Monday, July 31, 2006

Blogger Confessional© Deep Thoughts on 5 Dates

This week consisted again, of drinking, and going out almost everynight. However, on Friday, we had some deep introspective conversation about the 5 date challenge that coincided with the events of the evening.

- Invited our quai-cute waiter to sit down with us and have a few drinks after he was done work. He actually did, and we ended up doing many shots, plus all the martinis I drank...not to mention the drinking I did the rest of the day. So our waiter sits down with us, and starts going on about how he was raised at a race track *his dad was a jockey*, how his brother sliced his skull open...twice, how he has a bucket of phone numbers of girls he will never call, how he has three beer store phone numbers programmed into his cell phone, how the first thing beside his bed is a bottle of tequila, and how he's almost 21. 21!!!! Oh god. Me and LD looked at eachother and gagged. And then he pulled out his switchblade, opened it up, and told us he carries it for protectoin. I cant imagine the look on my face....we left while he got up and went to the bathroom. *he was also sitting with staff at another table, so i didnt really care.*

Through out the course of the night, sitting with this guy, Dave, "T" pointed out that this guy should count as a date becuase I asked a strange guy to sit with us, AND he bought shots. Me and LD burst out laughing, and say that it does count as one out of the 5 date challenge, and we call Miss Ash, in tears saying LD - 1, PP - 1, Miss Ash - 0.

We werent really counting him as a date, and laughed about how funny it was. And at the end of the night, I confessed that I would never date him anyway, as he was very bizzare. But we thought it was funny. Although, at this point we agreed that there needs to be some sort of breakdown, rule wise.

I would post them, but miss ash would disagree with them, she wants to change the year to 4 and my friends arent daters. We dont date, and every relationship we've been in never started with a total stranger and the phrase "would you like to go for a ....... sometime?" At least, none of mine have. I'll tell you right now, in 4 months, I wont have one date. I'll hook up with someone, but I wont date them. But I digress.

Walking back to the car at the end of the night, I was, surprisingly, not drunk, and I looked at LD, and said "How is this our life?"....the best nights, are when she cant even answer, and she just shakes her head, becuase she has no idea either.

Although, on the way home, we did agree that "Dave" solidifies the reason that we dont usually meet new people. Dave is the epitomy of why I dont want to meet new people. The guy carries a switchblade for fucks sake, and he looked like John Travoltas friends in Grease. Ive never seen West Side Story...but I imagine that Dave would have fit right in....minus the singing.


Natalia said...

Hmmm...yeah, Dave is a reason for not dating. I have dated in the past. But my lasting relationships all started not as a result of many dates but an encounter and an immediate attraction and just falling into togetherness. I don't know if Mr. Hagfish and I meeting online and having phone conversation after phone conversation could be considered phone dates??? Hmmmm... not sure. It felt mostly like we were instantly together.


Miss Ash said...

Glad i missed that one LOL. He sounds lovely *ewe*

I'm not much of a dater either, i've been on one so far this year. It was just pointed out to me by the writer of the 5 Date Challenge that it's not really a challenge when you have a year to do it, 4 months seemed more reasonable. She only gave her friends 2 months. I agree that to us it's a challenge to go on 5 dates in a year LOL. However, it's the year of stepping out of the box, so 4 months is ok with me.

Amichai said...

I am probably the worst person to give advice as I suck at dating and meeting people. I've maybe instigated one third to a half of all the relationships I've been in. The other two-thirds (or half, I've never done the math) were all instigated by the girl (take my current girlfreind for instance).

That being said perhaps you are going to the wrong places to meet people. I don't know what the right places would be, but (and I'm not implying I'm your type or that guys like me are your type) I wouldn't pick up a strange drunk girl at some random bar or club.

But I am admitidly a total introvert and I probably wouldn't pick up a stranger anywhere. And as an introvert I completely agree that new people are to be avoided. Heck, even most old people are too be avoided as well.

Dawn said...

one year or four months, doesn't make a difference because none of us will complete the challenge anyways...I think we need to become much more friendly to people who are outside of our circle

By the way Dave started out relatively nice until he got really drunk and became an ass, whatever here's to new experiences

Trib said...

C'mon, you could have five dates in no time! Go to the bar in a group of two or three, stand where you can be seen, and don't circle the wagons: leave your body language open. Guys will approach, if they don't seem like psychos give them your number. If you seem really cool they're likely to call which = date.
When you see girls standing like that it's like a beacon. If you watch for a little while you'll see guys approach. Then I'll usually go over and make fun of them for being so obvious.

Princess Pessimism said...

Natalia - Phone dates? I dont know...Wait, You and Mr. Hagfish met online? How long ago?? Have you guys met yet? Did you write about this already?

Miss Ash - Oh God, well we actually talked about you, and we were laughing saying that you would have also rolled your eyes at him. I guess we'll all aim for 4 months. I'm hoping that I meet a shit load of guys in teachers college, that I can bring to you guys, and we'll all live happily ever after.

Amichai - Ya, but the way that your relationship started, is one of the cutest and most amazing stories ive heard in a long time. Your life plays out like a movie sometimes, and I totally adore that. However, with that being said, we're out there. We go everywhere, but since we're such good friends, for so long, its hard for people to break into the circle.

Princess Pessimism said...

Dawn - Ya....He did seem relatively normal at the beginning of the night. The booze seemed to have a negative effect on him eh?

...And as for your "here's to new experiences" comment. I have 2 things to say.

1. I PROMISE I am through with trying to find you a date.
2. We didnt clink glasses to new experiences..We clinked them to evil, remember? LOL!!!

Trib - Thats a problem for us, As much as we make ourselves available to people coming to talk to us, we're selective about who we talk to...i think we have a vibe. A few people have told me that we look intimidating, which I totally believe.

Scott said...

Sounds like a good night out. Best of luck on the continuing saga of five dates!


Big Ben said...

It is not a dat unless it is only you and him (a double dates does not count in my book).

rawbean said...

If you're gonna meet guys at the bar, you need to talk to the friend of the group of guys that looks like he doesn't want to be there while his friends are acting like asses. That guy is usually somewhat cool...or married, which is no good.

THis date challenge sounds hard. Maybe you should compromise and go 6 or 8 months.

CC said...

The dating pool is somewhat shallow (much like the gene pool these guys come from) and the top layer is covered in that green crap that accumulates if no one takes care of the pool. You have to want to wade through all that crap in order to get to the change at the bottom. Is it worth it? Usually not- but hopefully one day we'll hit the jackpot.

yrautca said...

I think that 4 months for 5 dates is a reasonable period. Otherwise you will just sit on your butt and do nothing. Of course *Dave* was only 21. he was trying to impress you by his popularity with women and then by producing a semi-weapon to give himself a tough-guy image.

I think Ash is right. 4 months is enough time.

Princess Pessimism said...

Scott - Oh ya, we totally had a blast regardless....and we reminded ourselves why we dont tend to talk to strangers.

Ben - You and Miss Ash. I swear. You guys have totally the same train of thought.

Rawbean - It is going to be hard. I mean, yes, we're bitches, but once you're in, you're in. And we love you....its just jumping the first *and maybe second and third* hurdle thats the hardest.

CC -'re saying that most guys are fungus and algae? LOL!!! I couldnt agree more.

Yrautca - Whatever "Dave" was trying to do, it didnt work, and we thought less of him for it.

Sexy Suburbanite said...

He sure knows how to woo the ladies!

Princess Pessimism said...

Sexy - Ha...ya. LOL!!! I dont know why he gets so many numbers. I guess, thats what has happened to dating and guys since we were 20-21...i guess thats what passes for hot now.

Amichai said...

My life doesn't really play out like a movie, I just write it that way. It's all an illusion and far more boring in reality.

Princess Pessimism said...

Amichai - Ohhh...dont do that. Your life has a romantic quality to it thatI find quite im ignoring your "its boring" comment. :)

Natalia said...


I didn't blog about it at great lengths, no. I want to give it some time. Yes we met online. More to come.


Hernesto G said...

Hey, wtf are you talking about... shows how much you know... people with switch blades are the coolest, they are like the hottest think when you go down south of the border! Hey, and what's wrong with carrying protection... you carry condoms right? for what purpose? to PROTECT yourself, right... so the kid, carries a switch blade, to PROTECT himself... I've never been to "north of the border" but I heard you have polar bears and they are pretty dangerous so I assume a switchblademm, to say the least, should be in every guys pocket. Also, it is a symbol of chivalry, to protect his lady from a bear or a criminal or a native or whatever you have up there, wolverines, right?