Friday, September 30, 2005

Must have gotten a weekend pass for good behavior!

So it's the last day of the month right, and it's bills bills bills.....

So I go to the bank to get my rent out, I hate paying with fucks me up and since I dont have a clue how to manage my money, if I payed by check, I'd just keep spending. IF i go to the bank, I see how much money i'm taking out and spending, and then I know how much money I have to "play" I am somewhat of an impulsive spender

Anyway, I go to the bank, and since it's 45 mintues before they close, it's somewhat dead. And instead of having those ropey things that make the line, the rope between the two poles was not up, so it was a VERY short line, wall to teller, not all around the ropes

Anyway, this woman comes rushing madly in behind me....and says "Hey, they took the ropes down, they changed the line then eh?" I knew she was talking to me, but I ignored her. Like I feel like talking to random people at the bank when i'm there to spend all my money on bills. That makes me grouchy...besides, the dirty woman in front of me, had a bug in her hair...and I was watching it. And NO, I didnt tell her....if she wants to be dirty, and attract bugs, thats her business.

Anyway, this woman behind me is there for about 2 minutes, and she charges in front of me, and picks the rope up and says, i'm just going to put this up. and she looks at me, and says "and then you go around the rope. It makes the line look less busy."

I just stand there....staring.....

She says again "And then YOU go around the rope. I walked into the bank and almost left, I thought it was really busy" To which I just stand there, and when I see that she's serious, I start to move, and say "Does it really matter???"

She looks at me like I'M the one who's insane here and says that it does.....I didnt really listen to her repsonse why, but it was something along the lines of "I come here everyday, and this is the usual way it is". I just said again "Does it REALLY matter??"

At which point she says "The line looked long, I almost left and didnt get my banking done you know" To which I respond "Hm. Tragic"

She says "You're pretty mouthy you know" And I say "Well MAYBE you shouldnt be so OBSESSIVE about the lines at the bank. Its a bank line...who cares."

She says "Obessive? I dont think that I am" And I say "Oh you are" And she says "what are you??? A PROFESSIONAL?" And i turn around completely to look her in the face and say "Ya, Actually I am"

She didnt say anything else after that. HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!


Phil said...

LOL! Very funny story Princess. You've got to put on the password protect thing to get rid of the spammers.

Princess Pessimism said...

I know, I know....but I HATE those things....they annoy me....LOL.

Katie said...

love the story pp

Katie said...

O and we do sound a lot a like othern then I would have told the lady to fuck off....but in a nice way;.)

Px said...

you've spent too long reading natalia's blog
it's rubbing off on you lol

Jennifer said...

Oh my god, I'm so glad you mentioned paying the rent, I totally forgot, and when I read your post, I checked my balance and my rent cheque would have bounced if I hadn't tranferred some money into my chequing account.

Hernesto G said...

hold on... what the hell is a Professional in your country? Like Jean Reno protecting the little Natalie Portman from Gary Oldman? You see, that is why America is great, you would've actually had the right to shoot her. And she might have had a gun or two herself, you you would've walked out at HIGH NOON on the street of Tombstone or wherever, and had a shoot out... The winner either puts up or takes down the ropes. Listen, if you don't have a gun, you could've at least stabbed her, maybe just punched her, or something!