaches

Jennifer and Ashley both recently reminded me of two stories I had completely forgotten about. Maybe i'm getting old, these are their stories.

I went to a highschool that was built to accomodate 500 people, 1200 went there. So if you can imagine, it was packed. We had 5 minutes to get from class to class, and that wasnt ever enough, because fighting the traffic in the hallways was horrible. Administration used to joke about putting stop lights in the hall ways....I thought it was funny, but all joking aside, they would have come in handy.

In order to educate the overflow, the school put in about 50 portables out into the field. It took up almost half the footballl field, maybe thats why our team sucked so bad. We had nowhere to practise. But actually, in grade 9, we had 5 classes a day. 2 semesters. In both of those semesters, I never had one class inside the higschool. *incase you dont know what a portable is, its like a yellow trailer but its a fully equipped classroom, just outside*

One day, I'm sitting in class talking to this guy. Neil. A rather heavy guy, and we're all sitting around talking, instead of doing work. He's leaning back on his chair, the front two legs off the floor, the back two legs on the floor. So hes leaning back, blah blah blahing the last hour away, and i guess his weight was too much for the chair to handle....the back two legs of his chair, went right through the floor, and the chair broke under him. Of course we pissed our of the funniest things id ever seen.

And Peahces was this guy who used to follow me around this bar that we used to...frequent I guess is the word. LOL!. The bar was called Gords. We were there religiously a few days every week. It was the kind of place where we parked at the back, and walked through the kitchen to get to the bar....the kind of place where we knew the management, and when the bar closed, we'd all head up to the office, relax while they did their paperwork, and then head back downstairs because they turned the taps on, and made chicken fingers....The kind of place where the dj *who was also the manager* used to call us to the dj booth to do shots.....the kind of place that let Ash and LD go in to decorate the entire upstairs of the bar for my birthday....the kind of place where we were allowed to go behind the bar to refill our own pop, or water.....the kind of bar we hung out at so long, that the cleaning crew kicked us out at 7am. Fuck I miss that place.

Anyway, Peaches was this guy...i barely remember him. Miss Ash mentioned him not so long ago, but my memory is sketchy. He always wore a peach silk shirt. *hence the name peaches, and this was MANY years ago, when guys in silk was fashionable* he used to follow me around and stare...It made me nervous....I was young, and wasnt used to that kind of attention. I dont remember what he looks like, but it was mildly unfortunate. Thats all I remember. After months of seeing him there, and seeing him be so obvious about it, he never said one word. Miss Ash, and LD leave me at a table one night, its close to closing, and Peaches comes out of nowhere. He sits down at the table beside me, but facing me....I can feel him creeps me out. I get up and walk away. I dont care about being obviously annoyed. It was the last time I ever remember seeing him. Ash or LD....if you guys can expand on my broken memories, i would greatly appreciate it.

Hey Ash...remember that night...the night Pemikin took his hat and rode off into the sunset? The night it was the first time anyone had seen Jimbo do a girls pants up....and remember Glen*? And that I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEEDDD him? LOL!...And for what its woth Ash? Those blue sunglasses were a small price to pay to have you come pick me up in the blizzard. Good times girls...good times.

*Glen had a tattoo on the inside of his was on the inside of his bottom lip. It said "Airborne"....


Trib said...

I wish I had a bar like that! Not so much the airborne tattoo. We used to have portables in Albuquerque too.

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Stop with the inside jokes between you and Miss Ash -- I feel so left out =(

What's sad about Florida (or Orlando anyway) is that all of our schools have those portables out back. In fact, I've seen lots of schools that have no actual building - just a grouping of portables. Perhaps that's why Florida's schools are some of the worst in the nation (my nation that is, not yours).

Liz said...

Oh yes, the portable. That is a ton of them. They put all the lower classes out in them at my school. It was really not right.

Princess Pessimism said...

Trib - They went out of business a few years back, and were having a contest to see if you could guess the last song they were going to play. I said that it should have been the Cheers theme song....I loved that place

S.Subs - LOL!!! Awww.....You have yours with Natalia. It happens when you've known someone for forever.

Liz - Like special needs classes??? Outside? Thats not right. I agree

Anonymous said...

Hey it's LD....I actually do not recollect the evening in question...knowing me back then I'm going to say that I was probably quite drunk, but on a side note regarding Glen, I know a girl who slept with him the same night that I introduced her to him...ew! And yes they were fantastic times that sadly came had come to an end

Jennifer said...

We had a 13 acre campus and 59 seconds to get from one class to the next - that sucked, especially when you had to get from gym to the band portable or something like that. I had one teacher who would lock the door once class was supposed to start so you had to wait outside of his room till he was ready to let you in, and he'd ask for a late slip. He gave out detentions for chewing gum and not pulling your socks up. I once told him that he looked like Yasser Arafat, he called me the mouth of the south - he was a great teacher.

Portables, ugh, the Canadian climate is not conducive to portable schools. Especially in high school where you have to go in and out and in and out from the main building all winter. They also had problems with unhealthy mold growth in some of the Toronto schools because the portables got so old. In elementary school though, we had a set of portables that had a central hallway and was nice and warm and cosy - actually I don't think I ever went into the main building of that school - no wait, we went inside to go to the computer lab full of comodore 64s.
I miss Gords, that place was so amazing, I miss the ElMo too. Remember the time that Ash somehow left her bra, or undies in the DJ booth? And the DJ anounced over the music that whoever left their undies in the DJ booth should come get them! I'm not sure how that happened? Ash swore that she changed in the booth and forgot her undies, but I'm pretty sure that was BS.
I question whether silk shirts were ever fashionable any time we would have been old enough to go to a bar.

Katie said...

lmfao..poor peaches

i new a guy that had a barcode on the inside of his lip. he was weird

we also had Portables at our school. they never gave you time to get there from inside. Hell i would go to my car and smoke then go. the tech i had never cared...

rawbean said...

Silk shirts were definitely never fashionable mostly because you can see a guy's nipples through them.

I went to Highschool in WhiteRock, BC and we totally had portables. I remember one of my teachers who taught in the portable had spooky eyes and he would say "We WILL have an earthquake sometime between NOW and the next 500 years." Freaked us all out.

Miss Ash said...

Ah yes the Gord's i miss them. However, i'm not at all sure what Jennifer is talking about. Perhaps it was the time i had on glowing white granny underwear, when someone brought it to my attention i took them off and put them in my purse, that was in the DJ booth.

Lindsey said...

Ahhhhhhh memories.

Princess Pessimism said...

LD!!!! - Girl...You know I love these surprises!...I remember something about that girl, vaugely.....

Jennifer - No, I dont remember that, but it certainly sounds like something that might have happened to ash...ALTHOUGH, I do recall a different time when Ash had a problem of those sorts at gords...LOL!!!!!!!! Too funny. I'll never forget her face that night.

KT - A barcode on the inside?? Original!

Rawnbean - Between now and 500 years? Thats quite the window of opportunity isnt it??? LOL!

Ash - THAT was the incident I was referring to in the comment I left for Jennifer. I wasnt sure if youd want it mentioned....Fuck that was so funny. I will NEVER forget your face when I told you that....Remember Cindy told you and you didnt believe her....until I mentioned it. LOL!!!!!! TOO FUNNY! We must really go see Rick Paul and Chris this summer at Red Square.

Linny - My memories with these girls are some of the best of my life. I've known them forever, and had the most fun with them.

slopmaster said...

I had a really crowded school back in middle school. It was great though. I would grab like 10 asses a day!

Big Ben said...

Men were really mad at slop those days.

Tell me more about this big rack of yours!

Jennifer said...

Sloppy, I grab 10 asses a day now.

PP, so are you saying that you remember Ash leaving her undies in Gord's DJ both?

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