Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Demons to Some...Angels to Others: Part 3

I have received emails about this post. *I dont know WHY they wouldnt leave comments, but they emailed me instead*...For all of you, who've asked me why i've left certain movies out, I'm SORRY, this is an ongoing series....You're going to have to be patient....And as for the movies, THINK of how many horror movies that are out there. I'm not making a dissertation of every horror movie ever made you know. This is my blog, i'm posting about the movies I like. If you want to write about the horror movies that you like, get your own blog...and if you have your own blog, then go write about the Shining on your own page. It wont show up on this one, I hated that movie.

And now...back to our regularly scheduled programming.

6. Scream

My all time favorite series of horror movies. These are FUN. Fun scares, fun screams, and just general good times had by all. This is the ULTIMATE horror movie. It has everything...It's got a wonderfully suspensy "who done it" ending, it's got a load of laughs, it's got pop out at you scares, it's got really tense moments, and it's got GREAT twists. And please give credit where credit is due people, this movie was written in less than a weekend. So...for a movie of this caliber to be written inside of 72 hours, I'd say that's pretty amazing.

This movie is of the nail biting genre. You KNOW something crazy is going to happen, you're just not too sure when. This movie has us on the edge of our seats, in crazy anticipation, lightens the mood, makes us laugh and lets us relax, but only for a minute, until someone pops out from a closet, and intensifies the mood once again. Think of the scene in the first Scream, where those two kids are expelled for wearing the mask in school. The camera goes into the hallway where "Wes Craven" is dressed up like Freddy from NOES. Thats FUNNY, our nerves settle, the principal goes back into the office, puts the mask on himself....we relax a little more, we're having fun...And then BAM, someone jumps out, and he's dead.....So much for letting us catch our breath! Fun Fun Fun...I LOVE these movies.

7. Ghosty Scares

Ghost Stories, in my opnion...IN MY OPINION (feel free to disagree), can be lumped into one category. These films scare us becuase we KNOW there's something there, opening doors, rocking chairs, making noise, but we cant see what. This is fear of the unseen, the REAL unseen.

No one alive, unless you're Sylvia Browne, Dionne Warwick or Jo Jo's Psychic Alliance, knows what life after death is like. We dont know where we go, we dont know what happens to's scary becuase right now, right this very second, there might be a ghost behind you. You dont know. *who out there got shivers up their spine when they read that?*

"Amityville", "The Others", "Sixth Sense" "The Exorcist" "The Changling" etc. etc..etc....these movies scare us because its something in our home, that we cant identify. We cant SEE what we're afraid of, and in that instance, our senses are heightened, because the unidentifed source of scariness can be an inch away from us the entire time, and we dont know it. Although in the Exorcist, we can see poor Regan is possessed by something, devil, demon, whatever. But where did this thing come from? What the hell is it? We start to hear extra creaks in the house, we look for things to be afraid of. Our imaginations run wild....and because of these movies, we create more fear for ourselves.

.....yet again....until tomorrow...


Lindsey said...

Love your blog. It's great. Only i'm too chicken for the horror stuff. I already have to sleep with lights on!

By the in the heck did you get your hit counter on the site..I can't figure out how to paste mine to save my life.

Princess Pessimism said...

You know what Linny..I have NO clue. Someone did it for me. Let me find out how, and i'll get back to you.

Natalia said...

Jaws has to be number one in my list simply because I am scared to get in my bathtub for fear sharks could, I don't know, swim through the pipes??? But The Ring scared me half to death. My friends and I used to get together almost weekly to have horror movie fests when we were in high school... ahhh nice memories.


Princess Pessimism said...

N...Jaws is a good one. Go see Deep Blue Sea if you havent had the chance to yet....