Sunday, July 23, 2006

Blogger Confessional© My weekend of Jammers and Blockers.

In this VERY special Blogger Confessional© comeback, well, not really i've been blogging about my week on sundays, but just not calling it the confessional©....i've had as busy as weekend as anything....

- drank 5 days out of 7 this week kids....This means that in the almost 4 weeks that i've been home, i've managed to drink 19 or 20 days out of I said, living like a rock star is REALLY starting to agree with me.

-Went out galavanting with Miss Ash and LD on friday....where, even though I was driving, managed to get in 3 hearty drinks, and a very strong jello shot into my system. Through out the course of 3 and a bit hours though....Its a good thing i've built up my tolerance these past 3 and 3/4 weeks. That morning, I thought that I felt a cold coming. But it turned out to be nothing a few drinks wouldnt take care of.

- Went to costco. Im not too sure about that store. I dont know how I feel about a store that sells meat, and furniture side by side. But I went anyway....and didnt get anything, but it was saturday and it was free sample day....I usually cant eat any of that shit becuase of my crazy allergies, but it's fun to watch the vultures swarming.

- Was unsure of what do to last night. It was another of our friend's b-day this past wednesday and I called her about 6 times to go out from wednesday until last night, and she hasnt called back. So i dont know what's up....but H if you're reading this. Get off your lazy ass and call me...i have presents for you. But I digress. The phone rings, it's Jenni's mom. But since Im not really on general phone rotation with jenni's mom, I figure that it's Jenni instead. It is, and it's 6pm.

Her: "what are you doing"
Me: "putting my granola into the cupboard"
Her: "*sigh* in tonight. Do you have any plans?"
Me: "not yet..but I just..."
Her: "do you want to go to the roller derby in burlington? Its the first match ever at the arena."
Me: " *pause* What?"
Her: "The roller derby. Its gonna be so much fun"
Me: "Uh...okay."

So we make it starts in less than an hour, and I literally hang up the phone with her, and leave. It takes me about a half hour to get to where it is, and her about 40. So we go watch us some roller derby. Which I have to admit was sort of fun. However, the best part of the night came when Jenni mentioned that Miss Ash didnt want to go, and I said "Ohhh...she'll be sad because of all the eye candy." Trust many guys, SO HOT!!!

- I also read a website that tells you whats happening in big brother, and trust me, if you are watching this show, you will DIE at what happens in the upcoming POV contest. I cant wait to see it.

OH OH....Beastie Boys at MTV live this Wednesday the 26th. For free tickets to MTV live, call 416 355 3979, toll free: 1 800 491 6888 or send your fancy email to We'll be there, and I cant wait.

That was just my weekend...the rest of the week is foggy, I drank almost everyday. Happy sunday everyone.


Heather said...

I didn't realize that one could be considered lazy when they work about 50 hours a week. But i guess i'm wrong.

Natalia said...

I did some drinking too this weekend. Hmmm not as much as you...but damn... for me...a lot.

I probably have more stuff to confess... but I am so tired.


Miss Ash said...

Happy Birthday Heather. I called your cell and hung up when the machine came on right away, and realized i should have left that message...i had been drinking :)

As for Roller Derby, i was all for it, i just had plans already that could not be changed.

Princess Pessimism said...

Heather - LOL!! I dont think you're lazy. I know you work a lot...but you were off this weekend, you should have let me know where you guys were on friday. I would have met up with you before i went to the falls, and we tried to call you after around midnight, but we couldnt get you...

Natalia - you must be tired from something....were you entertaining company this weekend???

Ash - You can come to the next one. it was the best time EVER!!! LOL

blepharisma said...

hmmmm beastie boys! i think joe & i might try to come to this...

yrautca said...

happy birthday heather. i called too and hung up when you dad picked up the phone. next year.

PP, you seem to be doing loads of different stuff these days. I dont have a costco membership. I figure only people who go there are restaurants or large families who want to buy stuff in bulk.

Princess Pessimism said...

Bleph - I'll let the B.I.L know to add on two more tickets. Let me know.

Yrautca - Ya, i'm always up to lots of read this should know that by now.

Scott said...

Sounds like a solid weekend. Roller Derby in Burlington eh? Hmmmm


Trib said...

Roller derby! Drinking and girls on roller skates! Perfect!

rawbean said...

I can't believe the beastie boys are still together!

Big Ben said...

Roller derby, cool! I should have went out to Absurdington to check that out! (then you would have seen another hot guy)

d nova said...

i heard costco donates a lot of money to leftist causes.

Sexy Suburbanite said...

Roller Derby? do tell more.

Princess Pessimism said...

Scott - It WAS A solid weekend...many unexpected things happen....very enjoyable.

Trib - well, it was perfect for me too, but i woud have also enjoyed boys on rollerskates as well.

Rawbean - LOL!!! Actually now that you mention it, neither can I.

Ben - You would have LOVED IT!!! it was 2 teams of girls on rollerskates, with tight tight outfits, little skirts, and low cut tank tops....

D Nova - REALLY??? Whats your source?

Sexy - What do you want to know???? It was so entertaining

Phil said...

Tell MTV Live to stop having the good acts in the middle of the week and there's no way I can get out of work in time.

Eye candy at a Roller Derby?!!? Yeah, but they're guys who like roller derby. What do you think that says about them?

Princess Pessimism said...

Phil - you know what? I'mm email you the schedule when I get's on their website, but I cant remember how to find it, and I think it stops at July 28th anyway.

And as for the boys at the roller derby. I was there, and I had a good time. Whatever it says about them, it probably says the same thing about me. They like contact sports.

Natalia said...

Just stuff and work stuff... nothing THAT exciting :) That comes in a few weeks.