Thursday, November 17, 2005

A dilemma.

Okay....Mostly all of you know that I worked, not too long ago, at a mental health facility in the States. It was outside of Boston, more towards the west, and I recently left the job to come back to school to upgrade and get my MSW.

I left that job for a variety of reasons, but not because I didnt like it. I LOVED that job, and was really good at it. I think about the place often, and miss the kids a great deal, and wonder how "my ten boys" are doing.

I came back to school with the mindset that i'd get my MSW, and in turn get a better higher paying job, as it so usually happens with an MSW. However something has happened today that has turned my thinking more towards my future, and thrown a wrench into my plans.

I am in the prcess of trying to get a job, somewhere in the field, becuase no matter what i'm at school for, or upgrading for, or what my MOM wants me to do with my life, I LOVE social services, and cant imagine myself doing anything other than that for the rest of my life. I love corrections and I love mental health. And the love for these jobs is what drove me back to school, to be able to get a better job, and keep working in this field more closely, and of course, making more money.

And since I am in the process of trying to get a new job, I resolved that I would call my old place of employment, and let them know that i'm using them as a reference, so they better tell who ever calls, how much they loved me when I was there. So I called them today to get a letter of reference, and let them know that people might call, and so i'm talking to THE boss, and she tells me that the supervisor one day left work, and then never showed up again....and right there, on the phone, she offered me THAT job. Supervisors position. And of course for more money.

Now...I know that HR has the ultimate say of who gets hired, but they told me when I left that a summer position would always be available for me inbetween school years. And why was I quitting, and moving back to Canada, when they would pay for my edcucation??? I told them that I had to come back to my university to upgrade beacuse I was below the acceptance for grad school, and once I upgraded, i'd get in no problem.

So...this is what i'm thinking. I've resolved to come back to school, upgrade, get my MSW, to get a better more high up position that pays more money.......However, my old palce of employment has talked to me today, and OFFERED me that position.........not to mention reminding me that If I still wanted to go to grad school, that if I get A's they pay my tuition, if I dont get A's, they only pay 70%......

WOW right? They'd put my in charge of the house that I worked at. In Charge.....but of course, only one half of the week, as shifts run sunday to wednesday and then wednesday to saturday.
I'd be in charge of an entire house......the second half of the week.

And the funny thing is that, as soon as my old boss said the words, "would you like to come back and take this position"..she thought it was the GREATEST idea she's ever had....She's calling the HR guy to talk to him to see if I could skip training, and just jump right into it......and she's working out all the details with him, and calling me back tonight.

And the thing about it is...i'm kind of excited......I could get the position, without being in school for the next couple of years working for it.

I dunno...what do you guys think????? I LOVED the job....dont think that I left because I hated it, or the people. I was about school, and making more money.

I need opinions on this people...


Miss Ash said...

Just don't move back in with those horrible roomates you had :)

Princess Pessimism said...

NO kidding....LOL

berly02 said...

It sounds almost perfect!
Do you want to go back?
Or does it just seem like you couldn't possibly pass on this situation?

Lindsey said...

This is the way I look at it. A lot of people are able to go to school and get their degrees, then find the good job.

Others, like myself, don't have the degree but managed to work out way up the ladder in a company and now make good money w/0 the formal education

Girl...if they're offering the job now, and you'd like to have the position. DO IT! They've already mentioned they'll help with school. This is a no brainer!

Princess Pessimism said...

Berly - Its not too perfect, I remember the staffing crisis that existed there, and know that they are in desperate need of good staff.

I would go back if they offered me enough money. 100%.....I dont know what i'm going to do to tell you the truth.

Princess Pessimism said...

Linny - I know it SEEMS like a no brainer, and if they offer me enough moeny, i'll be headed back to MA faster than you can say "Salem Witches"

yrautca said...

Oh wow. Congrats first up.

Now we need to think and set emotions aside for a minute.

Are you able to take correspondence courses and finish your degree while in US? If yes, then accept the offer.

If no, then can you transfer to a school in US that will give you credit for your work done in Canada? If yes, accept the job and transfer.

If no to both above, then tell these people that you would love nothing less than to accept the offer. However, you need to finish your degree and will look it up again when you graduate.

If they love you now they will love you even more when you graduate.

If you have strong family ties in Canada and have a boyfriend who wanted to marry you there then you have to think how that will pan out.

I am very happy for you. Good for you. Maybe one day I can come see you as a mental patient, no?

Katie said...

i'm with yrautca a little...

if that is the job you want in life and dont have to go to school for it. if they will pay you good money. i say go for it.

just think about it.

if you take the job...
1. you will have the job that you love
2. you will be making good money.
3. they will be paying for your school. (if you go)
4. you wont have to go looking for a job when you are done with school.

if you don't go
1. you can stay wear you are and get done with school
2. you will be working and going to school there.(which you could do the same thing there.)
3. after your done with school. you will be looking for a job and this one might not be open.
4. if you don't go and are done with school. you might find a better job...

you never know.....good luck!

Dy said...

Do it. Now.

The job you wanted, the better pay you wanted, and you still get to go back to school if you want. Paid (or even partially paid). Hard to see a downside on this one.

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Okay, as someone who has been around the job scene for awhile please let me be honest with you -- Finding a job you love is a very special and rare thing. I think that most people are optimistic about finding a job they like so passing up or leaving a job they like isn't a big thing to them -- they think they'll like another job just as much. In my experience that is not true.

Finding a job you love can be just as difficult as finding someone that you love. I left a job that I loved (a job that paid for me to get my Masters degree -- thanks very much) to pursue a slightly different line of work with more money and more growth opportunities and it was a HUGE mistake. If you have a chance to do a job you love, make more money, be the boss and go to school it would be hard to pass up. I think if you did pass it up and your life as a student/social worker isn't so great you'll regret your decision (or at least always wonder if things would have been better if you had accepted the job).

Also, I don't know if I ever told you this but my mom was a social worker for 30 years (she is retired now). She went into the field to help people, etc. but instead spent her life's work doing horrible things like taking children who were kidnapped by their father and returning them to their abusive, drug-addicted mother because, according to the law, that is who had custody of the child (among other examples of misery and red-tape). 30 years of doing that left her miserable and bitter. Okay, that was depressing. I don't mean to say that it would be that way for you, I'm just trying to say that sometimes public service isn't always as noble and helpful as people think it will be.

If you find a job where you actually feel like you are making a positive difference in the world, you should grab it. Of course, the ultimate decision is up to you, so take what I have to say with a grain of salt...

blepharisma said...

A hard choice, for sure!

I'm sure you're leaving out millions of little pros & cons that affect your decisions. These are for you to figure out.

IF this is what you wanted as your outcome all along, then maybe it is the perfect situation?

Otherwise, you really need to be honest with yourself about what you need and want out of life.

Regardless of your decision - way to go! You've obviously made an impression on these people.

Phil said...

You've got to do it Princess. You used the word "loved" several times in that post about the job and the people. You'd be crazy not to work somewhere you love. You may eventually get a better degree, but finding a pplace you love to work at is rare. Do it.

Princess Pessimism said...

If I respond individually, I will be saying the same things over and over.

You've all given me a lot to think about, and I think i've made a decision. I just have to make sure *with HR* that the job is guaranteed, and the pay is going to be what they say it is.

And then as SOON as that happens, all I have to do is figure out how to get out of the last 8 months of my lease. LOL

Phil said...

Princess- I just told Linny she was my favorite to cheer her up when she was feeling sick. You're really my favorite.

Princess Pessimism said...

Phil - Ya ya...that's what they all say.

Hernesto G said...

hey there are no dilemas, everyone knows USA is the best place to be. So, even if it's scrubbing bathrooms at a prison you should take it because you will live in America and enjoy American freedoms. So, my response, go back to Massachussetts hone of Patriotism, Democracy, and Jesus.