Sunday, November 27, 2005

Its Sunday Already

I dont know what it is about pre-exam weeks, but they fly by, and before you know it, its already been a week since you said "I cant believe it's already sunday".

I ALSO realized that I hadnt posted in a while, but I have a reason for this. When I was sitting in my class friday morning, thinking about my upcoming weekend plans, I decided that what I had to do, seemed pointless and stupid. So, on a whim, I decided to come home and get some work done.

This weekend:

I cancelled BOTH of my dates, and said that I was sorry, but I just didnt want to date anyone now. I know that sounds lame, but it's true. I called them both on my way out the door, and said that I was going to go home for the weekend, I needed a break from Windsor. I just dont want to date anyone now...and it's going to stay like that for a while....

A nice boy told me he loved me, and the feeling I got from those 3 words sent shivers up my spine and made me feel amazing. I forgot how good they sounded from the right person. And so, since they gave me that feeling, I knew that going on a date, or out with any guy other than him, was the wrong decision. End of story. I cancelled my dates, and havent looked back. *even if one of those guys IS a multimillionaire....LOL!!!*

I decided to come home, went to the casino with a friend of mine and watched him turn 25$ into 2000$ two hours....Where as I blew the money I brought with me. So much for wanting to Win something this year.

I went to see harry potter today. Good movie. I recommend it even if you arent following the series. It's a good story. However, having read the books, and the 4th being my favorite so far, I noticed that it jumps rather quickly from one thing to the next. They had a LOT to cram into that movie, and what they did, they did well. But they covered a lot in a shirt time, and left quite a bit out. But, other than that, it was fantastic, and what they did cover, they covered well. But the third movie is still my favorite.

I saw a picture today of someone that I really care about, who I havent seen in a long time. I forgot how gorgeous he is....and it brought tears to my eyes, because I miss him terribly. Fighting does that to people. Makes them forget how much they care.....I cant believe how much you dont know you miss someone until you see them.

Fuck, this was a shitty post. Sorry about that. I'm extremely distracted today.


Lindsey said...

Not a shitty post. I'm glad to see your back...been missing you.

Yeah, I can't believe it's Sunday either. This sucks. I need at least 2 more days to lay around and be lazy.

If you've got someone who give you shivers,then honey hold onto him and screw everyone else. If you don't want him, I will. :0)

Sexy Suburbanite said...

The big question is -- Did you say "I love you" back?

Px said...

told you HP was cool :)
heh heh
pictures can do that to you, i still hear things about an ex of mine and then i find myself thinking about her again

Natalia said...

Wow...look at woohoo!!!


berly02 said...

Hope your exams go well this week!!!!

Princess Pessimism said...

Linny - I'm trying to hold onto him....but I might have made too many mistakes.

S.Subs - I always do

PX - Yes yes, HP was cool. Isnt it funny the things that make you nostalgic?

Natalia - just keep your fingers crossed for me.

Berly - Thanks Lady!!! I'll need it!