Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Blogger TAG???

Okay...i hate these stupid things, but i've been slacking on my blogging. I'm moving to another city 4 hours away...of COURSE i'm slacking, but plan to resume my regularly blogging schedule once I get settled.

So...a blogger quiz....Petrow Tagged me...thanks sweetie...paybacks a bitch....

7 things I...

Plan to do before I die:
1. Travel the entire world.
2. Adopt a baby from South Africa, South East Asia, or the Middle east...or all three...whatever, i'm not picky...I want a multicultural family...
3. Write a book...it's been "A work in progress" for years...maybe this year, who knows.
4. Have No regrets *so far, to date, at 27, I only have 1*
5. Become an expert in at least ONE subject
6. Find true love
7. Build a house that I love, and never move again

Things I Can Do:
1. Argue you to the point where you forget what you're arguing about.
2. Pay attention to EVERY detail...and use them to my advantage
3. Strike up a converastion with anyone, and make them feel comfortable talking to a complete stranger.
4. Break both your arms in one swift motion *learned from a martial arts expert for self defense purposes*
5. Cook....REALLY cook
6. Be the social convenor of any event...
7. Make the best chocolate martini you'll ever have

Things I Cant Do:
1. Whistle
2. Do a cartwheel
3. Understand anything that has to do with math, or finance
4. Eat red meat or pork...it grosses me out..taste wise
5. Figure out how to turn on, and use, a weed whacker/lawnmower
6. Read ANYTHING that has to do with philosophy...it bores me
7. Stand the sight of REAL blood, and physical pain

Things That I Find Attractive:
1. Strong back, and broad shoulders
2. GOOD teeth and nice smile
3. FAT cheeks...
4. Sense of humor
5. Intellilgence
6. If you're passionate about at least ONE thing
7. 100% Honesty

Things I Say The Most:
1. Whatever
2. Fuck
3. Like
4. Can I ask you a question??
5. Do you remember the time that...*Happy Jenny??*
6. I cant wait to go to bed tonight
7. Ya, but what if?

Celbrity Crushes:
1. John Cusack
2. Jason Statham
3. Johnny Knoxville
4. Morris Chestnut
5. Omar Epps
6. Russell Wong
7. David Beckham

That's it people, should you feel the urge to do the quiz on your own blog, feel free. I refuse to tag anyone...especially since I know how most people HATE these things....bedsides, I have enough enemies.


Hernesto G said...

You know what I always say, If it looks like a woman, but has a manly bulge...who cares? hit that shit!

Princess Pessimism said...

you're so WIERD...lol

Hernesto G said...

i like you very much! do you like me too?

petrow said...

johnny knoxville, thats news to me lol.

Lindsey said...

no no no no. You can't have done this already! I just got tagged to do this by Angela and I was gonna tag YOU next. *pout* :0(

Princess Pessimism said...

Petrow...You didnt? Well...i'm full of surprises arent I? But he's not as gorgeous as you and your...well...you know.

Linny...SORRY..lol! He got me about 4 days ago..i just never had time until today

Phil said...

Princess! You're moving? I guess you won't be my neighbor to the North anymore. Too bad, I was just on my way to your porn shop. I hope you keep blogging wherever you move to.

Natalia said...

I haven't been tagged so counting myself lucky :)

Princess Pessimism said...

Linny...make sure you tag Natalia...LOL

Jennifer said...

You forgot one thing that you say all the time.... "Do you remember that time that .....?" You say that at least 3 times an hour.

Princess Pessimism said...

I dont EVER recall saying that....but if you say so...LOL!!! You pay more attention to me than I do to myself!

Princess Pessimism said...

Philly...I'm not gone yet...and you're only an hour and a bit south...COME ON DOWN!! LOL

Camy Leon said...

You don't know who dane cook is?
You must go HERE! NOW!
Just listen to the background sounds. If you don't love him, I will die.

Jennifer said...

Yes, I am happy now :)