Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No Messenger and Dirty Apartments make Princess go crazy...

I havent forgotton you...i still love all of you...I've just moved to another city, and my time has been dedicated to setting up my apartment.

My place is a disaster. BUT of course, since I lived here a few years ago, I have friends in the city, who came over last night...and I got NOTHING done...but I did manage to kick some boxes out of the way, so it wasnt such a maze in here.

AND i'm on my new laptop...which, I'm stealing someone else's internet wireless connection. LOL! Although, it says my firewalls have prevented me from using messnger. Does anyone out there know how to fix that??? No messenger is my worst nightmare!!!

I promise I will start blogging again ASAP...or whenever my apartment is clean..whatever comes first. Tomorrow is my frist day of classes....LOL. Going back to uni at 27...when everyone else is 17. THIS should be fun!

Wish me luck...and if you have the answer to my MSN question, let me know!


Natalia said...

*fingers crossed* :) LUCK!

Katie said...

i'm stealing someone else's internet wireless connection love free stuff!
I will ask chris about the messnger thing. everything we have on here is bootleg. i will ask and let you know if we can help.

Px said...

there'a a way go get round the firewalls with messenger, but i can never remember it, plus if you're blagging someone else's wireless connection do their firewalls affect things?
just a question
as for your place...shouldn't worry about it, cleaning is only any good when you're in a bad mood and needto burn some energy in a healthy, non-aggressive manner
that's my excuse anyway

Princess Pessimism said...

Well i've been cleaning all day, and I have made little progress. BUT i did get most of my pictures/wall accessories hung. Although after numerous atempts. I dont have an eye for maiking things even, when i'm the one hanging them.

BUT its done. Now all i need is more furniture.

I TRIED to get around my firewalls....but to no avail so far.'s frustrating.

Px said...

i've got an abundance of furniture, i would offer it to you, but i think you might have trouble coming and getting it

Lindsey said...

Don't feel bad...I'm planning on taking some classes next semester and I'm 28.

Congrats on the new place though.

Princess Pessimism said...

PX...i'll email you my address bring it on over...LOL

Linny..i'm 28 in november....everyone else, is 17! LOL Oh well..its gonna be fun, besides, who gives a shit what 17 year olds think anyway...*Except the 17 year olds that read my blog...I CARE What you think!*

Chaz said...

Add me on msn!

That goes for anyone else who feels like it.

Px said...

i'll bring it over if you pay for the shipping of me and it ;)

popfizz said...

you prob set something in your firewall to not prompt for new outside connections.. you need to go into the preferences and find where you can force it to prompt/ask for each new connection.

then, when you start messanger, it should pop up and say "do you want to allow this connection".. click the "fuck yes" button and off you go.

That will be 50$ please.

Princess Pessimism said...


I just got this laptop, and the first time i ever used it was tuesday night...i dont think i did anything to prevent messneger. Who knows...i'll find some computer geek today at

PX...Where are you? UK right? NO PROBLEM.... =)

Px said...

uk all the way
i'm sure it won't cost too much... :o)
and after yesterday and today's really pants days i need the break

Anonymous said...

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