Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Is it my life? Or a whimsical British novel?

So I decided to clean my bathroom. Like REALLY clean it..and i'm not one for getting on my knees and scubbing the floor, but this time, I felt motivated.

So I clean the bathroom and it's sparkling....and i'm pretty impressed that I did such a good job. And after my bathroom is pristine, I figure the last thing to do is the floor. I get my srcubby brush and start scrubbing the floor. I have mopped the floor before, but never cleaned the grout inbetween the tiles. And they're GROSS. Like yucky dirty. It gets to the point where i'm just pushing dirty water back and forth. So I get out my trusty mop and wipe up the dirty water. And since the tub is the only place big enough to rinse out the mop....there goes my clean tub. But I figure that I can just quickly rinse it out since its clean already.

I finish the floor, and run outside to grab something out of my car, and when I come bakc, I hear that there's water running. I figured that i'd left the tub running from cleaning out the mop, but when I walk into my bathroom, i'm horrified.

For those of you who read my post a bit back, my landlord had knocked a hole in the ceiling becuse of the plumbing in the apartment above mine. At least the ceiling had prevented the water coming from above in constant streams, but now that there's a huge hole there, I come back into my bathroom after having cleaned it from corner to corner to find a stream of dirty rusty pipe water splashing down all over my clean bathroom.

And I just stood there, and put my hands on my hips and thought that this doesnt happen in real life. This is the stuff that sitcoms are made of.....either that, or the words you'd find written in Bridget Jones' diary. My landlord promised to fix the ceiling "tomorrow morning, i swear, i'll fix it tomorrow morning." That was 2 days ago.

After that, I cleaned up the new mess and resolved to myself not to clean my bathroom again in such detail until the ceiling was fixed.

Cut to today. My mom calls me, she's faxing something to someone for me, and she doenst have the fax number, I forgot to send it to her. So i have to get the paper, but fail to realize that the phone cord has wrapped itself around my foot, and when I go to walk away, my foot snags the cord, pulls the phone out of my hand and crashing to the floor AND rips the jack out of the wall.

I didnt bring my cordless with me, so this is a telecommunications disaster!!!

Do things like this happen to no one else??? Am I the only one who lives with these sorts of things? If someone experiences daily occurrences like this. Please write about them, it might make me feel better to know that i'm not the only one who's this unlucky.

Update: 12:18am. Turned around to crack my back while sitting on the floor, and smashed into a glass that was ALSO on the floor, breaking the glass, and slicing my hand to ribbons in the process. *here's to hoping I got all the glass out of my cuts*


Tony Blair said...

You've seen my wife, haven't you?

Lindsey said...

lol! You've been having my kind of day! You know I came home to find my bathroom wall the same way. But there was still a tarp laying across my toilet and white stuff all over the freakin' place. No note...no nothing. I was pissed. Turns out neighbor was having some problem and they had to go thru my house. Then the maintenance guy forgot to come clean up.

Jennifer said...

Ugh, I got a notice today that they are coming in to do something in my place tomorrow. If anything like that happens to me, I'll be sooo mad.

Princess Pessimism said...

Linny - I've decided I LOATHE living in this apartment. And the sooner I can get out of here the better.

Jenny - I'll laugh. Just like you laughed at me.

yrautca said...

yeah yeah call me a snob but I had my maid service today and my bathroom is so clean i can eat there!

berly02 said...

Princess Pessimism and her no good, terrible, horrible, very bad day.
I don't mean to laugh. But really, your day came straight from a sitcom script. I'm sure of it!

Princess Pessimism said...

Yrautca - I wont call you a snob. Maybe LAZY...but not a snob. LOL

Berly - Ugh. Dont remind me....It's funny, because i've been tiptoeing around the apartment trying to avoid disaster....all the while, wondering what's going to go wrong today

Hernesto G said...

hahahahahaahha you are clumsy... anyways, you are the only one on the planet who could this happen to... by the way, why do you leave glass on the floor and then sit on it at 12 at night?

regarding your post: my birthday is on 14 of Heshvan (i might have looked at the callender wrong and said 13th but I was wrong) that's all I am saying.

Princess Pessimism said...

....I didnt SIT on the glass Herenesto. I was sitting on the floor, and turned to crack my back and hit the glass that was behind me with my hand....Come on. Pay attention. LOL

Trib said...

That is funny, but I'm sorry it happened to you instead of someone more deserving. Maybe you've been cursed? Did you slight a witch-doctor recently?

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Oh my goodness! At least it makes for a good story. Your leaky roof totally reminds me of that movie "The Money Pit" -- let's hope things don't get that bad!

As far as being clumsy, I hear you on that one. I have tripped, fallen down, knocked my head on, and otherwise ran into everything that surrounds me on a daily basis. On any given day I am covered in bruises. Hubby is always afraid that people will think he's a wife beater but, fortunately, everyone who knows me has seen me injure myself regularly so no raises an eyebrow when new wounds emerge. A week or two before my wedding I was walking my roommates dog and I tripped, fell down and the dog dragged me accross the pavement for a good 10-20 feet. I ripped all the skin off one side of my face and they had to cover it up with make-up for the wedding -- pretty!

I also have the knack of walking into closets (instead of opening the door to leave a room I open the closet door and walk in) as well as running into screen doors at people's houses. It's a wonder I'm not always in the emergency room! One of my friends is the same way and we are always trying to outdo each other with our stupid injuries. Right now she is winning -- she was getting out of the bathtub the other day and somehow broke 3 toes.

Anyway, you're not alone. Hopefully this helped a little...

Phil said...

Hi Princess! I think we all have days like that. I know I have. I hope things are a little better as you read this. Believe me, I know about plumbing problems. I just got a 5 foot hole in my kitchen ceiling fixed last week. The hole was caused by a plumber finding the source of a leak. As far as my online dating service goes, I'll only charge you $19.95 because you're my favorite online friend.

Katie said...

sorry your having a having a hard time..i have days like that a lot. your not the only one and i'm glad i'm not the only one also.

Princess Pessimism said...

Trib - I ask myself that question daily, why is it always me?

S.Subs - You know, I broke and injured my ankle so many times that I needed surgery on it. MY doctor was so tired of me coming in with a cast on she joked and told me that she was going to perscribe me a helmet! LOL

Phil - $19.95??? Who are you, Ron Poepeil??? LOL. Do I get a pasta maker with that??

Katie - If we start to share these things with one another, we wont feel so stupid about them. LOL

answer-man said...

ps I'm having a little trouble sending comments so if I do it twice please excuse me and I apologize.