Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Demons to Some...Angels to Others: Part 2

The saga continues...

3. Carrie

This is, and always will be, the scariest movie i've ever seen. I know I know, it's totally campy and wickedly cliche, but THIS was the first horror movie that I ever saw. This is the first movie that ever scared me, and will therefore be the scariest movie i've ever seen.

This movie has a lot of great elements that are horrifying. The whole telekenesis thing, it freaks me out a little. It's all great and fun to be able to move things with your mind, when it's YOU who's doing it. When it's someone else, it's scary....because if you can harness your own brain power to do such things, you might not understand it, but it's COOL. When someone else does it, you cant control the things that they use it for *school burning, car flipping* and it's scary, becuase NOW it can be used against you.

And of course, WHO could forget that ending. Piper Laurie....left strung across the archway of her kitchen door in typical "Jesus on the cross" fashion, complete with open eyes. CREEPY!!! That made my skin almost crawl right off my body.....and then When Carrie has to pull her off the door frames because the house is burning down. OH MY GOD, the way that knife ripped through her wrist....STILL Makes me close my eyes when the movie is on.

4. Candyman

THIS MOVIE MADE ME AFRAID TO GO PEE WITH THE DOOR CLOSED. This movie scared me to death. And yes, i'll fully admit it, I was afraid to look in mirrors, I was afraid to go into public bathrooms, and I was afraid to go to the bathroom and close the door. This movie made me afraid of the dark.

This movie had everything. It had suspense, it had blood, and a LOT of it, it had gore....EXCEPTIONALLY gory scenes. This movie had scare written ALL over it, and all beacuse of a myth, an "Urban legend", that really wasnt so legend after all.

Poor Virgina Madsen.....everyone thinks she's going crazy....and she even winds up in a mental institution....until good old Candyman saves the day, and takes his hook and rips it up the spine of her doctor. And that noise...OH MY GOD, THAT SICKENING NOISE....it hurts my ears....because it's what I would EXPECT someone ripping my spine out would sound like. That's the sound that sends shivers all over my existance, and gives me goose bumps from head to toe.

5. Jaws

The only reason Jaws has terrified audiences for YEARS is because when you're in the ocean, you dont know what's there...lurking.....swimming....faster than you can. Ugh, the THOUGHT of being in the ocean floating around, and something brushes against my leg...YA RIGHT. You'll never catch me out there. EVER.

Imagine being under the surface of the water...swimming along merrily, taking pictures with your trusty underwater camera...and after a few minutes, a shape will appear along the edge of visibility, out in the distance. At first, it is just a dark shadow, but within seconds the shadow begins to take shape....and all you can do is hope to god, it keeps on going.

Jaws plays on the fact that of the 70 percent of ocean that covers the planet, we've journeyed through 5% of 70. And of that 5%, we've only journeyed through 5% of that. Think of how much is out there....

Until tomorrow...again.


Nuclear Beaver said...

I think the movie that freaked me out the most was The Exorcist. That shit messed me up for days and my brother had nightmares for months after seeing that. I remember seeing a movie called "Last House on the Left" which was definitely not great but I remember being really disturbed by it.

thanks for linking me. I'll link you back. :)

Princess Pessimism said...

Ohh...you stay tuned Nuclear Beaver...there's more where this came from...

petrow said...

weres the shinning, hello Mrs torence where are you?