Monday, August 08, 2005

Demons to Some...Angels to Others

Give me Michael Myers, give me Leatherface, give me an axe weilding maniac on a blood thirsty hunt. I LOVE horror movies. I know, I know, the mind reels that the "Princess of Pessimism" actually LOVES something, but it's true....I LOVE them. Like the kind of love you have for your favorite song, the one that sounds like the artist wrote it just for you....or the kind of love you have for your new puppy. Oh yes, as sick and twisted as it may be....this is the kind of love I have.

What is it, you ask, that is so fascinating about the horror genre to me? WELL...let me tell you, there's nothing better than waking up sunday morning, to lay in bed at 10:00am, and watch "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". There's intriuge, there's fear, there's blood, a lot of it, and there's just that skin crawling, spine tingling sensation that you get when you watch a man pick up a screaming woman, and put her on a meat hook. LOL...

Now I KNOW this sounds morbid, I know that already...but lets face it, horror isnt supposed to be anything BUT morbid. Horror isnt nice, it's not fun or laughable, it's supposed to scare the hell out of you. Any movie that makes me afraid to go to sleep at night is on the top of my favorites list....any movie that makes me think "Uhh....what if?" is fantastic.

Now presuming that you, my faithful readers *all 5 of you*, all live in the same world that I do, know that there's some pretty fucked up shit going on out there, and horror movies say, and show us everything that we never want to see in real life. Horror movies make us feel better about the life that WE lead daily. As boring as your job might be, and as much as you might dispise your sisters least you arent running, screaming for your life from a man in a mask who wants you dead.

And NO, i'm not talking about those stupid Sci-Fi horror movies *although I LOVE "Alien"*...I mean the ones that could really possibly happen in real life. Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Devil's Rejects, Silence of the know the one's i'm talking about. The movies that COULD be based on some realm of truth, because you know, that as insane as you are sometimes, there's always someone out there, who's JUST that much more crazy than you.

So, without further adieu, here comes the list, the first of a multi part series. *lets be real, to list them all in the same, would be the longest blog in history*

1. Halloween
Scary...VERY scary...not only becuase it's edge of your seat, make you jump out of your skin kind of scary, but psychologically scary as well. Here's a man, in a mask *and by the way, I KNOW someone who owns one of the three masks used in the original's scarier in person*....but I digress. Here's a man, in a mask, who's just hunting. He's unstopable...he's mean, he's scary, he stalks. He waits quietly for his victims, sneaks around, makes you think you're safe, and just when you do, there he is, in all of his finest glory, to stab, strangle, or choke you with a phone cord. He's coming....he's on a rampage, and no matter WHAT you do, there's nothing you can do to stop him. No matter how far you run, there he is...waiting....again.

You know, when I was in university, I was sitting down, in my house, with my room mates out for the night, around the end of October * I know becuase it was midterms*....I have all the lights on, and my window open. Never until this moment was I ever afraid of this movie. So i'm sitting at my computer, and I hear the leaves rustle across the driveway from my window, which was on the main floor, and I whipped my head around, and the only thing I could think...was "Michael". I got SO freaked out, closed my window, AND the blinds and made sure all the other windows were closed and doors locked.

This is a great movie, becuase it plays on emotional security. You might THINK you're okay, but you never know who's around the corner waiting for you. This is what this movie teaches us. It teaches us to be afraid. It teaches us that we are never matter how many doors you lock, or precautions you take. There's always that slim chance....just maybe you left the bathroom window open, just maybe it was you who forgot to turn your garage light off....just maybe....LOL.

Best scene in the movie? Well the entire movie is fantastic....but imagine, you've just had sex, with your boyfriend, and when he gets back, you think it's him, but really, he's dead, and it's a psycho killer underneath a sheet pretending to be a ghost, seeing as it's Halloween and all. Unknowing....completely unknowing. You're life is about to end...and you have NO clue. You trust too take everything for grantid....Matters of consequence my dear readers....matters of consequence.

Suspend all thoughts of reality....and throw yourself into a world, where psychiatric hospitals, have lax security...As if that isnt scary enough already.

2. Silence of the Lambs
What can I POSSIBLY say about this movie.....this movie is one of the WORST for fear...I mean REAL fear. This character, Buffalo a composition character....based on three of the most horrendous killers, REAL killers, of all time.

1. Ed Gein...the old hunter who used to "catch" his victims, gut them and skin them.

2. Gary Heidnick...the man who used to keep his kidnapped victims in a pit in his basement.

3. Ted Bundy...who used to wear casts, or pretend to be injured in some way, te get his victims to help him, and into his van.

These people were REAL. They really REALLY did some serious fucked up shit.....Silence of the's terrifying, because it's something that we've all read about in the newspaper. We've all heard of someone who's been kidnapped, and I cant IMAGINE...I cant even BEGIN to imagine the hell that exists on the other side of crazy. This movie hits close to home, this is the movie that makes you double check your doors at night....This is the movie that makes you hug your significant other tighter before you go your seperate ways every day.....This is the movie that doesnt seem so much a movie.

Until tomorrow.....

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