Sunday, September 11, 2005

100 things about me

Oh my's REALLY 100 things about me....

1. I'm by all intents and purposes a TRUE Scorpio
2. When I was 3 I shit on the sidewalk because my neighbor did. I thought it was okay to do it, but I got in a LOT of trouble
3. I used to eat rocks as a child
4. I have never liked milk
5. I have not eaten red meat or pork since September 1991
6. I have never eaten a donut, egg, ham or brussel sprout...and I have never had a cup of coffee
7. All my family members b-days either fall on the 5th or the 14th of different months
8. I'm allergic to red food dye, vanilla and feathers
9. The first move I ever cried in was Braveheart, and have only cried in 5 movies since then
10. I have watched my favorite movie more than 200 times
11. I wrote a post card to "Post Secret", but instead of mailing it there, I sent it to the person it was about
12. I have a hard time admitting i'm wrong, even when I know I am
13. I want to get married and have a family
14. When my grandfather was alive, he burnt me accidentally with a cigarette. I love the scar it left, becuase it reminds me of him
15. This is the first time I have ever lived alone
16. I rarely feel guilty for what I have done...but i'm working on it
17. I complain about other people all the time
18. Opera singers voices are so powerful and beautiful, they bring tears to my eyes
19. I am generally a nice person, but when i'm mean, i'm horrible
20. I will argue my point even if it's not worth it
21. I know the mistakes i've made, but it hurts to admit them, because sometimes I cant believe how mean I am to the people I love.
22. I forgave the 3 people in my life who hurt me the most, and for the first time, I was free from what they did to me.
23. I still dont know what I want to do with my life
24. I have very low self esteem
25. I was in a very toxic relationship for 8 years where I learned that everyone is out to get me, i'm currently trying to forget this
26. While I was in this relationship, I could never be myself because I knew he wouldnt accept me, and because of that, I almost lost all of my friends.
27. I had sex at Old Navy....and a major department store...more than once
28. I like to be in control
29. I have never slept with a "blankie" or stuffed animal
30. I am afraid to show weakness around other people
31. I love my friends more than anything
32. I am extremely protective
33. I hate team sports
34. I never had to work a day in my life. My first job was at the age of 23, and i've only had one job since that, but love working
35. The first car I drove was a Lexus, the second, a BMW
36. I do not get jealous easily
37. I LOVE spending money
38. I hate mushrooms and Cilantro
39. Once in highschool...I gave some guy a black eye, and made him piss blood becuase I was SICK of him CONSTANTLY provoking me, and his friend just stood there and watched.
40. I was kicked out of University first year, and worked my ass off to get back in the following semester
41. I can tell you many things about yourself just by knowing what your favorite cereal is
42. I believe that people are inherently good, but am consistently being let down by them
43. I hate it when people lie to me....
44....and I can usually catch them doing it
45. I pay very close attention to everything, and use the details I remember to help me win arguments
46. I'm nasty when I fight, and sometimes even surprise myself at how low I can get.
47. I have a short temper...but a lot of patience
48. If I change the channel, I forget what I was just watching. But I can tell you exactly where I was 10 years ago and what I was doing.
49. I firmly believe "If you screw me once, it's your fault, if you screw me again, it's my fault"
50. I NEVER gave anyone a second chance until I met Micheal...
51. I gave up way too easily at many relationships and hurt a lot of people beause I was afraid of not being accepted
52. I always think I forgot to lock my place or my car, and always go back to check.
53. When I go to the movies, I think people have licked the straws and put them back. So I always throw the first 10 or so away and take the last one.
54. I love going out with my friends, but before I do, am usually anxious about running into someone from higschool who made my life hell
55. I think smoking pot is disgusting
56. I had to have surgery on my ankle becuase I broke it so many times
57. My very best friend died under "questionable circumstances"
58. I have told my parents they are assholes, when they were too selfish to make the right decision, in regards to their own friends
59. My dad used to hit me so much as a child that my sister used to sit in her room and wish that he'd hit her for a change.
60. I had a pet tarantula, and i'd like another one
61. I hate guns
62. I lived in the states for one year, and doing so made me appreciate the Health Care system in Ontario
63. I am extremely selfless
64. I am suspicious of at least half the people I meet
65. When I am driving, I often wonder where all the other drivers are going
66. My curly hair is a pain in my ass....
67. I love swearing, it makes me feel powerful
68. I have 2 gorgeous amazing neices
69. If anything gets in my drink, it makes me gag, and I call them "Floaties"
70. I like reading bedtime stories to my boyfriend
71. I love to cook
72. I generally dont "like" other people
73. If i'm doing something that annoys someone I dont know, I wont stop, regardless of how many times they glare at me
74. I wish I had more friends that werent white
75. I can never get a tattoo becuse of my red dye allergy
76. I am great at making plans for myself, but horrible at sticking to them
77. When I worked with families at the YWCA, one family that I knew really well, 3 out of their 4 children burned to death in a house fire, and I still miss those kids a lot
78. Sometimes when opportunity knocks, I am too lazy to answer the door
79. I think Richard Nixon and Ronald REgan were bad presidents, but they still make me laugh at what they thought they could get away with
80. I'm obsessed with faith healers and Scientology because I cant figure out why people go to them
81. I think people who buy Diet Pills are funny, because they're looking for a magic pill
82. If I find a piece of clothing I love, I will go back and buy it in another color
83. I have never left North America, but have travelled coast to coast in Canada, and half the US.
84. I think African American skin is gorgeous
85. I dont wear make up and have no clue how to put it on
86. I will spend 30$ on face wash that really works becuse you cant put a price on your skin
87. Everyone in my family either owns, or has owned their own business
88. My friends joke around about my family being Mafia, and sometimes, I think they might be right
89. I HATE the words Pud, Scrotum and moist
90. Talking about "Bears in Politics" makes me very angry
91. I have no will power
92. I eat when i'm bored
93. I love the book "Superfudge"
94. The "Psychadelic Furs" hurt my feelings becuase they remind me of someone I knew that died
95. I NEVER want to be famous
96. I'm a professional crisis worker, mental health worker, and greif counsellor, and i'm very good at it
97. I think mullets are funny
98. My Favorite boardgame is "Clue"
99. I'm afraid half of the things I want to see in the world will be bombed before I get the chance to see them
100. I'm a lot farther from where I thought i'd be at 27, but i've done a lot in my life, and all the detours that i've taken have been well worth the journey


Px said...

ok, that's just scary

it's like we really are kindred spirits

Princess Pessimism said...

LOL....Why do you say that?

Px said...

there are some many things on your list that could go on my list

Princess Pessimism said...

I'd like to read that list one day....

Px said...

yeah one day i might have to post it...
one day when i'm bored and have nothing to do...
so probably tomorrow lol

Princess Pessimism said... wont take as long as you think it does....i was surprised at how easy that list was to write....the hardest part was pushing "publish blog"...not many people know those things

Lindsey said...

That really is seriously freaky. 3/4 of your list is my life. Everything except for the well off family stuff. We were fairly poor..oh and I don't have curly hair. That's gotta be a bitch.

Hmmmm. I think I'll have to sit down and see if I can come up with 100 things about me.

crallspace said...

Jeez..lots to comment on. Few comments.

I used to not admit when I was wrong, but doing so is a big step toward becoming a better person- cliched, but true.

Try brussels sprouts. They're damn good.

You're not the first girl I've met who hates the word MOIST.

I cry during movies a lot more than most guys, but not during operas...Clockwork Orange for instance- I bet I cry the next time I watch it.

I generally don't like other people either... nowadays, I let people's politics determine if I will be their friend. If someone calles themselves a neo-conservative, they may as well have spit in my face.

Princess Pessimism said...


I agree 100%. If we dont agree on politics, you might as well just fuck off, becuse we will never see eye to eye on any areas of social development.....

Chaz said...

Oh my god we are the same person!

No, not really.

Sure, lots of your list could on mine, but that's true for most people. Most people have a hard time admitting they're wrong, or think their self-esteem is low (when it is relatively high), or don't know what they want to do with their lives.

This was a really good post. It takes a lot of courage to write what you did. I know I'd have a hard time letting people know things like that about me.

Good job.

P.S. For google search purposes, could you do me a favour? In you link to my page, can you change the site from, to just, and the link text from Chazeriffic to Chaz? Thanks a lot

Princess Pessimism said...

Chaz...Thanks....A LOT.

And no problem, I can switch that for you

Px said...

well i'm at work today now and although i think i might have a lot on, i'm not 100% sure i have and so i'm sure i'll find some time to do it, and if not, i'll do it later

Natalia said...

Erm... was that a tag or was that just because you felt like it? list :)


Princess Pessimism said...

Natalia...just something I did on my own....If you WANT me to tag you, I will.....LOL

Sexy Suburbanite said...

I also know several people who dislike the word "moist." I'm cool with it though.

Anyway, kudos to you for getting this list together. I think I could start a top 100 list about myself and it would take me a year to finish (after taking many breaks to play Clue)

Courtney said...

Very interesting list...oh, and I agree that Nixon and Reagan sucked. Come to think of it, I think the only decent president we've had in my lifetime was Bill Clinton. Total perv, but relatively good pres. Go figure.

Phil said...

Wow! I think it would take me forever to write 100 things about me, and then, if I was honest in the list, I'd be afraid to let others read it. You were very brave.

Princess Pessimism said...

Thanks Phil....Glad you liked.

Courtney...A NEW commenter??? HORRAY...welcome...dont let Phil scare you away....LOL

Nuclear Beaver said...

I eat Nature's Path Mesa Sunrise breakfast cereal. And moist is a horrible word. Yick.

FU said...

i noticed that in your profile you say you play "that's your boyfriend". i play "that's your wife/husband/lover" with my friends. wow..i thot i was the only meanie out there :)

my acting classes are with an casting director anne tait. i heard weird things about Eleanor Fulcher coz they advertise on the radio and most good agencies don't do that!! arghh.. but yay for your friend :) always happy to know other actors get work! one will be me.. :)

do you still eat rocks?

shrinkreplaced said...

I don't really comment on most people's posts but I REALLY liked reading 100 things about you, even though I have no idea who you are.

popfizz said...

great list..
but please....

oh please..

give hockey a chance.

clue rules !

berly02 said...

You have never had coffee???
I think I may cry. I can't function without the sweet nectar every morning.
Really great list!!

Princess Pessimism said...

Nuclear Beaver - I eat blueberry Babyfood for breakfast.

FU - I LOVE theres your boyfriend, its the best game ever. No, I do not still eat rocks....I guess my mom told me that my gums used to bleed all the time, I learned the hard way I suppose. And Elanor Fulcher.....Yes, I agree. 100% shady. Good agencies never need to advertise.

Princess Pessimism said...

StillForNow - Well, I'm honored....thank you for leaving a comment....

POPFIZZ...back from the dead darling...I havent seen you on this side of my blog in quite some time. Hockey you say? I've seen a few games live...they're much better, but what I meant is that I hate participating in team sports....and I dont generally watch them either. I like individual, martial arts, rock climbing.....

Berly - Never for coffee....If I want energy in the AM, I eat apples...LOL. They dont make my breath stink.

Jaime said...

You don't know what you're missin'. :)

Princess Pessimism said...

Jaime....Nope....Never...and i'll tell you another thing...St. Catharines, where I'm from, is the donut capitol of the world.....

Anonymous said...

hahahah, hey ma word is bond! me and my homie jamal took a shit in a urinal at the cinema just yesterday

Anonymous said...

74. I wish I had more friends that werent white

like trading cards eh?

Hernesto G said...

101. I once shitted myself in front of the whole class on fifth period English and sat down and pointed at the fat kid in class that everyone hated and said that he farts all the time.

Princess Pessimism said...


Trading Cards??? I just like multiculturalism...and I think other cultures are fascinating.

Lindsey said...

You know what...I totally hate coffee too and no one can seem to understand why. Give me a cup of hot chocolate instead and I'm all set.

Ah..Courtney wrote did Berly. You'll like them, they're funny. Courtney was my first ever blog friend. :0)

Princess Pessimism said...


I've never tried coffee....It stinks. No thanks. And I totally agree with you about the hot chocolate.

chefwes said...

I'm going to Old NAVY... now and everyday for the next 5 years! :D

Princess Pessimism said...

Chefwes...LOL.....Uh ya....I dont know what prompted me to tell the entire world that......

John said...

Brilliant. Very honest, intriguing, downright fascinating. Too bad we'd never meet, because you are clearly intelligent and a conversation with you over a glass of wine would be a great way to spend a couple of hours. You should think of pursuing a career in writing.

John from Keswick

Princess Pessimism said...

John - you must have read this blog eons ago, as I have just found your comment. Anyway, I tried to go over to your blog and leave a comment for you, but you profile is not available to the public. Should, by some miracle, you ever come back here and check this blog, email me....its in my profile.