Thursday, August 24, 2006

A Day of Immigration Fun!!

So I went over the border today to get my visa all sorted out for school. It starts in 13 days...I cant believe it. I pull up to the bridge, its packed, and takes 25 minutes to even get to a customs officer. I park my car at customs, and go in. Its more packed than the bridge was. Im all for uping security, but this was insanity. It was me, and about 100 other people.

However, there were a few mentionable moments that helped pass the hour and 39 minutes that I was waiting.

1. Little kids running, and doing cartwheels inbetween the hordes of people, and their parents screaming at them...and then the kids crying.
2. A guy, sitting beside me sees the paperwork that I have, and says "Teachers too." I'm looking the other way, vaugely recognize that someone is trying to communicate with me, so I turn to him and say "Huh?" becuase I wasnt paying attention, as I dont usually try to meet people at US customs and immigration.

He says "you're getting your visa...for school (he points at what im holding, and says) Me too. Im James". Turns out we're in the same class for teachers college, so he asked for my email address. Whatev, it wont be so bad knowing one person on the first day.
3. A group of German travelers are sitting across from me and James while we talked. The entire time, they were whispering pointing at us, and nodding approvingly. He noticed and said "those people are staring at us...". (He's just like me Ash!!! LOL.)

Anyway, after about 40 minutes of them looking, and James, at this point, was gone, im sitting there, with my sunglasses on. I am not in the habit of wearing sunglasses inside, but it was really sunny in that room, and I was sitting right by the window, so I felt justified.

As im waiting to pay my processing fees, this group of German Adventurists moves really close to where I was now standing by the cashier. One guy, probably close to my age, turns to me and..well...this is what happens.

German: You har in dat mofie?
Me: What???
German You har in dat mofie?
Me: What movie???
German: You har dat mofie star?
At which point I BURST out laughing...I couldnt help it...His accent was ridiculously cute.
Me: Uhh...No.
German: Dat man ask you...ummm...sign???? (and then proceeds to act out writing, with his finger as a pen on the palm of his hand...and I assume that this is what he meant)
Me: Autograph??
German: YES!! YES!!! autograph. He gettem you autograph?
Me: (laughing, and wiping the tears out of my eyes, having removed my sunglasses) No, we go to school together. He asked for my email. (I wasnt sure if he understood what I meant, but then he said)
German: No Autograph? (he puts his hand out and moves it horizontally back and forth, and smiles..he was a total cutie)
Me: No Autograph
German: Not Mofie? (pointing at me)
Me: No Movie
German: (looking totally embarassed) I Sorry. (and then he walked away)

I watched him as he walked back to his group, shaking his head. Their smiles disappeared, and that was the end of it. But I couldnt help but wonder, who they thought I might have been.


Trib said...

You should have given them your autograph! Just write kind of messy. You would have made their day!

Miss Ash said...

I agree with Trib, you should have taken pics with them and signed napkins LOL.

B.I.L. said...

I can't believe you passed up a chance to mess with peoples Trib said next time make it messy and them you were in a movie with the Hoff.

yrautca said...

So you got a new boyfriend jimmy eh? Is he cute?

Did you ask the Germans what mofie was it? Disney animation? Teen romance? Horror flick?

You should go to school in WA state. I will be nice to you.

Hernesto G said...

hey were you that chick in Blair Witch Project?

I say you need to post more pics of yourself and HAVE ALL OF US GUESS what Mofie-starrr you could possibly be!!!!

Big Ben said...

Purno mofie?

Phil said...

Well, you are sort of famous. You should have told him you are the Princess from the internet and given him an autograph.

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Where are you going to school at Miss Movie Star?

Princess Pessimism said...

Trib & Miss Ash - LOL!!! I guess It would have been funny...but It caught me so off guard, that I had no witty comeback. Ash, remember that guy at my birthday,who thought jenni was a celebrity??? LOL!!!

B.I.L - Is Hoff German? I didnt know that.

Yrautca - He is mildly cute. But It was days ago, I dont remember what he looks like. I cant go to school in WA, I didnt apply there.

Hernesto - Uhh..ya, no. Dont hold your breath on that one. Although I was thinking of posting my picture on my thousandth blog...

Ben - LOL!!! i actually made that joke to someone when I told them what happened...

Phil - Well, WHERE was that idea on Thursday?? We cant all be as smart and as immediately witty as you are you know... :)

Sexy - Umm...a school in NY state. I think it's close to buffalo, I dont really know though, ive never been there. LOL!

blepharisma said...

That was the cutest story ever.