Saturday, August 12, 2006

Crap, my life's boring... know, for the past like few days, i've been sitting here, trying to think of something to write about, and as far as my days go, they're uneventful...aside from the drinking and going out bits....and of course spending time with my most amazing friends.

Im trying to remember what happened this week, and all I can think of is:

- I got new earrings...i had the same gold hoops in for 14 years, and finally decided to ditch them and get something new. But because the ones I had were so little, I forgot they existed...But I bought new ones today, and becuase theyre a thicker gauge than my old ones, i had to jab them through....ouch.

- I tanned....

- I drank

- I tanned some starting to get dark. It looks nice.

- I went out

- I keep getting phone calls from this guy "Steve". I have ZERO idea who steve is...but he calls me almost everyday, and leaves messages on my cell phone. I was out for dinner with "N", last friday, after Miss Ash's Cricket scare, and he called me then, I was talking to him, N asks me who it was, and I looked at him and mouthed "i have NO idea"...but he hasnt stopped calling.

- I doubt I got that job that I had the interview for...they havent called me back, but they asked to keep my presentation...which makes me think that they stole my ideas, and since they have those, why bother getting me to run the groups that I created...assholes.

- oh oh...I Went to a dinner party with a bunch of girls I went to highschool with. We all hung out in highschool, and one of them now lives in france and comes home once a year, so we all hung out...i did too many shots of tequila.

**Allow me to say, in defence of myself, that I know it sounds like i'm turning into an alcoholic, but really, I do drink in moderation. Just because I drink almost everday, doesnt mean that I get means that I have a couple...or more.

Me and Miss Ash are off to toronto tomorrow until sunday night....we have some events to least that will make for a good post. You know, usually im laughing about something during the week, with my friends saying "haha..that would make a good blog"...and then I sit down at my comptuer, and i have already totally forgotten what was so funny to begin with. Thats whats happened to my brain this summer, i've become a forgetful drinker who tans too much....


Phil said...

WooHoo! Comment number 1! I've been sitting around all week, bored, trying to think of some wise ass comment to put on your blog. Oh well, I love Canadians. What else can I say?

rawbean said...

A tanning salon I used to go to called me this week to tell me I have like 120 minute left or something. I am soooo white so I am seriously considering going. A little late in the season but what can ya do?

Princess Pessimism said...

Phil - Yes, quite frankly, im disappointed in your wit and sarcasm in this comment. I'll give it a 4/10 *you would have scored 2, but admitting you have a problem is the first step, and i'll give credit where credit is due.*

Rawbean - NOOO...nows the perfect time to start going. Space your tans out starting in like a week or so...and then you'll look so good through the winter. I love having a base tan in the winter for 2 reasons.

1. You contrast the snow
2. If you plan a totally spontaneous vacation to a hot place, you're already prepared.

Miss Ash said...

Why wouldn't you tell this "steve" person that you have no idea who he is and he must have the wrong number? Why waste you time?

Princess Pessimism said...

Miss Ash - Becuase I never get to talk to him...he called me, when I was out for dinner, and I was like "Who is this? Who??? Uhh...i have to go. We werent even on the phone for a minute. Every other time, hes left a message...but I assure you that if he calls when we're out tonight, i'll tell him.

yrautca said...

2 signs you are an alcoholic:

1) You denied
2) You keep forgetting stuff

Its ok PP, most of us are too ;)

yrautca said...

And what happened to that other dude who got your MSN address somehow?

Princess Pessimism said...

Yrautca - LOL!!! You know, I was actually going to say that I was a forgetful tanner that drank too much, but it turned out forgetful drinker who tans too much....It would have sounded better then other way.

And about that guy....that was Quinn...Nothing really happened. I moved out of Windsor, and back to the kitters...he was pissed that I was moving, but Whatev...I deleted him off my msn list a long time ago.

blepharisma said...

Highschool girls! You'll have to tell me all about it... I'm always curious to hear how things are going for the people in high school that I didn't hate. Course, you never hung out with the ones I hated, so I'm eager to hear!

Natalia said...

*trying not to mention tanning is bad*

Damn...I failed.

Other than that...sounds like a nice time. I al mooking forward to a bit of time off. Ahhh... la dolce vita.


Sexy Suburbanite said...

Watch it! I warned you about guys named Steve!!

Princess Pessimism said...

Belph - Oh ya, it was good times. Teresa was there too, who I havent seen in forev!!!

Natalia - Thats all ive been dolce vita...its starting to get boring.

Sexy - LOL!!! YOU DID!!! I were totally right though.

Amichai said...

I kinda wished I could tan, but alas, I'm either pasty white or bright red. I'm beginning to miss the times of my life when summer meant fun and real vacations outside. Not sitting in an office (or behind a counter) waiting for the weekend (especially that I work on Sundays)

I think being a grown up means you don't get to have a real summer anymore.

But on the plus side there's the drinking you mention, which one can't do as a young'un. Thus maybe it balances out, or at least isn't weighted all in one direction.

rawbean said...

Thanks for the tips on tanning princess p - I am taking them seriously!

Jennifer said...

Why don't you change your answering machine message - "Hi you've reached PP, if this is Steve then either leave me a message telling me who the hell you are, or don't leave a message at all."

Trib said...

You should make up an elaborate story to tell steve when you talk to him. Something about pirates.