Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Homecoming Horror

I cant believe that it has been 6 days since I posted. I'm sorry...LOL

It was Thanksgiving for all Canadians this weekend, so I went home for some good old fashioned screaming and food fights. I dont really get along with my family all that much, so for me to make the effort to go visit them, and have a sit down dinner with all of them, requires some patience, and a lot of booze.

What age were you, when you realized that your parents home, is no longer the place you consider home? I mean, I left when I was 18....i lived in my university city for almost 5 years. When I was finished school, I had to have surgery on my ankle because it broke too many times, and I purposely had it where I went to school, so that I was hours from my family. I didnt want to leave Windsor. But when I woke up from surgery, there they were, and they took me home. So I recouped from surgery, and got a job, lived there for 3 wretched years, and moved to the states. Lived there a while, decided to come back to school, moved home for 5 weeks until I got a place in Windsor again, and here I am.

This weekend, having my own home to come back to, I realized that I HATE going to my parents house. I have never gotten along with them as people. they're my parents, and that's it. We dont know anything about eachother, as people. They have never met any of my boyfriends, or been involved in any part of my life. Its funny, I have been friends with this guy for 10 years. Like GOOD friends. They only met him 2 years ago.....

Okay, let me give you an example of why pulling your eyeballs out is better than an evening with my family. I have a VERY small family, 17 people total...both sides. 2 grandparents, mom and aunt, dad and uncle, and their respective partners and children, plus sister, and her family. Thats everything we do, we do together.....they go out for dinner every friday together, they have dinner sunday ever week together, they WORK together, it's very close as they are eachothers best friends. And in spending all that time together, you get to learn a thing or 2 about them...and in spending that much time together, I have learned, that my family, well not me, my sister or 5 cousins, everyone in the parents generation and up, are EXTREMELY racist.

Its sick, I know.....because it's 2005. Fucking racism right??? But thats who they are. I dont agree with it, and call them on it ALL the time, but i cant control what comes out of their mouth. As a matter of fact, Jenny refuses "to hang out with my racists family anymore"...and I dont blame her. I'm starting to think like that too. MY aunt, for example is sitting at the table on sunday, drinking her 8th glass of wine *as my family are also a bunch of drunks* and A is over, and we're talking about travelling. I mention that A has been to Japan, and my aunt jumps in and says something to the effect of "I've have no deisre to go anywhere over there. I dont like that race". To which me and A look at eachother, and just about DIE.

I jump all over her, and tell her that she doesnt like an entire continent of people, but continues to support their economy by buy their how rude it was, and I couldnt believe she just said that. I was SO appauled, I couldnt believe she said that, and had NO problem saying that. My family is very well off, and is extremely well travelled. I'm SURPRISED that they have attitudes that are this disgusting......and you wonder why they've never met any of my boyfriends right?

You know, all I ever wanted out of MY life, children wise, was to adpot kids from southeast asia, africa, where ever...i want to have a family thats completely multicultural.......these are the reasons i think twice about it. Will they accept my baby from Cambodia? Will the accept my baby from India? Will the accept my baby from Tanzania? Probably not....assholes......rude ignorant fucking assholes...."I dont like that race".....thats probably the rudest, most disgusting thing i've ever heard in my entire life......

I cant believe the racism that exists still.....someone I know, HATES east indian people....all of them. He says they're cheap. So he's basing his opinion on that. We have gotten into countless arguments about his racial slurs, and I have told him that If I ever hear him talk about anyone like that, ever again, it will be the last time he talks to me. I have a wonderful friend from Bangladesh.....I cant imagine anyone NOT liking her, becuase of her skin fucking makes me more sick than you'll ever know.

You know, my favorite opera is playing in toronto, and when I knew I wasnt going...i should have stayed in windsor. It was a sign of bad things to come....although, dont get me wrong, the weekend wasnt a TOTAL pisser. I spent LOADS of time with A, had dinner with her family, and took my neices to see Corpse Bride. *GO SEE that movie!!!* Actually, and A watched the newest Amityville movie. It was creepy as hell, and she jumped like every 15 minutes over something. And she made me sit in the "scary corner" of her bed. Yes....she's afraid of a corner of her bed....I have asked, but I dont know why exactly, she's just afraid of it....maybe she should blog about it.

And, from now on, i'm going to stay at my sisters when I go home...its the only way to remain sane I think.


Miss Ash said...

Dear Lord, i was so appalled i wrote a blog about it as well Titled Mullets and Bad Conversation LOL

Px said...

thank god you're back then :)

berly02 said...

Wow, I can see why you would rather face post op alone then with your family.

Hernesto G said...

If you're going to hate an entire race, at least have a good reason behind it, like Iraqis killed my family.

It is amazing how people talk about shit they have no idea about. For example, American people who hate Iraqis and call them uncivilized. These numbnuts have probably never left the country, or if they have, they've only seen Big Ben, and the Club Med in Cancun.

Lindsey said...

I feel your pain. We've already discussed that my family is freakin' insane. My dad's not too bad anymore. We get along fine but my mother is out of her mind and always causes problems (her and my brother Scott b/c he's a selfish, stuck up prick). I'm still not speaking to my mom for not showing up to the walk. To this day she still has not apologized. I have no interest in going over there before my dad's b-day next month. My other brothers and my sister and I all get along fine though so that's a plus.

lollie said...

my family is the same way. i was raised that way. and when i got old enough to think for myself, they got worse, although they are not quite as blunt about it. at first glance they seem like people who have evolved with the times...then you sit down and have a conversation with them, it's fairly disheartening. what i think is worst than their racism is their problem with gay people. i'm not gay, but i have absolutely not a problem in the world with some one who is. i have no clue where i learned to be so open minded.

Princess Pessimism said...

Miss Ash - arent they horrible? Thank you for not holding it against me.

PX - you MISSED me...LOL

Berly - Ya....isnt it awful.

Hernesto - I dont think she specified why she hated the entire race. Infact, I know she didnt. she had no reasoning. Unfortunately, my family are idiots.

Linny - I know, i'm so sad for you that they didnt show up. I wouldnt talk to them either. Whatever happened to a concrete support structure?

Lollie - I have NO idea how i ended up so openminded either. Its a genertic mystery, but i'm SO glad that i'm not ignorant, and closeminded.

Katie said...

Like Linny said my dad is not so bad but my brother scoot and my mother are just crazy.

Sorry your family is like that. Ours is the same way kinda.

Px said...

speaking of families and now that i'm living at home again...
my mum is great, but moans a little
my dad is too much like me to be liked by me
which leaves the woofer...and well you can't get any decent conversation out of him

i think the problem that my and my dad have is repeated in most families...being too alike

Princess Pessimism said...

PX - You love your Woody, and i'm sure if you talked to him he'd be thrilled

Natalia said...

I live at home. I don't say I still live at home because I haven't always lived there. I actually lived with another family at 15, when I was in a student exchange program. I also moved out at 18 and lived in NYC. I've lived on my own; I've lived with roomies; I've lived at the dorms; I've lived with significant others...and when I went back to school, it made sense to move back home. I get along with my parents. I see that place as their home but still partly my home as I lived there with them before. I am looking for a place to buy but I just didn't think that moving out and paying rent made sense, as my parents have a huge home. But if I didn't have a good relationship with them, I reckon I would be renting right now.


Px said...

yeah, my woody's great